Weekend Writing Warriors ~ 8/24/14 Only Marriage Will Do ~ Damsel in Distress



Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors!

 I’m continuing with more of my second House of Pleasure novel, Only Marriage Will Do, which should be coming out in 2015 from Kensington.  These are the next eight lines.  So far, Amiable Dawson has appeared at the Marquess of Dalbury’s townhouse in search of the woman he was supposed to marry, but who has married the Marquess instead. He hopes to assure himself that she is well, but hears raised voices inside.

Amiable barged past the stunned girl and strode down the hall toward the

The "fop" dressed in too much lace.

The “fop” dressed in too much lace.

commotion. He burst through the doorway, expecting to defend the woman he loved, only to stop dead at the sight of a man lunging across a sofa and grasping a woman by the wrist. Amiable had half drawn his sword before he realized the woman was not Katarina, but a complete stranger. He dropped it back into its scabbard–this was none of his affair.

The young man, foppishly dressed in a robin’s egg blue satin coat dripping too many layers of frothy lace at throat and wrists looked at Amiable, a snarl on his lips.

Taking advantage of the distraction, the woman wrenched her arm from the man’s grip and ran from behind the sofa to Amiable’s side, grazed a kiss over his cheek and whispered, “For God’s sake, help me. I am alone here and he is trying to take me away. Please, agree with whatever I say.”

The plot thickens! Keep tuned in to see who the lady is and just what is going on.  If you’re interested in the first book of the series, Only Scandal Will Do, it’s available on Amazon for just $1.99.

In the mean time, check out the rest of the Warriors here.  There’s some fantastic snippets to be read.



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15 Responses to Weekend Writing Warriors ~ 8/24/14 Only Marriage Will Do ~ Damsel in Distress

  1. Carrie-Anne says:

    He’s dangerous for a fop! Always the ones you least suspect.


  2. Hope she is rescued.


  3. chellecordero says:

    I was angered by his attitude that it was none of his affair, however I must remind myself of the time-period. However based on that, can we really hope that he will help her? Poor girl, so desperate to take such a chance with a stranger. Interesting set-up and first meeting.


  4. What a super first meeting.


  5. Wow–you sure can write historicals–and characters! I wonder if I have the first in this series on my Kindle, I’ll have to check. I want to be ready for this one when it’s released! Good8, Jenna!


  6. S.J. Maylee says:

    To trust her or not. Yikes! Definitely a time to think fast. Intriguing snippet. 🙂


  7. Botanist says:

    This fop sounds like he could be dangerous, and I’m not entirely sure I trust this mysterious woman either.


  8. Wow, what a moment to walk in on and her reaction was interesting, to say the least. A very promising beginning and a great excerpt!


  9. melissakeir says:

    Great excerpt! Can’t wait to find out more!!


  10. What a name to suit the kind man. Of course he’ll help the fair damsel in distress. Gorgeous scene you’ve painted here.


  11. Sarah Cass says:

    What a horrible disgusting flop of a man…I hope Amiable does help the woman.


  12. Gem says:

    Amiable is confused, I’m sure. But I’m betting she’s extremely happy to have him there.


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