Weekend Writing Warriors ~ 8/17/14 Only Marriage Will Do ~ An Inauspicious Beginning


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 I’m finally back, after three weeks away.  I’ve missed showing you my snippets.  And this week I’m starting off with the second book of my House of Pleasure series, Only Marriage Will Do, which should be coming out in 2015 from Kensington.  These are the opening lines.  The date is July, 1761 and the place is London.

Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

The brass lion-head knocker under Amiable Dawson’s hand sent a sharp rap through the dark walnut door of Dunham House for the second time. The hot July sun hadn’t done his temper any good as he waited on the marble stoop for entrance to the Marquess of Dalbury’s townhouse. He’d been in a foul mood ever since the news of his beloved Katarina’s marriage to the marquess had reached him. Blast it to hell, he was supposed to have married the girl; at least he could make sure she was well and well taken care of by this man she had married.

At last a short, dark-haired maid opened the door, who took one look at him, gasped, and stepped back into the house. Her eyes widened and she glanced to her right, wrung her hands, and asked, “Who may I say—”

A man shouted from within, “No, I do not believe you.”

“It is true, I tell you,” a woman’s voice, raised and sharp with terror, sent a chill through Amiable.


Something’s afoot, surely. 🙂  Keep tuned in to see what.  If you’re interested in the first book of the series, Only Scandal Will Do, it’s available on Amazon for just $1.99.

In the mean time, check out the rest of the Warriors here.  There’s some fantastic snippets to be read.



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12 Responses to Weekend Writing Warriors ~ 8/17/14 Only Marriage Will Do ~ An Inauspicious Beginning

  1. Ugh oh! My TBR is growing! lol.

    Jenna, your writing is so smooth. You infuse details seamlessly into your prose. Nicely done–again!


  2. Gem says:

    Well we know he’s a good man for checking on her. Doesn’t sound like she’s married a good man though. Great snippet.


  3. I love this book. Tweeted.


  4. Love his name…the situation certainly is intriguing and the snippet makes me want to keep reading for sure. I’m curious about all their relationships to each other already!


  5. Sounds as if he was right to worry.


  6. lizaoconnor says:

    Sounds like a timely housecall to me. That is assuming the can be something less than amicable. I Like his odd name by the way. It give expectations to behave and be nice. Best that no one named me that. My dad did nickname me Bug.


  7. melissakeir says:

    Exciting! Can’t wait to see what happens next. 🙂


  8. gemmabrocato says:

    Lovely snippet. It’s cool here today, so it was nice to feel just a little warm with the sun you described. Well done.


  9. Great snippet. Shared via Google+


  10. So much going on — why didn’t he marry her? What’s happening behind the door? Why is he worried enough to want to make sure she’s ok? Plenty to keep us guessing — and reading 🙂


  11. Exciting cliffhanger. WOW! What happens next and hurry up.


  12. Carrie-Anne says:

    Someone’s not a very happy camper! This housecall doesn’t sound like it’s going to go very well.


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