Spotlight on Great and Unfortunate Desires by Gina Danna



Tristan, the Marquis of Wrenworth and British spy, must marry but he’s haunted by guilt of war.

Lady Evelyn Hurstine’s past makes her fear men but for Tristan, she’s willing to overcome her fear.

Caught in a world of intrigue and mayhem, can they find love before the traitor destroys them both?


“Pardon me, sir, I believe the lady is with me.”

The rich male voice interrupted their game. It startled Evelyn but quickly warmed her. She recognized the voice. Tristan. Her Adonis. Her stomach fluttered, as if she’d swallowed a hundred butterflies. It appeared he had surprised Andrew too. His body tensed as he stepped away from her.

“I’m sorry, Lord Wrenworth, I did not think she needed a chaperone today,” Huntington stated flatly, his tone guarded and unfriendly.

“Hardly. I am her fiancée.” The man’s voice hard, a challenge underlining his statement.

Evelyn’s breath caught in her throat. Others reacted with surprise as well. Sarah’s mouth dropped open, Andrew’s eyes widened, and behind Tristan, his friend Harry choked.

Swallowing rapidly, Evelyn’s mouth became dry so quickly, she was barely able to speak. Finally she stammered, “I-I beg your pardon?”


What made him say that, of all things? Fiancée? Engaged to the ice queen? Tristan noticed how pale Evelyn turned, and part of him tightened. When that fop moved away so quickly, it was obvious the man wasn’t really interested in Evelyn. But Tristan’s interest surely could have been expressed less dramatically.

“Tris.” Harry stood behind him. “What are you doing?” It was a low whisper.

Tristan forced a smile, concentrating to make it more of a devil-may-care grin. “It wasn’t to be announced just yet,” he replied, his gaze on Evelyn. She still looked a bit shocked. “Come, my sweet.” He held his hand up for her to take.

Her eyes still wide, but her mouth now shut, Evelyn gently laid her hand on his, like a butterfly landing on a flower, fragile as spun glass. She blinked and managed to return a timid smile as he led her away.

Several feet from the croquet game, she stopped, withdrawing her hand, as if he had stung her.

“Do you care to explain yourself, captain? Wait, no, my lord?”

He wanted to laugh at her attempt to guess his rank but heard the anger in her tone. Ah, so his ice queen wasn’t entirely frozen. Her anger melted that lovely aloof façade. Pity.

“I’ve come to a conclusion, my dear…”

“I am not your ‘dear’,” she snapped.

He snorted at her reaction. “But for all intents and purposes, you are. Now hear me out.” Tristan directed her to the oak tree near the edge of the grounds. They were in full view of everyone, so he figured she’d be calmer there than in the house. Evelyn reminded him of a skittish colt, on the verge of darting off if threatened.

“I need a wife. You are searching for a husband. That braggart there was too close for comfort. Therefore, I rescued you.” He chuckled. “And he won’t be bothering you again.”

Her gaze narrowed. Ah, the fire in her eyes lit to blazing. “Whose comfort?”

Great and Unfortunate Desires can be found in the boxed set Tempted by His Touch


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Amazon though Amazon has it as 1.99 at the moment
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19 Responses to Spotlight on Great and Unfortunate Desires by Gina Danna

  1. Beautiful cover! The story sounds wonderful!


  2. My inner cover HO loves your cover! I can’t wait to pick it up for myself & HOG IT!


  3. ginadanna says:

    Jenna – Thank you soooo much for having me!!


  4. melissakeir says:

    Yea! Sounds like a winning book! 🙂


  5. Congrats, Gina! Wishing you tons of sales.


  6. lizaoconnor says:

    The book sounds great. So much, I bought the whole package, just so I could have yours.


  7. Daryl Devore says:

    Great cover and excerpt. Best of luck with sales.


  8. D'Ann says:

    That cover! Yum!


  9. Congrats, Gina!! Sounds like a great read!


  10. Great story!! Congratulations on your release! I tweeted and shared.


  11. love this story, Gina 🙂


  12. Topazshell says:

    Looks like a yummy book.


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