Sexual Tension: It’s all in your head

Writers in the Storm Blog

Writers in the Storm Blog

Writers in the Storm, a fantastic blog for writers, has a wonderful guest post today about writing sexual tension.  I couldn’t find a way to reblog it, so I’m providing the link and urging all my writer friends to click that link and find out the six secrets guest blogger Susan Squires has come up with to creating good sexual tension.  She begins:

“The road to writing a successful romance always leads through good sexual tension.  It doesn’t matter whether your characters are having actual sex every other scene, or indulge in nothing more than a chaste kiss during the course of the story.  In romance, sexual tension is the name of the game.  But in many books I’ve been reading recently, the sexual tension has seemed a little flat, so I’ve been doing some thinking about what makes good sexual tension.  I think there are about six secrets.”  Read More…

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  1. Thanks for pointing out this helpful article, Jenna!


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