Weekend Writing Warriors ~ 6/15/14 Only Scandal Will Do ~ Pleasure to be Had


Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors!

For the Sundays in June for WWW, I’ve decided to share snippets from each of my back listed books. This week is Only Scandal Will Do, my first full length historical. 


He has the woman of his dreams, but what price will he have to pay to

win her heart?


Kidnapped and sold at auction in a London brothel, Lady Katarina Fitzwilliam squelches an undeniable attraction to the masked stranger who purchased her, pits her wits against him, and escapes him and the scandal that would ruin her life.


Unable to resist temptation in a London brothel, Duncan Ferrers, Marquess

of Dalbury, purchases a fiery beauty. She claims she’s a lady, but how can

she be? No lady of his acquaintance in polite society is anything like her.

Then he discovers she is who she says, and that this latest romp has

compromised her reputation. He knows how that is. One more scandal and

he’ll be cast out of London society, but he needs a wife who’ll provide an

heir to carry on his illustrious family’s name. He seeks out Katarina,

intending only to scotch the scandal, but instead finds his heart ensnared.

He’s betting their future he’ll capture her heart, but does he have what it

takes to win the wager?


WARNING: A blade-wielding heroine who crosses swords with a master of


In this scene, Lady Katarina meets her buyer, a masked man:

masked manShe jerked away and insisted, “You may have paid for a slave, sir, but what you find in this room is a lady in distress. Will you prove a gentleman or a rogue?”

“A lady in distress?” he laughed and straightened. “How did a lady come to find herself on display at an auction, scandalously clad in a transparent Greek costume, in Madame Vestry’s House of Pleasure?”

“House of Pleasure?” she squeaked.

“Where else would such a thing occur?” The man’s amusement seemed to deepen at her indignation. “And there will certainly be pleasure here tonight, slave.”

Hope you enjoyed this little taste of Only Scandal Will Do.  If you want to read more, it’s  available on Amazon right now on sale for $1.99!

In the mean time, check out the rest of the Warriors here.  There’s some fantastic snippets to be read.



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17 Responses to Weekend Writing Warriors ~ 6/15/14 Only Scandal Will Do ~ Pleasure to be Had

  1. Deborah Volpe says:

    I just read Only Scandal Will Do in ebook form from my library. I can’t find a second book in the series, either in the library or on my favorite used book site, Thrift Books. Is there a second book?


    • Jenna Jaxon says:

      Hi, Deborah. So glad you enjoyed Scandal! Yes, there is a second book, Only Marriage Will Do and you are so in luck, because it goes on sale tomorrow for just .99! I hope you enjoy that one as well. It’s the story of Duncan’s sister, Juliet.


  2. chellecordero says:

    He probably thinks she is playing a teasing “role-playing: (did they use that expression back then?) game and he sounds as if he intends to play it through.


  3. Loved this snippet even in reading the book. She’s so daring for a female lead and it’s great!


  4. Carrie-Anne says:

    She’s got a lot of explaining to do to make him believe her story!


  5. I loved this book. When is the next book with the sister coming out? Shared via Google+


  6. I remember this story, very hot. An excellent excerpt!


  7. However did the kidnapping happen?


  8. Dynamite, Jenna. I love the concept and you do it justice.


  9. Lorien Lyn says:

    Great snippet! Steamy and intriguing. 🙂


  10. Sarah Cass says:

    Oooh, intriguing. How did she find herself in the auction?


  11. alexissduran says:

    Steamy! Love the interaction. I think he’s going to opt for Rogue over Gentleman.


  12. Gem says:

    I’m with gemma. I loved this book too!


  13. melissakeir says:

    Great story! 🙂 I don’t know that I would believe her either at first!


  14. S.J. Maylee says:

    Oh boy, lol. Fun banter. A lady in distress indeed. 🙂


  15. Bad boys, bad boys. Whatcha gonna do? Curious how one does get into such a situation. Love their chemistry already.


  16. gemmabrocato says:

    Great snippet. I loved this book. Will you make this a series?


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