A Synopsis Checklist

As I’m getting ready to send out a new novel to agents, the dreaded synopsis has become my nemesis once again. I thought this checklist might be helpful to some of my readers. I know it will be helpful to me. 🙂

Writers In The Storm Blog

by Shannon Donnelly

Years ago I was struggling to try and figure out how to write a synopsis. It took a lot of input from other writers, and some workshops, but I finally became comfortable with syopsis writing—and now it’s one of my favorite tools. I’m now doing my “Sexy Synopsis workshop again for Outreach International Romance Writers, but I wanted to offer up my synopsis checklist.

A synopsis is one of the most useful tools you can have. It keeps you from getting stuck. It starts you thinking about blurb and marketing copy. It can even show up flaws you might have in your plot, as in maybe the conflict really isn’t strong enough.

The checklist I developed came from looking at a bunch of synopses and from taking a lot of classes on synopsis writings. Feel free to take this list and customize for your own use…

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14 Responses to A Synopsis Checklist

  1. gemmabrocato says:

    That is a great checklist. Lots of insight here. Thanks for sharing.


  2. melissakeir says:

    Very helpful post! Thanks for sharing! We all love to write but hate the synopsis! Tweeted!!


  3. Daryl Devore says:

    Before I worry about a synopsis -I’ve got to come up with a title for my latest. Thanks for sharing – the synopsis is always the most dreaded part. Someone could make a fortune if they started writing these things for writers.


    • Jenna Jaxon says:

      Now that’s food for thought, Daryl. I think you’re right! Maybe I could quit my day job! LOL Do you not have any ideas for titles? All of yours seem to be just perfect.


  4. This came at a perfect time, Jenna. Thanks for posting this. No matter how many times I’ve written a synopsis I always forget one of these points.


  5. D'Ann says:

    Good tips! To this day, I loathe synopsis writing.


  6. Great info! Shared via Google+


  7. Toni Kelly says:

    Thanks for the reminder, super helpful and tweeted!


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