I’ve Got Tara Kingston on the Journal Today!

Today I have the wonderful honor of interviewing my friend and fellow historical author, Tara Kingston.


Please tell us a little about your story:

My upcoming release is a historical romance set during the Civil War, Secrets, Spies & Sweet Little Lies, the first book in my Secrets and Spies series. The story revolves around a Union spy who’s tasked with intercepting a senator’s daughter before she can rendezvous with the scoundrel she intends to marry. Here’s a little about Secrets, Spies & Sweet Little Lies:

Emma Davenport was a model senator’s daughter: prim, proper, but hell-bent on escaping the dreaded fate of spinsterhood that awaited her under wartime Washington’s all-too watchful eye. She was going to be a bride, and no one was going to stop her. Not even the daring renegade who steals her from a train transporting her to a forbidden marriage. Her heart tells her this mysterious captor is a dangerous man, but the undeniable attraction he wields is a more potent threat than any weapon.

Major Cole Travis is a highly trained secret agent, as skilled with deception as he is with a gun. Keeping a beautiful traitor from her rendezvous with a treacherous scoundrel shouldn’t be a challenge for the battle-seasoned spy—but he’s not the only one after his tempting prisoner. Emma Davenport must be kept out of enemy hands at all costs. Drawn to this woman whose innocent allure may be just another weapon in her arsenal, Cole risks his neck to shield her. Soon, however, protecting her from his own heart’s desire becomes another story entirely.

Tara, tell us about your future releases? What are you most excited about?

I have three releases coming in the next few months. First off, I’m very excited by the upcoming release of Secrets, Spies & Sweet Little Lies. I’m planning to launch the book on November 5, my birthday. There’s something a little exciting about having a book birthday on my actual birthday.

The second book in the Secrets and Spies series is Pistols, Parasols & Passionate Little Lies. In this book, spy Steve Dunham meets his match with alluring agent Amanda Emerson. I’m anticipating a late November release. Even though this story isn’t a “holiday” story, Christmas plays a special part in the budding romance of Steve and Amanda and I’m looking forward to an after-Thanksgiving launch.

So, who would you cast to play your hero and heroine in an adaptation of your story?

I think Jake Gyllenhaal would make an awesome Cole Travis, while Rachel McAdams would be awesome in the role of Emma Davenport.

If you could bring a fictional hero to life, which one would it be? Heathcliff? Mr. Darcy? Mr. Rochester? Tarzan? Captain Mal? One of your own heroes?

Captain Mal – I adore his rakish air, quick wit, and the fact he looks just like Nathan Fillion.

What’s your favorite guilty pleasure?

Watching goofy comedies with Jim Carrey, Steve Martin, Will Ferrell, and Adam Sandler.

What’s one thing about you that would surprise readers?

I am a huge fan of Mel Brooks and have seen Blazing Saddles and Young Frankenstein so many times, I can recite dialogue.

If you could bring a historical figure to life, who would it be?

Mary Todd Lincoln – I’d love to talk to her about her relationship with Lincoln and life through the First Lady’s eyes.

What’s your favorite quotation?

“Well-behaved woman seldom make history.” Lauren Ulrich.

You’ve landed in Oz…who would you rather meet: Dorothy, the Wicked Witch, or Oz?

The Wicked Witch…I can totally relate to the Wicked Witch’s quest for justice. After all, Dorothy dropped a house on her sister and absconded with shoes that had been in the family for ages. Wicked is in the eyes of the beholder.

CF Profile rose2Which would you rather possess: flying monkeys or Toto?

Flying monkeys…they’re very handy for running errands.

What’s your all-time favorite movie? Why?

The Wizard of Oz…you’re not surprised, are you?

Which fictional character do you most identify with? Why?

This isn’t going to sound very much like a romantic writer, but I’ve got to be honest: Lucy Van Pelt from Charlie Brown. My hubby and I are the answer to the question: What if Charlie Brown and Lucy got married?

Do you follow sports? Favorite teams?

I love football. I’m Steelers by marriage, Redskins by birth 🙂

I’m a die-hard Redskins fan via my dad. 🙂  When you’re not writing, where are you most likely to be found?

Outside – hiking, biking, or just hanging out.

If you could wake up stranded on a desert island with one celebrity hunk (actor, athlete, musician, etc.), who would it be? Why?

Russell Crowe…seriously, why wouldn’t I want to be on a desert island with Russell Crowe?

LOL!  Why indeed?  And now, how can readers reach you?

Stop by my website at http://www.tarakingston.com or email me at authortarakingston@gmail.com .

Thank you so much, Tara, for coming by today.  Looking forward to the release of Secrets, Spies, and Sweet Little Lies!

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21 Responses to I’ve Got Tara Kingston on the Journal Today!

  1. I’d want to be stranded with Ty Pennington so he can build us a boat! Ooh, or Leroy Jethro Gibbs.


  2. Ashley York says:

    Great interview – questions and answers. Jake would be a tremendous Cole and I can’t wait until November 5th. Congratulations. (I didn’t realize Lucy had a last name.)


  3. Melissa Keir says:

    Wonderful interview. I love the cover of your book! Thanks for sharing!


  4. Sandra Owens says:

    First of all, I love the title, Secrets, Spies and Sweet Little Lies! Great cover, too.


  5. Great interview. Flying monkeys in the Wizard of Oz scared me as a kid!


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  7. OMGosh, I love the titles of your books. Too cute


  8. tarak1105 says:

    Daryl, they really do look like gargoyles don’t they? They would definitely keep salespeople away, though 🙂


  9. tarak1105 says:

    Elfa, I’d love to have a Toto dog, but I want flying monkeys for home security. So much more effective than an alarm 😉 Which version of the Producers do you like the best? I’m partial to the original Gene Wilder version. I think Gene Wilder was brilliant. Young Frankenstein is one of my all-time favorites. “Taffeta, darling!”


    • elfahearn says:

      Oh Gene Wilder version, for sure! Zero Mostel was brilliant, too. My fav Young Frankenstein line is when the monster bellows, “Puttin on the Ritzzzzz.”


      • tarak1105 says:

        Oh, isn’t that classic? And the end, when Inga asks Frederick what he got in the transfer. So naughty and fun. And of course, there’s Abby someone…Abby…Normal 🙂

        I wasn’t crazy about the Matthew Broderick version, though I have to admit I found Will Ferrell in lederhosen absolutely hilarious!


  10. elfahearn says:

    I’m a huge Mel Brooks fan, too. Young Frankenstein and The Producers are two of my fav films of all time. Great interview, though I’m not with you on the wicked witch. I’d like to meet Toto.


  11. Daryl Devore says:

    Couldn’t have Flying Monkeys – got scared of them when I was little and saw the movie – never got over it.


  12. Thanks, Andrea! It’s true, though…and those were some stunning shoes to fight over!


  13. Thanks, Karen and Ella! I’m happy to be here with Jenna talking hot historicals and of course, flying monkeys 🙂



  14. Great interview. Love the line “wicked is in the eyes of the beholder.” Shared


  15. karenlopp says:

    Great interview.


  16. I love your interview. Tweeted and shared on FB.


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