Sunday Social: Halloween Costumes

As you may have gathered so far this month, I LOVE all things Halloween.  This is my favorite month, my favorite time of year.  And this week I’m talking about one of my favorite Halloween traditions:  costumes.

images (1)I’ve had favorite Halloween costumes since I was a little girl.  I remember a couple from before I went to school (yes, they had Halloween costumes when the dinosaurs were living. LOL).  One was a witch costume–I remember ‘ironing” the gold-colored crepe paper skirt for that costume.  And I was Tweety-Bird in a yellow costume and hard images (2)plastic mask the year I busted my head open.  (At six one does not understand one cannot stand on the back of a chair.  I do remember vividly, however, crying and asking if I was going to be okay to Trick or Treat.  Priorities, don’t you know!)

I was a bit older than this.

I was a bit older than this.

Possibly my best Halloween costume was a cat when I was in college.  I wore a black, long-sleeved leotard and tights with little black ballet slippers and black furry leg-warmers.  On my stomach I’d hand sewed a patch of white felt and wore white gloves.  My hair was braided in two braids then pinned into two knots of hair–like ears–on my head.

I painted on whiskers and pinned a long yarn tail in the back.  I still have a pic of it somewhere.  I think it was great!

My most bizarre Halloween costume I wore in grad school.  I went as a lamp.  Yes, a lamp.

I dressed in light beige pants and shirt, put a lampshade on my head (a big one!) and stuckP1040300 a light bulb in my mouth.  Unfortunately, it didn’t light up when you pulled my string. LOL  people looked at me strangely that night (it was a night for strange costumes–my roommate went as Indira Gandhi who had just been killed–down to the bullet hole in her forehead.).

I haven’t been to a costume party for Halloween in years, but each year I long for the days of costume parties.  Perhaps that’s why I love working in the theatre.  You have costume parties with every show. 🙂


What is one of your favorite Halloween Costumes? The above pic is one of mine!

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16 Responses to Sunday Social: Halloween Costumes

  1. My favorite costume was as a Southern bell. Actually, that’s the only one I remember. Tweeted and shared.


  2. I used to go to lots of Halloween parties with costumes. I think my favorite costume ever, was one I didn’t wear. A friend of mine came to one of my Halloween parties dressed as Anne Boleyn — a headless Anne Boleyn. She wore the shoulders and neck of a wig holder, with fake blood and a proper period dress. Wonderful, and so creative. I still have pictures from that party.

    You were obviously clever with your costumes. A lamp is totally hysterical. 🙂


  3. Carrie-Anne says:

    My maternal grandma often made costumes for me and my little brother, just as she made costumes for my mother and her siblings. Some of the costumes she made for me were a Pilgrim, a Colonial girl, and a pioneer girl. As an adult, I celebrate both Halloween and Purim, so I get to dress up twice a year. One Purim, I was a French maid (with a short skirt and blouse so I wouldn’t be too immodest with children in attendance), and I’ve used my Halloween flapper costume on several Purims. About five years ago, I dressed as a dominatrix for Halloween, using short black shorts, fishnet thigh-highs, a red corset, and a tunic I originally thought was a micro-mini-dress because of how the hemline fell with my short stature. I also carried a real whip and some kind of kinky-looking wooden massage device. This year my costume is quite the opposite, since I’m going as a nun in a full habit!


  4. Melissa Keir says:

    My favorite costume was when I was an Indian princess, long before Disney. My mom helped me tie-dye a sheet and sew it. We put beads on the bottom. I loved it. I felt so beautiful until mom made me wear a winter coat underneath it. I felt like a fat horrible girl. Not the beautiful princess I wanted to be.


    • Jenna Jaxon says:

      Awww! i feel your pain, although my mom made me wear a coat over the costume so you couldn’t even see it! Bet you didn’t catch your death of cold, though. 🙂 Moms always think alike. I bet you were still a beautiful princess, Melissa!


  5. elfahearn says:

    My mother used to make props and costumes in the theatre, so she was (and is) super creative. One year she made me goat horns. My father loved them so much she had to make him a pair, too. We went trick or treating as a goat herd.
    When we first moved to Connecticut we in the same town as a very powerful politician. My mother felt sorry for him thinking he’d probably appreciate a visit from a trick or treater or two. I don’t remember my costume, but I do recall that she dressed herself as a stained glass window. We knocked on the politician’s door and the butler answered. Looking uncomfortable, he disappeared for around 10 minutes and returned with a handful of apples. That was the last time we went there.


    • Jenna Jaxon says:

      LOL! That’s hysterical, Elf. That should so end up in some contemporary romance where a woman has this happen and sets out to save the politician from himself. 🙂 And I love the idea of a stained-glass window costume! Props are my thing too! Thanks for sharing!


  6. A few years back, my husband and I were invited to a Halloween party where costumes were encouraged. I was amazed that almost everyone dressed up. My husband dressed as Hagar the Horrible and I went as Helga, Hagar’s wife. He wore a sheepskin over a t-shirt and raggedy pants (with brown leather sash and rubber knife), and I made myself a long dress with ties that crisscrossed over my stomach. We both wore hard hats with horns glued on. Had a great time dressing up and acting like kids!


    • Jenna Jaxon says:

      I bet you tow looked fantastic! Did you get pictures? It is really such a blast to dress up! You get to be creative and then get to “be” somebody different while wearing your creation! Now I want to go to a costume party! LOL So nice to see you, Sandy! 🙂


  7. Growing up, I always wanted to be a witch for Halloween, but wasn’t allowed. No witches, wizards, or dragons were allowed in my parents’ house. Vampires, though, were welcomed! LOL 🙂


  8. Daryl Devore says:

    My favourite was the first one I remember. I was a lion – with tails, ruff and whiskers and when I roared I scared everyone. I was 4. I felt so big and bad. And then people gave me candy – how cool is that??!?


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