Spotlight: Road Rage by Jessi Gage


What is your biggest fear? Mine is causing a car accident. I don’t tend to be an anxious person, but driving makes me anxious. Any time I’m trying a new route for the first time or venturing downtown or needing to merge on a crowded freeway…yeah, those are the situations that make my blood pressure spike. In some areas, I’ve got confidence galore (writing, being a mommy, a friend, a wife). But as a driver, I always feel like the lowest man on the totem pole, like I’m in everyone’s way.

My anxiety about challenging driving situations was the inspiration for my latest release with Lyrical Press, ROAD RAGE. I decided to take a negative and use my creativity to turn it into a positive. I decided to literally crash a hero and heroine into each other and deal with issues of guilt and healing and love.

Writing ROAD RAGE was therapeutic. It helped me see others on the road, even grumpy or aggressive drivers, as people every bit as worthy of love as the most patient of drivers. We all have our bad days, and maybe, just maybe, an inexcusable act can be forgiven and two souls meant to find each other can create something beautiful out of disaster.

I have a digital copy of ROAD RAGE to give to a commenter, so please, leave a note. Just saying “hi” will get you in the giveaway, but you could also let me know what your biggest fear is OR what book you’ve read where a character does something very bad but finds redemption in love. If I don’t know you, leave your email address!

Thanks for having me today, Jenna!

My pleasure, Jessi!  Now here’s all the information you’ll need to go out and grab a copy of Road Rage!

Road Rage  Blue Collar Boyfriends #1

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He has anger issues and she has amnesia, but together they have amazing chemistry.


Lashing out in anger, construction worker Derek causes an accident on the freeway. His truck escapes unscathed, but he can’t say the same for his conscience. Plagued by nightmares of the wreck, his only comfort comes in the form of nightly visits by a mysterious woman who interrupts his dreams with sensual caresses and words of solace.

Cami has no idea who she is, until she wakes in a hospital bed and learns she’s been comatose due to a car wreck. Her visits with Derek must have been a dream, so why can’t she shake the feeling he was a real man who truly needed her help?

When Derek learns his mystery woman is none other than the driver of the car he cut off and she is fighting for her life, he must decide: Is he man enough to face her and ask forgiveness, or will he run away and avoid the consequences of his anger, yet again?

CONTENT WARNING: Sex with a perfect, imaginary dream girl who really isn’t imaginary

A Lyrical Press Paranormal Romance


She had to be dead. There were too many checks in the column to keep denying it.

After spending the night on the edge of the man’s mattress, soothing him through his nightmares, she’d found herself back in the fog. Interminable hours later, it still held her prisoner.

She could move her limbs, but had nothing to move against, no foundation, no gravity. She didn’t know whether the person she’d been had believed in heaven or hell, but the fact that this disorienting nothingness clearly wasn’t heaven felt like a betrayal.

“Was I that bad?” she asked the fog. It didn’t answer. “Do you hear me? Anyone? Please!”

Frustration and desperation were her only companions.

“I hate this!” she yelled. The fog swallowed her protest without so much as an echo.

She felt abandoned. Worse than alone. A lonely person at least had a sense of self. She didn’t even have that.

But she’d had the blond man for company, even if just for a night. And she’d had the feeling he’d needed her. Maybe she had some kind of weird commission to comfort people having nightmares, and if she did a good enough job, she could earn her way into heaven. Since that hope stood between her and despair, she clung to it like a lifeline.

Suddenly, the fog thinned. A solid surface came up to meet her feet, and the last of the smoky wisps parted to reveal the man’s room. She was back in her corner.

“Oh, thank God!” She fell to her hands and knees in relief. Being somewhere, anywhere, beat that nothingness. But she had to admit, this room made her feel safe.

As she regained her composure, she noticed the man doing push-ups between the foot of the bed and the dresser, in nothing but a pair of tight, black boxer briefs.

His toes braced on the floor mere inches from her hands. Directly in front of her, his calves and thighs made a long, muscular line to a cotton-hugged rear end. His tanned back flared from a narrow waist to broad, muscular shoulders. Powerful arms bunched deliciously as he pumped the plank of his body up and down. The hair at the nape of his neck curled with perspiration. She had an urge to plant her nose in that moist hair and draw in his scent of Irish Spring soap and summer sunshine.

Virile, masculine flesh filled her vision, and the rhythmic rush of heavy breathing bathed her ears with a sound of life so welcome after the deathly silence of the fog. After hours of sensory deprivation, she greedily feasted her senses.

Before she could think better of it, she extended her hand toward the man’s right foot and stroked a finger down his sole, tracing the arch from heel to ball. His skin was warm and taut, slightly pink, and toughened with every step he’d ever taken. The touch sent a thrill of connection through her while at the same time she cringed back, fearing his response.

He gave no sign he’d felt anything.

Disappointment settled in her belly. Some sort of reaction would have been nice.

She thought about attempting something more insistent, like a pinch, but the man finished his pushups and got to his feet. He moved out of reach and bent at the waist to stretch his hamstrings. On the

one hand, being dead sucked. On the other hand, if she got to drool over buns like that as part of her afterlife, she supposed she could make peace with it.

Meet Jessi Gage

Jessi lives with her husband and children in the Seattle area. In addition to writing paranormal romance, she’s a wife, a mom, an audiologist, a church-goer, a Ford driver, a PC user, and a coffee snob. Her guiding tenet in her writing is that good triumphs over evil, but not before evil gives good one heck of a run for its money. The last time she imagined a world without romance novels, her husband found her crouched in the corner, rocking.


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23 Responses to Spotlight: Road Rage by Jessi Gage

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  2. Melissa Keir says:

    I love the cover. My biggest fear is being alone… unwanted. I don’t really know why it came about.


    • Jessi Gage says:

      Thanks for your response, Melissa. That’s a nice thing about romance novels. As long as you have one in your hand, you’re never alone:-) Having some excellent blogging friends helps too!


  3. Toni Kelly says:

    Jessi, thanks for sharing and I love that this book plays on fear, talk about tension. As for my biggest fear (gosh I have a lot of them as I hate all things scary), I’d say it is not giving my all in the short life we live, meaning raising the best son I can, working hard, writing hard, playing hard. It may not get rid of all regrets but it can certainly help.



  4. I’ve always been afraid that something will happen to one of my children, or my husband will die and I’ll spend decades without him.


  5. Carrie-Anne says:

    I have pyrophobia, though not as severely as when I was younger. Five years ago I had to put out a small gasoline fire because I was alone when it happened (and it was stupidly my own fault for starting!), and it was the first time in my life when my response to fire was fight instead of flight. All I knew was that I had to get it out before it spread past the grass and onto the veranda. I went to work still smelling of gas and smoke.


  6. karyrader says:

    Sounds like a great read, Jessi!


  7. Daryl Devore says:

    what an absolutely unique inspiration for a book. My biggest fear – is doing something stupid and getting myself killed. Been known to get myself into some – awkward/dangerous – situations that didn’t appear so when I started.
    Great excerpt.


  8. My greatest fear has been my husband dying. Tweeted.


  9. Biggest fear? I have two: small, dark spaces and heights *shudder*
    Wonderful post! Love the cover, Jessi!!


    • Jessi Gage says:

      Thanks, Jennifer. Your first fear makes me think “keep to the lights” LOL! That’s from Karen Marie Moning’s Fever series. As for heights, keep to the ground, I guess! Thanks for stopping by.


  10. Interesting concept. Loved the blurb & excerpt.


  11. angieia says:

    Hi Jessi,

    One of my fears is driving in winter and hitting black ice and not being able to do anything. I am looking forward to reading this book.


    • Jessi Gage says:

      Wow. Getting stuck under ice. That’s a terrifying thought! Now you’ve got me fearing that. At least in Seattle, there’s not a lot of ice to worry about. Winter temps don’t usually dip below freezing for long enough to freeze the waterways;-)
      Thanks for stopping by! Got you in the giveaway!


  12. To start with ‘hi’.
    Now on to my greatest fear-not writing the best book I can be it regency or contemporary romance


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