Sweet Nothings–09/28/13 As Long As You’re Mine

Secrets by Karl Witkowski

Secrets by
Karl Witkowski


“Let me whisper sweet nothings in your ear.”

Welcome back to Sweet Nothings, a little shadow of Sweet Saturday Samples, until that sweet treat starts back up.  Until that happens, I’m doing a little weekly blog where you can post a “sweet” excerpt  (PG 13 or milder) from one of your works.  Remember: please  hold the excerpt to 350 words or less. But if your cutting needs just a few more words, that’s okay too.  I won’t be counting. LOL


Today’s “Sweet Nothing” is an excerpt from my Victorian historical novel, As Long As You’re Mine.  In this snippet, Rafe has planned a little surprise for Samantha.


Just beyond Oxford lay South Leigh and Valrosa.

All these years and I still remember every room, every piece of furniture, every rose bush. She leaned her forehead against the glass and sighed. So near…

“Samantha?” Rafael’s voice sounded strange in her ears. They had scarcely spoken all day. Since this morning she had either been pondering schemes to entice Rafael to divorce her or moping at the thought of leaving England. The result was a subdued silence between them.

He rose from the seat beside her and held out his hand. “Come on, sweetheart. This is our stop.”

She turned and blinked at him. “Our stop? But we’re not anywhere near Liverpool. We just passed Oxford and the next stop is—”

“South Leigh, yes. We’re spending the night at Valrosa.”

Samantha gazed up at him, convinced she hadn’t heard correctly. “You’re taking me to Valrosa?”

He nodded and reached overhead to grab her vanity case.

Without thinking, Samantha rose and hurled herself onto his defenseless chest. The momentum shoved them against the door with enough force to rattle the glass. “Oh, Rafe! Thank you, thank you!”

He put his arm around her and brushed his lips over her hair. “You’re quite welcome, my dear.” She could hear a smile in his voice. “But if you don’t turn me loose soon we’re liable to miss the stop.”

She jerked her head back, heat in her cheeks. Backing away from him, she glanced up to see his mouth pucker in restrained amusement. He was always laughing at her.

Well, let him.

She didn’t care what he did if only he would take her home.

Okay, now it’s your turn to share a “Sweet Nothing.” 🙂

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9 Responses to Sweet Nothings–09/28/13 As Long As You’re Mine

  1. I love this installment of Sweet Nothings. You are all so talented. Here’s my contribution from Cooking Up Love. Jem and Jack accidentally locked themselves in a tiny pantry in her restaurant and Jem’s claustrophobia rears it’s ugly, unwelcome head. Jack is desperate for a way to distract her. Hmm, I think he choose well.

    A smile quirked the corner of his mouth when he recognized the refrain to Bob Marley’s Three Little Birds. Great choice. The sight of Jem swaying to the music entranced him. Oh, yeah. Every little thing was gonna be alright. Her breath still hitched, she was extremely pale and her long, slender fingers clenched convulsively in the folds of the soft gray dress. But she was trying.
    He turned toward the door to study the hinges, fishing in his jeans for a utility knife. Dammit, he’d taken it out this morning at a job site and stuck it in his jacket with his cell phone. The one he’d left on the table on the other side of the locked door. Frustrated, he slapped his hand against the sturdy wooden door.
    Jem stopped humming at the sharp noise and her breathing sped up again. She clutched the neckline of her dress, pulling it away from her throat, each short gasp labored. The agony in her creased brow made him move to her side, frantically thinking of a way to help her.
    She jumped as he grasped her shoulders and pulled her toward his chest.
    “Making it worse here,” she gritted out between tense lips.
    Locked in a tight embrace, Jem’s breath stopped. With her eyes riveted to his, she wrestled to break free of the constriction. Her soft breasts rose and fell against his chest, spearing heat down his spine. God, he felt like a dog. This woman was struggling to work through a reaction to a small space and he was turned on by the sensation of her body rubbing against his.
    Desperate to distract her from the panic gripping her, he lowered his mouth.
    The first tentative brush against her lips confirmed his suspicion about how kissable she was. His eyes nearly rolled back in his head as he caressed the soft sweetness. The tension gripping her shoulders eased as his mouth moved on hers.
    Other than the rapid rise of her chest, she stilled in his arms.
    He deepened the kiss, licking along the lush seam. Her sunny, citrusy scent teased his nose. He breathed deeply and gathered her closer. The moment his arms tightened, she stiffened and jerked away.
    She pushed against his chest and moved him back a step with an unexpected shove. “What are you doing?” Jem demanded, her voice reedy and thin.


  2. I love her enthusiasm. Rafe is such a great guy. It’s good to see her appreciate him. Wonderful excerpt, Jenna! Everyone here has compelling excerpts. Thank you for hosting us.

    My excerpt is from The Winner: Romantek Book One, released today at Blushing Books. The book is a M/F, erotic, sci-fi, time-travel, erotic, spanking romance with a HEA.

    This is White Star and Audrey’s first kiss.

    Audrey tried to pin up her long hair, but it wasn’t something she was familiar with and she fumbled with the pins until he took them from her. “I’ll do it, woman, I done growed up with sisters.”

    He knotted the long mass up and had it pinned in no time. Audrey patted her head. It wasn’t as intricate a knot as she’d had when she started the adventure, but it was tidy. “Thank you.”

    He snorted. “Got all that purty hair and can’t even tie it up.”

    Defensively, she said, “I can, too.”

    “We’ll see.” But he didn’t move, nor take her arm to lead her out. He stood there, looking at her like he was memorizing her face. After a moment, he touched her cheek and slowly, terribly slowly, bent down to touch her lips with his
    At first, Audrey was shocked. He’d spanked her and now he wanted kisses? But, his mouth was firm against hers, his masculine scent tickling her nose, and soon she was touching his chest, testing his dampened cotton shirt with her fingertips. White Star’s kisses became a little more insistent, and Audrey responded shyly. This was what she wanted, but she didn’t want to go too fast. She wanted to savor every sensation in discrete little capsules. So she kept her mouth closed until she felt his tongue teasing the seam of her lips. Slowly, she opened to him, allowing him to tease her teeth, then her tongue, with his. The kiss deepened, and White Star touched her shoulders, her neck, finally cupping her face, holding her steady for his kisses. It went on for an eternity of pleasure, but was over way too fast.

    Audrey was breathing heavily when he drew back.

    “Sweet as molasses,” he whispered.

    She was lost in his dark eyes, too enraptured to speak.

    “Best we get movin’ or I’m gonna throw you down here in the hay.”

    And this was a bad thing? “We could…”

    “No, ma’am. You’re a decent woman and I ain’t no brute.”

    Resigned, Audrey put on her bonnet, muttering, “I’d like to be less decent, if you don’t mind.”


  3. ginadanna says:

    Nice excerpt! I’ll share one from my American Civil War novel, The Wicked North. This is where my hero,Jack, meets his lady, the feisty Southern belle Emma…

    At the bank, close to the dock platform, Jack slid off the horse.
    The young woman gave him a look, her lips twitched but she said nothing. Her honey brown eyes stood out against the splatter of freckles across her nose. She had high cheekbones and a narrow chin with rose lips pink in the light.
    “Sorry to disturb you,” Jack stated. He took his hat off. “Jack Fontaine at your service.”
    She stared at him, appearing rather indifferent to him, his horse and his presence in general. Her lips tightened and she narrowed her eyes. “I’m not Caroline.”
    Jack smirked at her tone. “All right,” he said calmly. “Then you might be?”
    “Someone,” she stated flatly, turning her eyes back toward the stream.
    Jack’s lips curved to a half-grin. Most ladies he knew would have been mortified to be caught bare-legged by a man…stranger or known…and rapidly try to cover themselves up. This young lady more or less dismissed him as a nobody. And that fascinated him.
    “Well, Miss Someone,” he said with amusement. “This is the Rose Hill Plantation, is it not?”
    Her gaze darted back to him and, if he heard correctly, she huffed. His grin widened.
    She pulled her legs out of the water. He noticed her dainty feet and shapely calves made him wonder about the rest of her. Crunching the brim of his hat, he dampened his thoughts. At nineteen, his mind wandered too frequently to places it didn’t need to go but she was – intriguing.
    “Yes, of course,” she answered. She stood and her dress fell over her bare legs, hiding them from his sight. She grabbed her boots, stockings and gloves in one hand and her bonnet in the other. Shoving the straw hat on abstractly, she told him bluntly, “Just keep heading straight and you’ll find Caroline…along with all the other men.”
    “Thank you, Miss….”
    She didn’t look back at him, just walked off the landing with a snort.
    Jack smiled. This summer may not be as boring as he thought.


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  5. Sue says:

    I am resurrecting my novel, The Soul Collector’s Second Chance, and since the pequel Nineteen Hundred published last year is germane to the WIP I am taking another look at it

    Miss Kathryn St. Clair lifted her red velvet skirt, descended the stairs, and upon hearing the clock in the foyer chime eight, walked faster toward the enticing aroma coming from the kitchen. As she approached the room, she spotted a vase of colorful flowers in the center of the plain wood table, now covered with a white, lacy cloth; crystal goblets glittered and fine china had replaced the everyday dishes.

    The date was December 31, 1899.

    Arriving at the transformed breakfast room, she steered toward an empty seat where Mr. Henderson, another lodger at the house, stood holding her chair. Smiling a “Thank You”, Kathryn sat and gazed in awe at the food spread out before her. She hadn’t seen the likes of such a laden table since leaving home. A joint of beef, mashed potatoes, bowls of carrots and beets, a platter of assorted cheeses and biscuits with sweet pickles. A tureen of soup sat at the head of the table. Mrs. Hodgson, the owner of the boarding house, picked up the ladle to dish out a serving for her boarder.

    Kathryn looked around the table, nodded to the two gentlemen who worked at the button factory but kept to themselves. She had little contact with them and only knew that one was Mr. Smyth, and one Mr. Jones. But she couldn’t say which was which. Mr. Henderson also worked at the factory and was the most social of the three men. She said “Good Evening” to Muriel, a seamstress, and the other female tenant.


  6. Great excerpts. This is from The Secret Life of Miss Anna Marsh, due out on November 4th.

    They rode along for a good while, not speaking. Though, after his revelation, he relished the silence. In the time it took his heart to beat once, Anna had seduced him, and she didn’t even know it. What he’d thought was love for her was a far cry from what he now felt. Despite his completely idiotic idea of the perfect wife, Rutherford knew he’d give up everything just to keep Anna in his life.

    When she finally reined in, he reached out, needing to touch her, but she spurred her horse and rode toward the cliff before quickly slipping off Thunderer and running to the clump of trees overlooking the English Channel.

    Anna crossed her arms in front of her, and her chest rose and fell as if she were catching her breath. Rutherford ambled up behind her and bent his head to kiss her hair.
    “Don’t. Please don’t.”

    He stopped. “You felt it, I know you did. Why can’t I kiss you?”

    Anna shook her head. “Because kissing leads to other things, and—and we don’t have a commitment. I don’t know if we ever will. I am not what you want, and lust doesn’t equate to love.”

    Lust! She thought it was lust? Damn, now what was he to say? “Anna, look at me.”

    Her eyes swam in unshed tears, and she blinked rapidly. “Don’t tell me you love me now. Everything cannot possibly have changed from one minute to the next.”

    Nothing but the awareness of how wrong-headed he’d been. “May I hold you? I promise not to do anything else.”

    She nodded.

    He put his arms around her, drawing her close. Taking care not to crush the small hat she wore, he propped his chin on the top of her head. “Anna . . . ”

    She shook her head, her voice muffled in his jacket. “No, please don’t spoil this.”

    “All right.” I love you. “Let’s go into town. Surely you need to buy something. My mother and sisters always do.”

    Tweeted and shared on FB.


  7. This is from a new regency WIP, The Duke’s Bride. A word of caution, it hasn’t been edited yet so there will be a few errors.

    “I’ll be in my office and I’m not to be disturbed,” he ordered, wondering what she’d do or say.
    “Certainly Your Grace. I will make mention of your wishes to Her Grace momentarily,” Emma announced, before tilting her head to him, a scowl he noticed on her face.
    On seeing her expression Simon suddenly felt helpless to this woman, a feeling he’d never had before save when the duchess scolded him for some misdoing.
    “Mayhap you misinterpreted my words, of course Her Grace is welcome,” he barely choked out before feeling his face warm turned on his heels and stormed back into the palace.
    If she responded he didn’t hear her words as he stormed up the steps to the first floor, then into his office. Slamming the door closed he went to the sidebar and, even though it was before noon, poured himself a whisky.
    “Bit early for that wouldn’t you say?” John said from the doorway.
    “That all depends on the reason and I believe mine is justified Uncle John,” Simon uttered before downing the rest of the amber liquid.
    “Let me guess, Lady Emma Carringham is the torment you wish to escape from,” he replied.
    “How did you come to that ridiculous conclusion, might I enquire?” Simon answered back while pouring another drink.
    “It’s very simple. Any fool can see you’re smitten by her just by the way you can’t take your eyes off her when you share a room.”
    Simon wanted to laugh at his uncle’s comment but couldn’t since he knew the words might be true, even though he’d never admit it. His problem now was how to deal with it. For the present he’d go about the work of maintaining several large estates in England and Scotland.


  8. Carrie-Anne says:

    I hope she gets what she wants out of her surprise trip. I also love that this scene is in a train. It’s such a romantic way to travel.

    This is the first meeting of one of my leading couples in my Atlantic City historicals. It’s May of 1942, and Levon Kevorkian has just arrived in America. While at his young host’s house, he sees one of her cousin’s friends, and destiny is set in motion. Though Levy and Cinni are only 11 years old, it’s the beginning of their love story.

    From across the room, in the kitchen, Levon’s eyes latched onto Cinnimin on the davenport and his heart fluttered. This pretty American girl obviously wasn’t Armenian, but he had a strange, uncanny feeling that she was someone special. Perhaps his parents and grandfather had been driven out of Turkey, and he and his siblings had come to America, just so he could meet this girl.

    “Tiffany, can you introduce me to the one with the curly hair?”

    “What? I doubt she wants to meet a brand-new immigrant. And why Cinnimin? How about my cousin or their other friend?”

    “I can’t explain. The other two girls are pretty too, but the one with curly hair looks like a real girl, more natural. And there’s something really special I can sense about her.”

    Tiffany looked over at the three girls commiserating on the davenport. Though both Elaine and Violet were spoken for, Cinnimin was still single, as far as she knew, and didn’t seem to have a crush on anyone special at the moment. It couldn’t hurt to at least introduce her to Levon.

    “Cinnimin, this is Levon Kevorkian, one of my guests. He asked to meet you.”

    Cinnimin glanced at the boy with the foreign name and noticed he had a very sincere face. “Do you speak English?”

    Levon’s tongue was like lead. He tried to nod, but found his head immobilized too.

    “Yes, boy? You wanna talk to me? I don’t read minds.”

    He managed to open his mouth, but nothing came out, too paralyzed by intimidation by this pretty American girl.

    “Well, can you speak English or not? You scared of me, boy?”

    “Cinni might be scared of you if you don’t quit staring at her,” Elaine interjected.

    “Oh, no. I ain’t afraid of nothing. You know what President Roosevelt says! ‘The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.’”

    Levon finally found his tongue, praying his basic English wouldn’t fail him and he wouldn’t accidentally blabber in Armenian or Bulgarian. “You are extremely beautiful. I can tell you have an extremely beautiful mind too.”


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