Weekend Writing Warriors: 05/26/13 Speed Date: The Evil Gabriel


Welcome back to the Weekend Writing Warriors again.  And Happy Memorial Day Weekend to everyone!

Once again I’m taking my 8 from my new WIP, Speed Date.  I’ve skipped ahead in this scene:  Roberta is at Gabriel’s apartment for dinner, although she’s only just met him.  In this scene, he handed her a glass of wine then made an outrageous statement. (For the previous post–and that outrageous statement–click here.)

Copyright (c) 123RF Stock Photos

Copyright (c) 123RF Stock Photos

I was caught with a mouthful of wine and nowhere for it to go.  He had said that on purpose and it would serve him right if I spewed all over his expensive carpet.

“If it comes out your nose, Bertie, I promise you I will laugh.”

He grabbed my glass as I bolted for the kitchen, making it to the sink just in time.  Laughter rolled out of me as the not-too-dry wine dripped from my lips.  I grabbed  a dish towel to save my blouse.  “That was evil, Gabriel.”  I wiped my face; my eyes were now streaming with tears of laughter too.

Thanks so much for coming by!  I’ll be at my annual writer’s retreat next weekend–four glorious days of non-stop writing!  So I won’t be posting on either SSS or WWW as we are out in the woods with no internet.  The week after I’m back to SSS, so please come by for more of Speed Date then.

Remember, I’m taking a semi-hiatus by alternating weeks between WWW and Sweet Saturday Samples this summer.  And the alternating seems to be working–I finished the revision of Betrayal yesterday and it’s off to my editor!  Today I start a new WIP! I guess a vacation is  a good thing. 🙂  

Right now, you can click here to hop on to more Writing Warrior posts!  And thanks for coming by!

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27 Responses to Weekend Writing Warriors: 05/26/13 Speed Date: The Evil Gabriel

  1. LOL Nothing like making her laugh even harder when she still has a mouthful of wine. Why do I have a feeling that they’re going to be in bed before the end of the night, anyway?


  2. I wish she’d spewed it out her nose. LOL (Just kidding.) Since that would have been disastrous for her sinuses, I think you did it just right. I love where this is going. Your sense of humor is delightful.!


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