Weekend Writing Warriors: 05/12/13 Speed Date: Take a Chance


Welcome back to the Weekend Writing Warriors again. I’m so enjoying seeing my old friends and finding new authors.


Once again I’m continuing from my newest WIP, Speed Date.  This snippet immediately follows yesterday’s Sweet Saturday Sample (view here).  Roberta is at a speed dating event, her first time, and in this 8, she’s just agreed to go out with Dater #8.  Good call or bad?

Copyright (c) 123RF Stock Photos

Copyright (c) 123RF Stock Photos

Those words should have sounded an alarm bell, but something in his voice, an appreciation I was not used to hearing, resonated deep inside me.  This guy could be a serial killer for all I knew.  Hell, I didn’t even know his last name yet.  But he was more exciting than anything that had happened to me in years—maybe ever.  If it killed me, then by God I was going out like a Fourth of July firework!

“It sounds wonderful to me, Gabriel…?”

“Townsend,” he said, extending his hand and we shook. 

“Roberta Maxwell,” I offered, smiling into his vivid blue-gray eyes, “or Bertie if you prefer.”

Is Roberta going to regret this “date?”

Right now, you can click here to hop on to more Writing Warrior posts!  And thanks for coming by!

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18 Responses to Weekend Writing Warriors: 05/12/13 Speed Date: Take a Chance

  1. Oh, this looks to be interesting. Love love love that last line of her inner thoughts.


  2. It sounds like she deserves a little bit of fun and or a little bit of mystery.
    I want to know more for sure.


  3. Love, love, love your writing! Talk about adrenaline. (I’m with her – I’d totally have the same worries, LOL!)


  4. Kylie Scott says:

    She’s got the right attitude! Go Bertie.


  5. Lindsay says:

    It’ll be interesting if she does go out with him.


  6. Terrific eight, Jenna. Description exciting and spot on of the moment. Thanks.


  7. Speed dating sounds better and better.


  8. Sue says:

    As my heroines say – gotta take a chance sometime. Go for it!


  9. Carrie-Anne says:

    I hope she’s making the right choice about leaving the speed-dating session early. I love the last line of her inner monologue.


  10. Ooo, I’d leave there with him! Sounds like she’s making an exciting choice! Great 8! 😀


  11. I suspect she’s not going to regret it…at least not in the long run. I can’t wait to read more of this!


  12. Kate Warren says:

    “If it killed me, then by God I was going out like a Fourth of July firework!” That line cracked me up!

    I think it will be a good decision and she’ll only regret not having tried speed dating–and met him–sooner.


  13. I hope the date works out, am really enjoying this story. Another terrific excerpt!


  14. I love that she’s taking a chance on something exciting (even if it scares her).


  15. jessschira says:

    I think I’ve had that exact same serial killer thought with each first date I go on! Great snippet this week!


  16. I hope she doesn’t. Wonderful 8, Jenna. I tweeted.


  17. Cara Bristol says:

    Just love the idea of a date evolving out of a speed date. So much uncertainty. Don’t know what you’re going to get.


  18. Lauren Smith says:

    Great Snippet Jenna! I love how the build up of her thoughts before they start speaking. Makes me want to read on! 🙂


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