Joust in Time–ReBlog from D’Ann Lindun And An Interview with a Knight–Reblog from Kary Rader

There’s no reblog service outside of WordPress, so I’m doing my own version. 🙂

I’m actually on two blogs today and thought I’d let everyone know:

I’m over at D’Ann Lindun’s blog today, talking about that fun and dangerous medieval pastime:  Jousting.



“Jousting was one of the most popular and dramatic of entertainments during the long medieval period.  They were major events at tournaments where knights were pitted against one another for honor, for glory, and for prize money.”  To read more, click here.

I am (or rather my character is) also over at Kary Rader’s blog, being charming and putting her in the hot seat.




“(Sir Geoffrey enters.  He is a big man, about 6 ft 4” tall, with dark brown hair and sapphire blue eyes.  There is a tightness about his mouth, as if he is impatient with these proceedings, but there is also a glint of amusement in his eyes.  He wears a tight-fitting  parti-colored cotehardie and chausses, blue and burgundy)

My heart is fluttering around the website somewhere. Wow!  Ummm…Who are you? Give your full name and title/race. Do you have special abilities?

*he bows* I am Sir Geoffrey Longford, a courtier in the service of His Majesty King Edward III.  I am currently waiting to sail to Spain with the king’s daughter, Princess Joanna, as second in command of the voyage.

As a knight I have worked hard to hone my skills with the weapons of my trade—the sword and the lance.  *he smiles*  I have won tournaments both in England and in France. And I have seen real battle in the service of the king.”

To read more, please click here.

I hope to see you there!  I’m doing giveaways of a book from my back list at both sites, so come by both to enter and win!

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