Sweet Saturday: 04/13/13 Betrothal ~ “A Tale From the Round Table”

Welcome back to Sweet Saturday Sample!  All excerpts here are rated PG-13 or milder.

I’m continuing with a sample from my medieval WIP, Time Enough to Love:  Book 1 ~ Betrothal.



Disclaimer:  This work is still going through the editing process, so please forgive any flaws.  

Betrothal with Logo

This series is set in England and France in 1348.  Part 1, Betrothal, takes place at the court of King Edward III.

This excerpt begins where last Saturday’s left off. You can read that post here. Geoffrey has confronted Thomas about the trouble he has caused between him and Lady Alyse.

A Tale from the  Round Table

A Tale from the
Round Table

Thomas’s mouth twisted into a sneer. “Why does this matter so much to you, Geoffrey? The girl must wed you. What does it matter whether she comes willing or not to your bed? You are acting the lovesick fool!” He managed to wrest his tunic away and put some distance between them.

“Better a lovesick fool than a man incapable of feeling.”

“By God, Geoffrey…”

“Peace, Thomas.” Geoffrey put out a dismissive hand. “My regard for Lady Alyse is none of your concern. But the grief and mistrust I have brought down on my own head are, for you certainly had a hand in that.”

After ten years of friendship, how had they come to this? An unwilling chuckle erupted from his lips, causing Thomas to glance at him suspiciously. “Two friends at odds over a woman,” he offered ruefully. “We sound like a tale from the Round Table.”

I hope you enjoyed this latest sample from  Betrothal.   Join me tomorrow on Weekend Writing Warriors for the conclusion to my excerpts from Betrothal.  The boys put their heads together in a plan. 🙂

And be sure to click here to visit more Sweet Samples.

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12 Responses to Sweet Saturday: 04/13/13 Betrothal ~ “A Tale From the Round Table”

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  2. Carrie-Anne says:

    Congratulations on your coming release! I love the realistic dialogue between these two.


  3. Marsha Ward says:

    Congratulations on your forthcoming book. Now we’ll get all our questions answered! Good snippet!


  4. Sue says:

    It’s just a guess… but I’ll bet you’re excited…. 😀


  5. Someday, Thomas is going to fall for a woman and then maybe he’ll get it. In the meantime, he’s a bit of a boob. Can’t wait for April 19!


  6. Sheri Fredricks says:

    I love the way they talk to each other, sounds like real men. And I bet you’re excited for release day! Congratulations and thank you for sharing these snippets.


  7. I don’t trust Thomas. He’s out to make trouble.


  8. Karen Lopp says:

    Have my calendar marked. Can’t wait.


  9. Sarah Cass says:

    Oooh, interesting. Wonder if their friendship will be left in the dust…


  10. I can’t wait for this book’s release! I’ve enjoyed the excerpts. I need to find out what happens to these people!


  11. Thomas just doesn’t understand. Nice snippet.


  12. Emotional snippet. Wonder what will happen to Thomas and Geoffrey’s friendship? Congrats on a release date! That’s only a few days away!!!!!


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