Weekend Writing Warriors: 03/24/13 Betrothal: “Scorned”


Welcome back to the Weekend Writing Warriors again. I’m so enjoying seeing my old friends and finding new authors. Hope you all have a great hop!

Betrothal with Logo

Today you get more from Betrothal, my medieval romance set in the 14th century.   In this snippet, a continuation of yesterday’s Sweet Saturday Sample, Alyse and Geoffrey are in the middle of a lover’s quarrel over Alyse’s ability to choose appropriate characters for them to portray in the joust’s procession. She is about to let him have it!


Alyse drew herself up in indignation, and he stood helpless before her, waiting for her scorn to engulf him. 

“If you had doubts as to my ability to choose wisely, my lord, you should not have asked me to attend to this task. I had no mind to do it until you bade me, so there would have been no offense. But to ask and then doubt me because of the words of another does not bode well for our marriage.” She paused and squared her shoulders. “In light of your misgivings, Sir Geoffrey, I believe it will be best if you make this decision for us. I would not be the one to bring shame to you through some carelessness. I therefore relinquish my choice to you.”


If you want more, please come back next week! 🙂  Right now, you can click here to hop on to more Writing Warrior posts!  And thanks for coming by!

(The picture is by John William Waterhouse of Tristan and Isolde with the potion)

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17 Responses to Weekend Writing Warriors: 03/24/13 Betrothal: “Scorned”

  1. OUCH! I LOVE this! Thank goodness I’m late and next week is there already, LOL!


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  3. angieia says:

    I can’t wait to read this book!


  4. Oooo! High dudgeon! She’s got quite a spine. 🙂 It’s great to follow their story. Thanks for sharing.


  5. Oh yeah she’s pissed. Bad move Geoff! 🙂 Thanks for sharing.


  6. I love him waiting for her scorn to engulf him. Such a great description — and he knows he deserves it. 🙂


  7. Carrie-Anne says:

    I wonder if the cat’s going to get his tongue after this! It’ll be hard to dig his way out of that hole.


  8. I wonder what he’ll do now…. Great snippet!


  9. Vivien Dean says:

    Let’s see if he passes this particular test, lol. Great job!


  10. Kate Warren says:

    Apologize and go with her choice. And do it quickly, Geoffrey!


  11. Paula Martin says:

    LOL, she’s certainly letting him have it – good for her!


  12. I can’t wait to see what he does now.


  13. I love the opening sentence, it’s such a beautiful image. Alyse’s dialogue is very curt, I could really sense her annoyance at him for doubting her. I’m sure she would make a good choice if he gave her a chance.


  14. Carrie Crain says:

    I’ve never read medieval romance. Very interesting. Love, love your book cover and this excerpt!


  15. Oh uh, he’s in even more trouble now. Can’t wait to see what happens next – terrific snippet as always!


  16. She did let him have it! Go Alyse! Great 8, Jenna! 😀


  17. Sue says:

    His response to her words will really test the mettle of the man


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