Weekend Writing Warriors: 03/10/13 Betrothal: “Something Amiss”


Welcome back to the Weekend Writing Warriors again. I’m so enjoying seeing my old friends and finding new authors. Hope you all have a great hop!

Betrothal with Logo

Today you get more from Betrothal, my medieval romance set in the 14th century.   In this snippet, a continuation of yesterday’s Sweet Saturday Sample, Alyse, Princess Johanna and her waiting women are about to take a walk when they are interrupted.  Geoffrey asks to speak to Alyse, but once alone he cannot think what to say.

What if she had chosen badly?

He did not want to hurt her feelings, but he could not let her make a blunder

Sir Gawain Finds A Beautiful Lady by Howard Pyle 1903

Sir Gawain Finds A Beautiful Lady by Howard Pyle 1903

that would cause more harm were it allowed to stand. He peered into a face that was losing some of its joy at his long silence.

“My lord, you would speak with me?”

“Aye, my lady.” Still he could find no words.

Her brows rose in alarm at his continued silence. “My…my lord, is something amiss?”


If you want more, please come back next week! 🙂  Right now, you can click here to hop on to more Writing Warrior posts!  And thanks for coming by!

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18 Responses to Weekend Writing Warriors: 03/10/13 Betrothal: “Something Amiss”

  1. My heart is in my throat. Tension is definitely the word for it!


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  3. Gemma Parkes says:

    I love the line about peering into a face that was losing some of its joy…great snippet!


  4. Carrie-Anne says:

    I’m wondering just what her blunder is. Society was so formal and rule-bound in those days, you never can tell.


  5. Kate Warren says:

    I love how you’ve illustrated this. He’s practically tripping over his feelings here. Great eight!


  6. Gem says:

    Such tension and angst in this scene. Great snippet!


  7. I really like your characters. I’m enjoying your snippets very much too.


  8. He’s pretty much between a rock and a hard place, but he’s a clever and forthright guy. He’ll do the right thing. Good selection, Jenna!


  9. Ann Swann says:

    Great atmosphere. I’ll be back next week!


  10. D'Ann Lindun says:

    Very nice!


  11. Sue says:

    He’s going to say her choice is not a good one, but he can’t bring himself to do it. He’s one of your best heros


  12. This story is so interesting, so much riding on what seems to our modern eyes to be a simple choice (referencing the earlier excerpts). Really enjoying the tale – terrific snippet!


  13. I love stories set medevil times! But what kind of blunder could she possibly make? The interesing thing about those days is it was so easy to make mistakes that could cost you your life, or at the very least, your property. All the whim of a king. Gotta love it!


  14. Sara Barnard says:

    Oh, I love it! Tis a pity half a fortnight shall pass beforeth I shall … well … get to read more! LOVE IT!


  15. He’s going to get himself into trouble. Great 8.


  16. Ooo, what does he want to say!!! Loved it! Great 8! 😀


  17. You’ve captured the period so well. Your writing is beautiful.


  18. There’s nice tension between the two of them in this scene. I want to know what he’s trying (and failing) to say!


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