What the Butler Saw ~ Interview with Liza O’Connor’s Butler from Saving Casey

Jenna: Today I’m interviewing Liza O’Connor’s character, Cass Davidson from her
fabulous novel, Saving Casey.
*Old butler enters the room*

Jenna: You’re not Cass.
Butler: Indeed I am not.
Jenna: Where’s Cass?
Butler: I cannot say.
Jenna: Why? Oh I know. Butlers can’t talk about their employers. Well, I’m not sure
what to do now. I guess we’ll have to cancel this interview.
Butler: Excellent idea. I’ll return to my duties now.
*Small kitten bursts through the open window, drops an envelope in Jenna’s lap and
runs out.*

Jenna: If I’m not mistaken that was Liza’s marketing kitten Maniac.
Butler: Yes, I’m afraid it was.
Jenna: *reads letter*
Butler: *turns to exit*
Jenna: Hold on! Liza says I am to interview you instead of Cass.
Butler: That is not possible.
Jenna: Liza got you dispensation so you can tell me and my readers anything. So
where’s Cass?
Butler: I cannot say, because the ‘security specialist’ refused to tell me where he
intended to take her.
Jenna: While your face doesn’t give much away, by your phrasing, I’m thinking
whatever reason he had for not telling you has pissed you off.
Butler: Nonsense.
Jenna: If you want to make this a hostile interview…I can interrogate with the best of
Butler: *swallows hard* Would you care for some green tea.
Jenna: I’d prefer Peach Barcardi.
Butler: *hand’s her a peach Barcadi* Madam’s drink.
Jenna: *takes drink* Thanks. So tell me a bit about Casey. I understand she calls you
her butler-parent.
Butler: She does indeed. I have been her primary care giver since her nanny was let
go when she turned thirteen. In retrospect, that may have been a mistake, for that’s when
Casey’s troubles began. *sighs heavily* Casey’s mishaps went beyond anyone’s ability to contain.

Jenna: Such as?
Butler: Where to start? She falsely accused several boys of raping her on a school bus.
Jenna: How do you know it was a false accusation?
Butler: 30 children, an adult chaperone, and a driver were on that bus. They all said
nothing happened. More to the point, the chaperone was Lady Margaret and one of the
boys accused was her son. Normally, such a false and vicious accusation would have severed any friendship, but Lady Margaret never blamed my mistress in this matter, even as most of Lady Anne’s social friends dropped her acquaintance.
Casey took back her accusation, but the damage her lies caused never healed. Her
false accusation was followed with two attempts at suicide, forcing her father to finally pay attention to his family. All he did was take Casey out of school for the remainder of the year. She saw a therapist, but to no improvement. She grew angrier and more destructive with each day, finally, destroying her beautiful face with those tattoos.
Jenna: Poor thing.
Butler: Yes, this was very hard on my mistress. She went from social darling to pariah.
After three years of this disaster, she has only one friend left, Lady Margaret.
Jenna: I was referring to Cass.
Butler: You wouldn’t be so sympathetic to Cass if you knew half of what she did.
However, I must say, this recent suicide attempt appears to have wakened her up. While
remaining most difficult, she does finally appear to be trying to turn herself around. But then she has tried several times before and matters have only gotten worse.
Jenna: Can you give us an example:
Butler: In fact, I can. I’ve clipped this excerpt from the book. It’s a conversation
between her and myself:

“Did my father tell you I am to have my rooms painted in cream?”
He nodded. “I have to get your mother’s permission on the color.”
“Why?” Clearly no one cared what color the Old Casey had chosen.

“She is responsible for all decorative decisions in this house.”
“So she’s responsible for the giant penis and vagina?”

Jenna: Hold on. What penis and vagina is she talking about?
Butler: Just ignore her comment.
Jenna: My readers never ignore those particular body parts.
Butler: *sighs heavily* Miss Cass refers to art pieces that Lady Anne had
commissioned for the ballroom.

*Maniac Kitten jumps through window and brings Jenna another note.

Jenna: Thanks Maniac.

*Kitten climbs in her nearly empty peach barcardi.*
Jenna: Ah, Maniac. I was enjoying my drink.
*Maniac starts to climb out*
Jenna: You can stay. I don’t want it anymore. *reads note and focuses on the butler*
According to Maniac, Cass’ ballroom possesses the world’s largest purple and green papier-mâché vagina in one corner and at the other end of the room resides a twenty-foot twisted and bent red penis.
Butler: As I said, Lady Anne had the artwork commissioned. I do not believe she had
input in the topic, size, or color of the finished work.
Jenna: How much did this cost?
Butler: I’m not at liberty to disclose that.
Maniac kitten produces another envelope.
Jenna: *smiles and reads note* Well, aren’t you helpful. *focuses on the butler* This
says Lady Anne spent $1.2 million on unhappy genitals.
Butler: *glares at Maniac, causing the kitten to scamper out the window.* I do not
see how that matters. My point in providing this excerpt is to show I had no choice but to take charge of Cass while she remains so difficult. A nanny would have no chance reining her in. Even I struggle…which you’ll see if you let go of the…artwork and allow the excerpt to continue.
Jenna: Fine, let’s all let go of the purple and green vagina and angry red penis and
continue with the excerpt.

His eyes narrowed, but he didn’t reply.
Cass matched his narrow eyes with her own, although with all the black tattooing, she doubted he’d notice the change. “I am not sleeping in my suite until the walls are cream. Which means if you don’t get those rooms painted before the day is out, I’m sleeping in a guest room tonight.”
His right eyebrow arched in a challenge. “The guest rooms are locked.”She arched her own eyebrow, but again questioned if he could even see her counter move, since she didn’t yet possess eyebrows. “Then I’ll sleep on a couch in one of the many living rooms we possess. What I won’t do is sleep in the Adam’s Family suite of rooms.”

Butler: You see how confrontational and difficult she has become?

Jenna: I gotta be honest, if you’re willing to pay a million dollars for unhappy giant genitals, what’s the big deal about having her room painted.

Butler: She wanted her walls painted cream.
Jenna: And….
Butler: Lady Anne does not approve of cream. It’s out of fashion.
Jenna: But you did have her rooms painted.
Butler: I had no choice. I could not risk Lady Anne discovering Cass sleeping on a
couch. Thus painting the rooms without approval seemed the best of two evils. The last time Lady Anne entered Cass’ room, she found her daughter lying on the floor, to all appearances dead. I doubt my mistress will ever go in those rooms again. *glances at watch* Are we done? I have a great deal of work to do.

Jenna: Sure, thanks for coming by.*watches him leave* Man, I had no idea how
intimidating a butler could be.
Maniac: *crawls back in the window* Grumpy Thornton’s gone, right?
Jenna: Yes, thank God…Hey Maniac, you’re talking.
Maniac: *climbs back in glass of peach Bacardi* Of course. I’m a marketing kitten. I
couldn’t do my job if I didn’t talk.
Jenna: Thanks for all the useful information.
Maniac: No problem. Want to see my latest promotion for Saving Casey?
Jenna: I would love too, but Liza warned me not let you show anything until they are
cleared by her lawyer.
Maniac: * sighs* Maybe you could have me back later, once the lawyers check out my
new promotions.
Jenna: *pets her head* If Liza says I can, I would love to have you over. You are one
unique kitten.
Maniac: *shakes head* Nope, I just market myself well. Now don’t forget to close this
blog with the book cover and blurb…and the trailer. It makes people want to buy the book.
I’ve watched it about 100 times, and every time I buy another copy of Saving Casey. My
Kindle is full of Saving Casey’s.
Jenna: Keep an eye on me to ensure I do this to your satisfaction.
Book cover:


Having been diagnosed with cancer, Cass Goldman decides to opt out of any futile medical care and end her life. While she has some thoughts on afterlife, she never expects to reincarnate into the body of a seventeen-year-old girl named Casey Davidson.

When she awakens in a hospital, Cass discovers two disturbing facts: One, she is now inside the body of a troubled teenager, and two, the former owner of this body committed suicide, but only Cass knows that. Everyone else believes Casey has survived, but suffered a complete memory loss. Cass has two choices: to take on Casey’s life and turn it around, or to confess the truth about her reincarnation and end up in a mental asylum. Given this second chance to life, Cass decides to take on the future life of Casey—the frightening ghoul-faced teen with short, black, spiky hair.

Every person around Cass has an ulterior motive and discovering the truth of Old
Casey’s life is more complicated than the “new math” she is forced to learn in school. In
addition, Cass has to contend with raging teenage hormones and the prior crimes of Old
Casey, which she might not remember, but everyone else certainly does. However, her biggest frustration concerns her feelings for her father’s rugged security specialist who sees her only as a teenager and doesn’t want to explore the mutual attraction between them.

As determined as Cass is to turn this life around, Old Casey’s enemies are just as
determined to end her life. She has no idea whom she can trust, but she knows she’ll never
survive going it alone.

Jenna: And for those who prefer a visual blurb, here’s the Saving Casey trailer:

Saving Casey Book Trailer Link: http://youtu.be/WxcaMP0Dgzc
(Maniac: this looks better and is easier to use if you embed you tube video in blog)

<iframe width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/WxcaMP0Dgzc?rel=0&#8243; frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>


Bono Books



Liza lives in Denville, NJ with her dog, Jess. They hike in fabulous woods every day,
rain or shine, sleet or snow. Having an adventurous nature, she learned to fly small Cessnas in NJ, hang-glide in New Zealand, kayak in Pennsylvania, ski in New York, scuba dive with great white sharks in Australia, dig up dinosaur bones in Montana, sky dive in Indiana, and raft a class four river in Tasmania. She’s an avid gardener, amateur photographer, and dabbler in watercolors and graphic arts. Yet through her entire life, her first love has and always will be writing novels. She loves to create interesting characters, set them loose, and scribe what happens.


Liza’s Blog and Website Facebook Twitter

Maniac: *bats Jenna’s cheek with a soft paw.* You did that purrfectly.
Jenna: Well, there you have it. The first Butler interview ever for Saving Casey. Thanks
for the help Maniac. My interview wouldn’t have been nearly as interesting without your

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20 Responses to What the Butler Saw ~ Interview with Liza O’Connor’s Butler from Saving Casey

  1. LOL Love it!! And the drunk kitty too! 😀


  2. Ha, great interview. Very funny!


  3. Jessica Subject says:

    The butler always knows so much! Great interview! 🙂


  4. What a fun interview, and it sounds like a page-turner of a book. Good work, you two!


  5. D'Ann Lindun says:

    wow, strange one! Good job!


  6. Great interview!!! I tweeted.


  7. Jerri says:

    snickering! The books sounds intriguing, Liza!


  8. Lauren says:

    LOL- hiliarious! I loved it. The book sounds great! Heading off to Amazon to get my copy!


  9. Liza OConnor says:

    Thanks Jenna, handling the butler AND Marketing Maniac is no small feat. Job well done.


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