Weekend Writing Warriors: 02/17/13 Betrothal: The Road to Disgrace

(If you’re looking for my Historical Hop post, it’s here.  Totally different snippet from a totally different historical work, the third book in the Scandal series.)

I’m back with Weekend Writing Warriors again. I saw many old SSS friends and lots of new ones last week, so I’m sticking with this group! 🙂

Betrothal with Logo

Today you get the next sentences from Betrothal, my medieval romance set in the 14th century.  These sentences come immediately following my Sweet Saturday Sample from yesterday.  If you’d like to catch up, you can read that here.  In this snippet Thomas explains why Geoffrey’s decision to let Alyse choose their parts smacks of disaster.

“I wanted to please her, Thomas,” Geoffrey said, shifting uneasily. “Her demeanor toward me has warmed a bit these past two days, and I aimed to fuel that flame with the ride in the procession and the choice of knight and lady. It seemed a little thing at the time.” He glanced at his friend anxiously. “Think you that she will choose unwisely?” 

“She has been little at court, so how is she to know that it would be unseemly for you as a lower ranked knight to portray a figure of great consequence from the Round Table? Mark me, Geoffrey, if she chooses one of the more important knights, she will be seen as blatantly trying to raise your status. If you long for disgrace, that is the way to go about it.”

If you want more, please come back next week! 🙂  Right now, you can click here to hop on to more Writing Warrior posts!  And thanks for coming by!

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19 Responses to Weekend Writing Warriors: 02/17/13 Betrothal: The Road to Disgrace

  1. Ouch! That’s an excellent point Thomas makes, and quite the position for Geoffrey!


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  3. I love the old world atmosphere here. Sounds like Thomas wants to stir up trouble. Intriguing 8.


  4. angieia says:

    Reblogged this on angieia and commented:
    This book looks so good!


  5. Carrie-Anne says:

    Thomas really knows how to stir up trouble!


  6. AJ Bradley says:

    Wow, what a great way to show so much about each character involved. Amazing in only 8 sentences! Can’t wait to see what she does…


  7. FCEtier says:

    I agree with Karen.
    Last sentence is a real clincher!


  8. Oh Jenna, a girl after my own heart. I love this snippet, and I’m off to go check out your others. I hope you post more from this next week!


  9. Kate Warren says:

    Well men don’t always make the best choices when women are involved. For that matter, the reverse is also true. I love the language in this. Sets the atmosphere very well.


  10. Sue says:

    Geoffrey is a good man 😀


  11. Geoffrey is a great guy to trust her with this decision. Wonderful book!


  12. D'Ann Lindun says:

    Very nice!


  13. Anne Lange says:

    Great snippet. The tone is well desribed and I agree with Ella above, I don’t think I like Thomas too much! 🙂


  14. I don’t know how you captured the cadence of their speech but you’ve done it. Good eight!


  15. Love this. Love the dialect, love the history, the intrigue of being at court… I could go on and on. Wonderful snippet!


  16. Well I wouldn’t have thought of that either so probably social disaster looms LOL. Really enjoying the story, another terrific snippet!


  17. Love the power and meaning behind the last sentence. It says so much without directly saying it. Great 8!


  18. I don’t like Thomas. Great job!


  19. Thomas is at it again.. Great snippet!


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