Weekend Writing Warriors: 02/10/13 Betrothal: A Change of Subject

Today I’m trying another SSS-esque meme, called Weekend Writing Warriors. I’m sorry I didn’t get to post for Sweet Saturday Samples yesterday, but I was in a conference all day and couldn’t post the night before.  My bad. 😦  But you do get 8 more sentences from Betrothal today. 🙂

Betrothal with Logo

These are the next sentences from Betrothal, my medieval romance set in the 14th century.  In this snippet talk turns to the coming royal procession for the joust.  All the courtiers are to be dressed as knights of the Round Table.

Thomas shook his head. “’Tis no matter. ’Twas long ago, but aye, a reckoning it was. So,” he resumed his carefree manner, deftly changing the subject, “what knight will you portray at our Round Table? I have managed to secure Sir Tristan to Lady Carlyle’s Isolde.”

Geoffrey arched an eyebrow. “Does that not, mayhap, strike a bit too close to the bone for comfort, Thomas?” Lady Carlyle was Thomas’s current amour although her husband seemed none the wiser at present.

If you want more, please come back next week! 🙂  You can click here to hop on to more Writing Warrior posts!

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16 Responses to Weekend Writing Warriors: 02/10/13 Betrothal: A Change of Subject

  1. Ouch! LOL. I LOVE this!


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  3. Marie says:

    Oh the scandal! I loved these 8, and loved how easily you set the tone of the piece with the dialogue. Great job.


  4. Kate Warren says:

    I love a good masquerade! I wonder if Lady Carlyle’s husband will be dressed as King Mark.


  5. Great snippet. Let me know which meme you like better.


  6. Love it. I didn’t realize you wrote in this genre. Well done! 🙂


  7. Adultery began with the cavemen. Terrific eight. Well written.


  8. Sue says:

    Ah that Thomas – rake is an understatement


  9. Ah, intrigue and romance – love it! Terrific snippet!


  10. Carrie-Anne says:

    Great eight! Thomas really knows how to live dangerously.


  11. Ooo, more please! 😀 Great 8!


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