Six Sentence Sunday–01/27/13 Only Scandal Will Do ~ A Surge of Longing

For my final Six Sentence Sunday, I’m putting up six from my historical novel, Only Scandal Will Do.  This has been such a blast for the almost two years I’ve been posting on SSS.  I’m hoping this isn’t really the end, and that there will be a new beginning–an HEA for the Sixers who will miss their Sunday get-togethers.


These six are from another one of my favorite parts of the novel:  Lady Katarina has just married the Marquess of Dalbury (under duress).  A couple of days after the marriage, Dalbury is taking Kat on a tour of his London townhouse.  They end up out in the stables where he gives her a wedding present, a horse named Stella. And this brings them very close together, willingly, for the first time.

Mouth suddenly gone dry, she swallowed, and parted her lips to speak. He hovered above her mouth, his breath hot, moist, sweet. She breathed deeply, aware as never before of the rich, comforting aroma of the stables mingled intimately with his distinctive scent of citrus soap and male musk. The rasp of his breathing sounded low and steadier than hers. The strong clasp of his hand around hers, the heat pouring through her like a molten river where they touched, sent a surge of longing throughout her body. If she just raised her head, even slightly, his lips would be on hers and–

Come on back next week–I’m gonna be posting–to find out the rest of the story!  BTW–Scandal’s book trailer (created by the fabulous Danielle Fine) is entered in You Gotta Read’s January Video contest.  If you don’t mind, would you please click here and vote for Scandal?  It’s video #6 and currently in 2nd place–about 100 votes behind the leader.  The poll closes today, so if you’d please vote for me, I’d really appreciate it!

Now pop over to the Six Sentence Sunday list and check out the rest of today’s snippets.

Thanks to all!  It’s been a blast!



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28 Responses to Six Sentence Sunday–01/27/13 Only Scandal Will Do ~ A Surge of Longing

  1. Oh sure… leave us on a cliffhanger. 🙂 Love your work, Jenna!


  2. angieia says:

    I will miss sss. I will keep watching out for more of your books!


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