Blood’s Voice and Blood Bound Scavenger Hunt and Book Tour


Geas Publishing is proud to present the House Millar series Scavenger
Hunt & Book Tour. Some of my favourite blogs have come together to hunt
to all the items on the scavenger hunt list. At the end of the hunt you will
have 25 items to enter into the Rafflecopter.

How to Play:

This is how it works… all the blogs below will post a bit about one of the
books along with a guest post, interview, character interview, spotlight,
etc. along with their token on their scheduled date. You are looking for the
special image included somewhere within the post that you will need to
then enter into the Rafflecopter at the end. Make sure to enter your answer
into the right slot on the Rafflecopter 😉

We are giving away a nice set of prizes – including free eBooks from the
series; gift cards to Amazon, B&N, or ARe; swag; and more…

So, enjoy, hunt along with the various posts, and have fun. Best wishes to


BB-on-bookHow many ways can a hearts true love be shared? After poisoning, near death attacks, consummated passions, and possible insanity visit Anya, Nicholas, and Declán
they embark on their future. Or at least they try to. Jealousy can be a pain, in more ways than one.

Can Anya protect her lovers, find peace within herself, and lead the House Millar? With her loves and guards, Nicholas and Declán, she sets out to do just that. If only life, eternal
life, were that easy.

Come take a walk with our loving family and witness the strange turns and twists as life, love,
and passions collide with greed, politics, and evil..

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Purchase Print: Geas Publishing | Amazon

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Hello everyone! I thought I’d let you meet the core triad of the House. You can
even leave questions, if you’d like, and the characters will graciously stop by later
today to respond. Just remember, never piss off a vampire. Human loving or not,
their tempers are not for mere mortals.

Áine: I would like you all to meet Mistress Anya and her two mates, Nicholas and

Anya: Blessings everyone. It’s a bit unusual that our author introduces us to so
many RW mortals but I’m glad you’ve all stopped in to visit.

BV-litDeclán: Hey guys. *waves* Now, at least, I don’t have to be the only mortal in the
room. And before you say it, no Áine, you don’t count. You’re our author so that
kinda sets you on a different level. *wink*

Nicholas: *Giving a deep bow* Greetings and welcome. In case you don’t know
already thanks to our beloved one Dec, he’s the human and I’m the other here with
fangs. *gives a wicked, fully fanged grin*

Áine: Yes, that you are Nicholas. I was hoping to get you each to share a little
about yourselves for our new friends. They don’t know you all yet so . . . Normally
we would start with Anya but let’s do something a little different. Declán, could
you share what it’s like to live at the House Millar with your two mates?

*Declán shrugs his shoulders* Sure. I’m not sure what exactly to tell them though.
I mean, if it weren’t for how fast they move and that I’m the only one that usually
eats at the house, you’d not really know what they are. Well, most wouldn’t.

You see, I live with Anya and Nicholas who are both what they call aberrant
vampires. It just means that they don’t kill humans to live like the void-eyed ones
do. It’s not that they aren’t still bad-assed vampires, they are, but those they
hunt and destroy are the same as what I do – other vampires.

I’m a Guardian. A natural-born vampire hunter. And yes *sigh* I can already hear
the arguments but I know all those. The heart wants and loves what it choose,not what others or logic dictates. They are my life and Nic here even serves as a guard right along with me. Notice the nifty themed attire? Cool huh? *Both guys are decked out in leather and seem to have an inordinately large amount of silver weapons on their persons.*

But I’m probably boring your nice readers so I’ll let someone else take over. 🙂

Anya: A ghrá, you could never bore anyone. But you forgot to explain why you are so
special. For those that don’t know, Declán is the last Guardian. He’s also blood andAine-businesscard
soul bound to Nicholas and myself, making him unique and endangered. Somehow,
no one but me seems to think it reasonable that he shouldn’t be hunting vampires,
but . . . even as the Mistress of the House, I get overruled. *She giggles gaily*

Nicholas: In this case you do, love. He’s nearly as good as you are at destroying
those that endanger and kill humans, so you needn’t worry for him. We still need to
work on his logic though.

Declán: What? Bad vampire – dead. Good vampire – not dead. I don’t see the

*Nicholas just shakes his head*

Áine: I think we all see the problem. Your one mate is stubborn and young. But, you
all have another great issue. Could one of you share a little about that?

Nicholas: I think I would be best to answer this as the other two will become upset
speaking of it. You see, Anya was tortured until her mind snapped in on itself,
wiping out her memory. Those that committed the evil against her don’t seem to
have the sense to stay away from her now.

*pausing to collect himself a moment* My apologies. It’s a difficult thing for me
as well, to think about much less discuss. Anya has been hunted, poisoned, and
attacked by others that wish to use her voice as a weapon. Thankfully, she has a
good heart or no one, vampire or human, would be safe.

In the books that our beloved author, Áine, has scribed for us, you travel with
us through many of the challenges, discoveries, and pains that we all face; but
especially Anya’s as she’s the one telling the story really.

sun-HM-trans1-e1320185364334Áine: Very true Nicholas. But, yours and Declán’s stories get told as well. One last
things before we return the nice lady’s site to her: Is there anything you would like
them to know about your or the books?

Declán: Just that I love how much Áine shows each of our relationships, good and
bad, while still protecting Nic’s need for *smirks* privacy on some things.

Anya: Behave, a ghrá. I can spank you, of course, that’s not really going to make
you behave, is it? *Declán grins* Nope, didn’t think so. I’d just like each of our
readers to go in with an open mind. We aren’t like the others in our world but we
each have our own body counts. 😉

Nicholas: Yes, yours being the highest, love. I would simply like to invite you each
to indulge in a little fang and fun with us. And remember, we never sleep so we’re
always up for fun.

Áine: Er, yeah. I hope you all have enjoyed your peak into their little triad family.

Fang on . . .


Click here to enter the Tour Wide Giveaway. And below is the schedule of the other posts to follow throughout the tour.

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19. Dec 17th – Harlie’s Books 20. Dec 18th – Coffee Beans & Love Scenes
21. Dec 19th – My Secret Romance 22. Dec 20th – Tempeste O’Riley
23. Dec 21st – Read Between The Lines 24. Dec 21st – 24th – House Millar

Enjoy the rest of your Scavenger Hunt for these wonderful books!

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5 Responses to Blood’s Voice and Blood Bound Scavenger Hunt and Book Tour

  1. Dovile says:

    What I like about vampires is that they are so different and stronger than humans.


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  3. Sounds like an interesting time.


  4. Daryl Devore says:

    Great post – best of luck with sales.


  5. Thank you so very much for hosing my lovely vampires, hunter, and myself. Hope your readers enjoy their peek into those that lead the House Millar!


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