Fall In Love Again Bloghop November 22-29

It’s so easy to fall in love—with books.  I’ve been in love with reading since before I could make out the words.  And now that I’m actually writing my own stories, I’m in love all over again.

Historical romance is my first love.  I started as a teenager with Kathleen Woodiwiss’s The Wolf and The Dove, set in my favorite period, the Middle Ages.  Ironically enough, Woodiwiss’s final book, Everlasting, also set in the medieval period, was the reason I fell in love with romances again.  And the impetus for me to become a romance writer.

The first book I ever wrote, Time Enough To Love, will be published as a series of novellas starting in December.  This is the book inspired by Everlasting.  Here’s the blurb and a short excerpt from the first novella of this series, Betrothal.

Lady Alyse de Courcey is head over heels in love with a man to whom she’s barely spoken, Thomas Knowlton, a nobleman in King Edward III’s court.  Alyse would give anything to marry him. However, she must come to terms with her betrothal to Thomas’s best friend, Sir Geoffrey Longford, a handsome and imposing knight, yet hardly the man she wants to wed.  She continues to cherish hopes of Thomas, though as her nuptials approach, Geoffrey is the one most often on her mind.

Sir Geoffrey Longford is bound by his father’s hand to wed Lady Alyse.  And Geoffrey is eager to do so after meeting the young maid.  She is gentle and beautiful, with just enough spice and wit to make her seem a willing partner in and out of bed.  But when Geoffrey learns of her infatuation with his friend, and sees her regard for the man growing as their wedding day approaches, Geoffrey takes matters into his own hands.  Can he win his lady’s love without killing his friend into the bargain?

Excerpt from Betrothal:

“Rise, my lady.”

She did so on unsteady feet. “I am ready, as always, Your Majesty, to obey my father as I would you.” Holy Mary, let it be Thomas Knowlton.

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King Edward lifted an eyebrow toward Alyse. “A very pretty answer, my lady. And are you ready to accept your father’s decree for your betrothal? His messenger has today reached me with the contract, as I am to stand in his stead in this matter.”

Alyse took a deep breath and hoped her voice did not tremble. “Yea, Majesty, I will obey my father and accept his choice.”

King Edward nodded. “What say you then, Sir Geoffrey? Does the lady not speak fair? I vow she will make you a proper wife, and a dutiful one as well.”

Alyse turned until that moment unaware that Geoffrey Longford stood beside her before the king. Chills coursed down her body as the king’s words echoed in her mind. The sensation of falling backward assailed her, as though she rushed away from the tall man at her side even as his figure loomed larger and larger in her sight.

Not Thomas Knowlton.  Her numbed brain repeated the phrase, trying to comprehend that instead he would be her husband. Geoffrey Longford. God have mercy on me, for by the look of him, this man will not. Fearful, her gaze climbed higher, over his chest, over his chin, finally resting on the dark blue eyes turned toward her.

Geoffrey returned her appraisal, his eyes sweeping her figure as a smile crept over his face. “Your Majesty.” He spoke to the king but his attention remained fixed on Alyse. “I also give my obedience to you, and to my father, doing your bidding in all things. My father told me of the betrothal contract before I left his home and I resolved then to play the dutiful son. I find, however, I do not wish to act that role after all.” His eyes held hers as he paused.

Dear God, does he mean to renounce me here before the entire court? Alyse fixed her stare on the man beside her, willing herself to remain erect, despite the chills and heat that alternated through her body.

“Now I find I would rather play the ardent lover.” An amused murmur ran throughout the hall at his words.  Geoffrey grinned, his eyes now sparkling with humor and something more.  Despite the uneven light, Alyse saw an unfathomable promise in their dark depths.

Betrothal is scheduled to be released sometime in early December.

And to sweeten the pot this Thanksgiving weekend, I’ll be giving away to my Grand Prize Winner a $10.00 gift card to Amazon.  Then, a copy of one of my e-books to three lucky commenters.  You may choose from any of my erotic contemporaries:  Hog Wild, Almost Perfect, or my latest 7 Days of Seduction.  And as a bonus, I’ll throw in a copy of my Christmas collection, All Wrapped Up.  Just leave me a comment telling me what was the first book you fell in love with.  Any genre is fine.  And don’t forget to LEAVE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS IN THE COMMENT!

Here’s hoping you fall in love with books all over again!  Now to continue the hop, click the icon below.

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58 Responses to Fall In Love Again Bloghop November 22-29

  1. If you go way back to the very first book I fell in love with, it was Fibbity Jibbit, when I was about 5. As a more mature reader, like 12, I fell in love with The Other Side of Midnight by Sidney Sheldon, Lucky for me, my mother had no idea what I was reading by then.

    drainbamaged.gyzmo at gmail.com


  2. Judy says:

    The first book I fell in love with was The Black Lyon by Jude Devereaux, followed quickly by The Wolf and the Dove by Kathleen Woodiwiss. They started my life long love affair with the Romance genre.

    Thanks for a great giveaway.



  3. Katie Amanda says:

    I’d have to say that I fell in love with The Harry Potter Series! 🙂 Thanks katieamanda1(at)yahoo(dot)com


  4. Lona Stringer says:

    The first romance book I ever read was Dark Lover. Loved it, and opened me up to lots more.

    blinkysthebest at aol dot com


  5. Tina B says:

    The first book I fell in love with was Lasher by Anne Rice. I re-read it many times. 🙂
    Since, there have been many more! Congrats on your upcoming release, Jenna!
    Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.
    trb0917 at gmail.com


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