Christmas is Coming! 12 Books of Christmas Promotion

As we begin the week of Thanksgiving, it is not hard to feel the excitement of Christmas begin to build.  I’ve been seeing some fantastic looking Christmas stories in promos and in Sweet Saturday Sample and Six Sentence Sunday.  A good Christmas story always puts me in the holiday mood.

Because it was so successful last year, I’m running my 12 Books of Christmas promotion on Jenna’s Journal again this year.  It’s sort of a one-day, one-stop blog hop because I gather 12 Christmas/holiday themed books together on my blog on December 12.  All the authors ask friends and fans to come by and check out the goodies and leave a comment.  One lucky commenter will win a copy of all 12 books!  

How cool is that!  Plus, some authors also offer additional copies or prizes of their own work.  So there’s more than one winner of Christmas cheer.

At the moment I have 8 of the 12 slots filled, so if any of you have a Christmas/holiday book or story you’d like to promote with me, please send me an email via my contact page so I can put you down in one of the remaining four slots and send you instructions for joining us.

And since I’m already promoting my Christmas story collection, All Wrapped Up, I’ll give away copies to 3 commenters today!  Here’s a short excerpt from the beginning one of the contemporary stories in the collection:

Excerpt from The Present:

“I won’t do it, Janice. You can do your own dirty work.” Tessa Avery turned the vacuum cleaner back on and returned to cleaning the carpet in her sister’s living room. She stared at the noisy thing as she pushed it back and forth so violently she almost took out a small end table. Don’t look her in the eye. It’s all over if you make eye contact.

Sudden silence descended as the vacuum stopped dead. Tessa whirled around to find Janice holding the disconnected plug. “You will do it or I won’t pay you for the month.”

It was a threat Tessa had to respect. Unemployed for six months, she counted heavily on the money she got from cleaning her sister’s apartment. But this was going too far. “It’s not in the job description, Jan.”

“It is now.”

“Look, just call and tell him you don’t want to see him any more.”

“I can’t do that. He’s flying back from California and won’t be in touch until after seven o’clock tonight. At which time I will be dancing with that hunky Kevin at the office

Copyright (c) 123RF Stock Photos

Christmas party. He said he especially wanted to dance with me and rumor has it he’s in line for vice president next month. Who knows where it could lead? So I don’t plan to be home before one o’clock.” Her eyes glittered like cold stars. “If I’m really lucky, I won’t be home at all. So when Hal shows up, you can just tell him I decided we weren’t right for each other.”

“This is low even for you, Jan.”

Her sister stared at her, beady-eyed, as she waggled the cord back and forth. “Up to you, Tess. Stay here, let Hal down for me, and there’ll be a nice bonus in your envelope. Leave and….” Janice’s smile could have wilted the poinsettia. “Well, I can always find another cleaning lady. It’s two days before Christmas. If you want it to be a merry one, I suggest you stay.”

She bent and plugged the vacuum back in, so the sudden noise masked the “Bitch!” that slipped out of Tessa’s mouth. Janice headed to the bedroom, leaving Tess to contemplate the merits of sororicide and starvation. At least they feed you in prison. 

Happy Holidays! 🙂  Be sure to leave a comment (and email address) to win a copy of All Wrapped Up!  It’s also available for .99 at Smashwords, Amazon and the other popular e-tailers.

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8 Responses to Christmas is Coming! 12 Books of Christmas Promotion

  1. So excited about the 12 books of Xmas and great excerpt.


  2. Sounds like a lot of fun!


  3. Shannon G. says:

    You are such a tease! I want more than just one scene LOL
    bas1chsemail at gmail dot com


  4. D'Ann Lindun says:

    Looks like a great time!


  5. Lola Karns says:

    What a fun scene. I’m on the hook. Can’t wait to be part of the 12 books of Christmas


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