Love and Hockey–Sudden Breakaway by Jessica Subject

I’m so excited to have my good friend and fellow 1Night Stand author, Jessica Subject, here on Jenna’s Journal talking about her fantastic book Sudden Breakaway.

My Love for Hockey

Thank you so much, Jenna, for hosting me on your blog for the Sudden Breakaway blog tour!!

The story Sudden Breakaway includes three of my favorite things; romance, science fiction, and hockey. Now, my love for hockey did not start out in the usual way. I only watched for the hot guys, not for the actual game. My father and brother are fans of the Toronto Maple Leafs, but I’ve never been a fan of them. Maybe the opposite. LOL The first hockey team I remember being a fan of was the Pittsburgh Penguins. Why? Because I thought Mario Lemieux was hot. I’m serious.

But now I’m a fan of the Ottawa Senators. The transition happened when I was in grade seven or eight. I read a newspaper article called “The two Alexes.” It was about two hockey players named Alex (Alexander Daigle and Alexi Yashin) who would be playing for a new NHL team called the Ottawa Senators. I didn’t read much of the article until later, but stared at the pics of these two young players for quite some time. Yes, this was my new favorite team, and I couldn’t wait to start cheering them on.

No, this may not be the best way to choose a favorite hockey team, but it worked for me. And in high school, I often when to see the local Stratford Cullitons play, just to see some of the guys I went to school with and had crushed on.

Well, I’ve grown up since then and married an amazing man. (Not a hockey player.) The two Alexes have left the Ottawa Senators, but I am still a fan of the team. Now, if only they were actually playing…

So, tell me… What is your favorite team from any sport, and how did they become your favorite?

Blurb for Sudden Breakaway:

Dressed in her black designer suit, Paige Brown recruits men and women for the Space Service. After the end of her marriage, and several failed recruiting missions, she yearns to find a way out of her lifelong contract to live a normal life. To find love again.

Jared Barnes’s life had been flipped upside down by two little kids. When his former Commander’s wife shows up to give him a reprieve, he jumps at the chance for a break, and to visit his former squad. But it is not his buddies he meets in the private suite at the Washington Capitals game, instead a woman who has been the star of all of his recent fantasies, fulfills his wildest dreams except the one that binds his heart.

Has Madame Eve made a mistake or can two lonely hearts overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles?

Sudden Breakaway is available at Decadent Publishing, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and  other e-tailers

Excerpt for Sudden Breakaway:

Jared shucked his towel and stroked his rigid cock. That woman made him hard every time she came to the door, trying to persuade him to sign up for the Space Service. Her claims had seemed far-fetched when she’d first approached him, yet his commander had confirmed her credentials, having been approached to join by another many years ago. While Jared would never add his thumbprint to the contract he’d read, he wouldn’t mind if she stopped by to try and convince him again.

Ms. Brown, with her black blazer revealing a hint of cleavage and a skirt that showed the perfect curvature of her ass. When he’d answered the door fresh out of the shower and seen her on his porch, he’d gripped the door handle to hold himself back from yanking her inside and tearing off her fine-pressed suit.

He squeezed his balls; no time to jack-off. Dylan and Madison would arrive in an hour, and he had to take one last run through his house to get rid of any lingering dust bunnies before Children’s Services appeared. No obvious dirt in the living room, he headed toward the kitchen, but his mind kept flying back to Ms. Brown.

She had the whole librarian thing going on, with her dark hair tied up in a bun and glasses resting on the end of her nose. Though, none of the women who worked at the local branch made his cock throb. Perhaps there was some truth to the naughty librarian tale. He wished.

Most women’s version of naughty did not come close to his. While the whole BDSM club scene didn’t appeal to him, he enjoyed a little bondage during foreplay. He’d spent months at a time deployed in the Middle East. While home, he appreciated the opportunity to date the pretty women who found a guy in uniform sexy. But once he fetched the cuffs, they bolted. They hadn’t even wanted to use them on him.

Ms. Brown was no girl, though. No more than a couple years his senior, she exuded experience with her seductive glances, her posture that plunged her cleavage into his line of sight, and that damn wiggle of her ass as she sashayed back to her car. She could teach him a thing or two. He yearned for the chance to find out.

No, his next lay could no longer be at the forefront of his mind. In less than an hour, he would become the father-figure to two impressionable young children. His sexual urges would have to take leave for the foreseeable future.

He’d been in his last month of deployment to Afghanistan when the call came in. And it took another day for his commander to reach him with the news. His brother-in-law had been killed in a car accident, leaving his niece and nephew orphans. And as much as he loved the Marine Corps—Semper Fi—he couldn’t let the kids be raised by strangers. They had no other family left.

So, after he returned to the States, he contacted his lawyer and spent a couple of weeks obtaining guardianship of the children. He’d received his discharge papers, found a civilian position working as a desk jockey for the CIA through his contacts with the Marines, and bought a house suitable to raise two growing youngsters. After months of preparation, they were coming to live with him.

He glanced at his watch. Ten minutes until they arrived.

Shit! He’d wasted precious time thinking about Ms. Brown and his new life.

Grabbing a pair of jeans and a T-shirt, he yanked them on. Screw the boxers; his niece and nephew wouldn’t notice. He peeked into their rooms to ensure they looked somewhat presentable. Would Children’s Services take them back to California if his new living space didn’t meet their standards?

He groaned. They weren’t even at his house yet, and he’d been distracted. No more. Nothing would come before them. The children would be his priority. Everything he did would be for them, for the rest of his life.

About the Author:

Jessica Subject started writing to encourage her daughter to read. Now she writes to keep herself grounded. Although she reads many genres, she enjoys writing Science Fiction
Romance the most and believes everyone in the universe deserves a happily ever after. She lives Southwestern Ontario, Canada with her husband and two kids and loves
to hear from anyone who has enjoyed her stories.

Website & Blog / Twitter / Facebook / Amazon Author Page

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38 Responses to Love and Hockey–Sudden Breakaway by Jessica Subject

  1. Jessica Subject says:

    Thank you all for coming to visit me during the Sudden Breakaway tour, and to Jenna for hosting me! I will be posting the winners on my blog today, so be sure to stop by.


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  4. Ann Q says:

    Ice hockey is not a sport that we see played in Australia, so, it is very interesting to read a book that is based around that sport.


    • Jessica Subject says:

      I guess that’s because you don’t get the snow like we do in Canada. Some here would say that’s a good thing. 🙂 Thanks, Ann!


  5. barbara says:

    I am a huge hockey fan. My home team is the Washington Capitals, but I love watching (or attending) any hockey game. I’m also a big football fan (American and International).

    Congrats on the release Jessica! I can’t wait to read it. 🙂

    bimmergrlmd at gmail dot com


    • Jessica Subject says:

      LOL That’s funny Barbara since the game in this story is supposed to be between Ottawa and Washington. Thanks so much! 🙂


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  7. I love Rachel Gibson’s hockey books. This one sounds great. Congrats, Jessica!


  8. Liza OConnor says:

    Jessica, you inspire me to get some of my sci fi novels dusted and dressed up for publication. You write exactly what I want to read…and write. Well not exactly what I write…that would plagerism…which is highly frowned upon.


  9. I love your story on how you became a hockey fan. I LOVE hockey!! The St. Louis Blues are my team. I got into hockey through my husband. He has always been a fan since he was a little boy. If I wanted to be with him, I had to learn hockey. Now I love it. I am even a hockey mom. Which is the best!! Although this has been an awful season for hockey, my son got amazing news. Our home ice rink was abruptly closed due to mine subsidence. It sank 22 inches very suddenly. We have been without home ice for about 3 weeks. We just got news that the St. Louis Blues Scott Trade Center is allowing us to use their facility for our home this year! *EEEKKK* Fan girl squeel here!!! My son will be playing all of their home games and practices on NHL ice – the same place the Blues play. I can’t wait! So even with the NHL lockout, I get good hockey!

    bournelissa at hotmail dot com


    • Jessica Subject says:

      Wow, Mel!! That sucks that the home rink is unavailable, but awesome that you can use the Scott Trade Center! So exciting!!! I’m sure it will help to inspire many big dreams. 🙂


  10. LOL. I loved hearing how you fell in love with hockey.


  11. Karen Wilson says:

    Not a hockey fan, but the book sounds fun. Gook luck on your book.


    • Jessica Subject says:

      Thanks, Karen! There are many other things we can be fans of. And the characters in Sudden Breakaway have a lot of fun during the game that doesn’t involve hockey. 😉


  12. Your book sounds great. I especially love the hockey element as I am an ardent hockey fan. I root for the Boston Bruins, though, because I think Tim Thomas is fabulous. 🙂 Good luck with sales!


  13. I like watching hockey live. Have gone to quite a few semi-professional games with my cousin and my husband. I am a big fan of watching any sport live, especially baseball and football. I am a big fan of Iowa football, because they are my home team. I also love the St Louis Cardinals. I have been a fan since I was a little girl. The first time I saw Ozzie Smith do his backflips I became addicted to watching them, plus my daddy is a fan.
    This book sounds great. Jessica is a new author for me. Thanks for the giveaway.


    • Jessica Subject says:

      Yes, any sport is much better live. I’ve never been to an NHL game, but have seen the Jr. B team here play. Thanks so much, Chris! 🙂


  14. Toni Kelly says:

    Fun blurb and excerpt, any chance for a hockey romance in your writing future? Thanks for sharing!


    • Jessica Subject says:

      Thank you, Toni! There just might be. 😉 One never knows. There are at least two other hockey stories in the 1Night Stand series though.


  15. Carrie-Anne says:

    I’m a Penguins fan too, since I’m originally from Pittsburgh. I also love the Pirates and Steelers. Just about the only time I’m interested in watching football is if the Steelers are playing. If you’re from the Pittsburgh area, it’s pretty much a given you’re going to be loyal to those teams.

    Sudden Breakaway has a great premise. I hope you have a lot of success with its release!


    • Jessica Subject says:

      Carrie-Ann, I can totally understand that. You might be shunned in your own city if you’re not loyal to their teams. LOL Toronto is the closest city to where I live with an NHL team, but I just couldn’t do it.

      Thank you very much! 🙂


  16. D'Ann Lindun says:

    Not much of a sports fan, but my sister fell in love with hockey when the Avs came to Denver!


  17. Jessica Subject says:

    Thank you so much, Jenna, for having me on your blog! It’s always so much fun to visit! 🙂

    Just to let everyone know, I will be giving away a $10 GC at the end of the Sudden Breakaway blog tour. Every post you comment on during the tour counts as an entry into the draw. (Please leave your email addresses so I can contact you if you win.) And I will be giving away a Sudden Breakaway swag package to one commenter at every stop. Good luck!


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  19. I used to play hocky, though not on a team, when I was a kid. Glad you meet you.


    • Jessica Subject says:

      Nice to me you, too, Ella! I think I might have played road hockey, but not on ice. I did skate on the little pond that was at the end of our street though. 🙂 But I do like watching. Live, especially.


  20. love the premise of this — good luck!!!


  21. Daryl Devore says:

    Another Sens fan here – as I live an hour away from the Corel Center. Book sounds fantastic. Excerpt was great.


  22. Cait says:

    Nice interview and hot excerpt 🙂 My favourite sport used to be Formula 1 — doesn’t really count does it? All the solitary sporting things I like, rock climbing, hiking kinda thing. Can’t really watch them, can you lol. Good luck with Sudden Breakaway!


    • Jessica Subject says:

      Thanks so much, Cait! I think Formula 1 counts as a sport. They have just as loyal of fans. 🙂 And all of those activities are a lot of fun. I LOVE to go hiking when I get a chance. 🙂


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