Six Sentence Sunday–10/21/12 Time Enough To Love: Betrothal ~ “Excellent Sport “

Happy Sunday! For my Six Sentence Sunday post today, I’m continuing with my medieval WIP  Betrothal, about to go into edits!   And I’m picking up where we left off with Sweet Saturday Sample yesterday. You can read that post here.

Lady Alyse de Courcy is a waiting gentlewoman to Princess Joanna, youngest daughter of King Edward.   Alyse is less than happy with her arranged marriage to Geoffrey Longford, a knight in the king’s service, and is infatuated instead with his best friend, Thomas, Lord Brayton.

This scene occurs the night after the betrothal. Geoffrey has drawn Alyse over to his table, hoping to talk to her in private.   His group of friends, led by Thomas, attempt to make sport of the couple. Thomas makes the suggestion (in jest) that Alyse should know him before she is wed.  Geoffrey, piqued that Alyse still shows an interest in his friend, asks her to answer the lewd statement. But when she acquits herself credibly in wordplay, she draws Geoffrey’s ire because she will not banter with him.  In trying to extricate herself from one predicament, Alyse instead lands smack into the fire by declaring “Nay, my lord, I would deny you no pleasure.”

Geoffrey’s bench thumped down on the rush-strewn floor, his blood heating at the import of her words.

“Indeed, my lady, shall we retire at once to my chamber?” He tried to restrain a lecherous grin as he watched her fight to recall those words. She was proving excellent sport in her attempts to placate him.

“My lord, I did not mean…”

“Did you not, my sweet?” he whispered, leaning toward her, tempted to try to steal a kiss in the confusion.


Will temptation get the better of him? LOL

Thanks so much for visiting me today.  If you get a chance, Betrothal‘s cover is in a contest at Danielle Fine’s website and I’d appreciate your vote if you haven’t already. 🙂 You could win a cover too!  

Now pop over to the Six Sentence Sunday list and check out the rest of the snippets.  See you there!

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18 Responses to Six Sentence Sunday–10/21/12 Time Enough To Love: Betrothal ~ “Excellent Sport “

  1. Stealing a kiss in the confusion … LOVE that! She may not like it, but they DO have chemistry, LOL.


  2. His wit is going to bite her on the butt. Literally, I hope. Wonderful six, Jenna!


  3. OH a yummy rogue! Love it!


  4. Great six, Jenna. Love the line, “tempted to try to steal a kiss in the confusion.”


  5. Oh, I hate it when I get all tangled up in my own words the way she is LOL! Fun six, loving this story!


  6. Great six! I love the sexual tension here. I think Thomas is forgotten… or soon will be.


  7. Sue says:

    You know, I think he’s too much of a gentleman to actually deflower her before they are wed…


  8. Brenda says:

    I’m loving this so much.


  9. Carrie-Anne says:

    I love the battle of wills between them.


  10. Skye Warren says:

    Ooh, very dominant. *shivers* Great six.


  11. gayleramage says:

    Ooh, I’m liking this!


  12. I love that we got to see his reaction to her words. I liked his reaction!


  13. Talk about jealous. He’d better watch he doesn’t scare her off.


  14. Gem says:

    I have a feeling Geoffrey is erasing her attraction to the other guy and making sure she won’t ignore his own charm (sort of, lol). Great six!


  15. Cara Bristol says:

    Love the way he teases her.


  16. K.E. Saxon says:

    I think she’s going to change her mind about the other dude’s charms, PDQ! Geoffrey is SUCH a man. Great six!!


  17. Ooo, steal that kiss! lol 😉 Great 6 Jenna!


  18. Jessica Subject says:

    Oh, quite the position he put her in. Great six! 🙂


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