Six Sentence Sunday–09/23/12 7 Days of Seduction: Day 6

Happy Sunday! For my Six Sentence Sunday post I’m back to  7 Days of Seduction, an erotic novella I hope will be ready for publication soon!

This snippet takes place on Day 6–yet another colorful adventure.  Hunter’s just announced he wants a menage with her and one other person.  And Ashley’s a bit more freaked than normal.

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Did he want her to make it with another woman? Did he want to do it with another guy? Her heart thumped irregularly at the thought. She doubted she’d be able to watch him and another guy. Hell, she wanted to see him with another woman even less. And if he wanted to watch her do another girl, she’d put on her clothes and walk right out of the house, despite the fact she lived here.

Despite her association with Hunter, Ash seems to have a few inhibitions, do you think?  Can he seduce her into yet another adventure?

Thanks so much for visiting me today.  Now pop over to the Six Sentence Sunday list and check out the rest of the snippets.  They’re fantastic!

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29 Responses to Six Sentence Sunday–09/23/12 7 Days of Seduction: Day 6

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  2. You captured her emotions perfectly. Awesome six!


  3. This character’s inhibitions are a brilliant contrast for her wild and crazy side. Writing them both so well really makes the Ashley much more believable. Great work, Jenna!


  4. Karen Wilson says:

    Great six, Jeaan. What’s a girl to do???:)


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