Six Sentence Sunday–09/09/12 Only Scandal Will Do

In celebration of the release of my new book trailer for Only Scandal Will Do, I’m offering six sentences from my historical romance.  If you’d like to view the trailer, click here.

This snippet takes place shortly after the excerpt I posted in Sweet Saturday Sample yesterday.  Lady Katarina and the Marquess of Dalbury have met “by chance” at a ball.  Katarina is less than impressed with the man who bought her at the House of Pleasure.

The musicians chose that moment to tune up for the next set and he asked, “Will you dance the next with me?”

Despite his pleading look, she chuckled and shook her head, saying “Lord Dalbury, there is nothing you could say that would compel me to dance with you.” She pulled her hand free just as Jack presented himself to her.

“Well, Kat, will you do me the honor of this dance?”

“I am sorry, Lord Manning,” Dalbury interrupted, before she could even open her mouth, “but I am afraid I have just engaged your charming sister as my partner for this set.” Dalbury smiled winningly at Jack.

Thanks so much for visiting me today.  Now pop over to the Six Sentence Sunday list and check out the rest of the snippets.  They’re fantastic!

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21 Responses to Six Sentence Sunday–09/09/12 Only Scandal Will Do

  1. I smell testosterone. LOL!


  2. The word arrogant comes to mind. Great six.


  3. Love it! Great six, Jenna. I love her spunk.


  4. Sounds like a man bent on getting his own way. Your trailer is lovely.


  5. Hmm… interesting stuff, but – what’s the background between Kat and Jack? If she’d prefer to dance with her brother, why doesn’t she just tell him so? It doesn’t matter that Dalbury spoke up and lied first, does it?


  6. K.E. Saxon says:

    Excellent book trailer, Jenna. I enjoyed seeing these two out of the brothel and in their normal circles. Very different dynamic going on here. Excellent six.


  7. He is such a scoundrel. I can’t help but think of the interviews you’ve done with him lately during your tour. It’s so easy to picture him doing this to Katarina in order to get his way. Memorable six sentences, Jenna!


  8. Kat hasn’t a chance! Great six, as ever, Jenna.


  9. Skye Warren says:

    Sounds like he is determined, always a good thing in a hero!


  10. Lovely exchange here, Jenna. They sound like very compelling characters. Great six!


  11. I am enjoying this book very much, doled out in snippets of course! It’s on my kindle, have to finish unpacking from the recent move. Great six, I can see much awkwardness ensuing at this ball LOL!


  12. Carrie-Anne says:

    That’s a difficult predicament to be in!


  13. Fantastic 6 chicka! Loved Scandal and the trailer! 😀


  14. Cheeky, ain’t he? Great snippet and loved the trailer!


  15. Carrie Crain says:

    Trailer? I need to look for the trailer. This is such a cute snippet. Good for her turning the boys down. I found these characters to be quite engaging.


  16. Cara Bristol says:

    Really enjoyed this book. He tried so hard to please her after his initial mistake at the brothel.


  17. Sarah W says:

    Great trailer—and a nice six, too. I know a lot about the characters just from these!


  18. Loved this snippet Jenna….I love her spunk but his determination!


  19. Jessica Subject says:

    Looks like he did find something to say. 🙂 Great six!


  20. Sue says:

    The trailer is amazing!


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