Six Sentence Sunday–08/19/12 7 Days of Seduction

Happy Sunday!  I’m changing to another WIP, 7 Days of Seduction, an erotic novella I hope will be ready for publication soon!

This snippet takes place on Day 1–a little after my Horny Hump Day offering on Wednesday.  Ashley and Sam are watching the video of their menage with a stranger last night–a menage neither of them remembers.

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“My dick is cold,” Sam whimpered from the video. The Ashley of last night ignored him, instead running her tongue over the hunk’s chest as her fingers tugged on his nipples.

She looked down to see her hands plucking her hard crests through the tee-shirt. “We need to stop this, Sam.”

“Are you crazy?  This is one of the hottest sex videos I’ve seen in weeks—and we haven’t even gotten to the good parts yet!”

Thanks so much for visiting me today.  Now pop over to the Six Sentence Sunday list and check out the rest of the snippets.  You’ll have a blast!

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20 Responses to Six Sentence Sunday–08/19/12 7 Days of Seduction

  1. Oh, wow. What a moment! You have a way of gluing me to the screen, Jenna!


  2. Ooh, do tell more about the mysterious Hunk LOL! Interesting that they don’t remember this whole encounter – very intriguing, great six!


  3. Poor Sam. He’s got “beta” written all over him. 🙂 Great scene choice, Jenna!


  4. Ha, that made me laugh. Nice six, Jenna. 🙂


  5. Sue says:

    nothing hotter than a video especially if you’re on it


  6. Carrie Crain says:

    Extremely hot. Ashley sounds like a luscious cupcake. Sam’s comment was so real.


  7. Paula Martin says:

    Interesting six, especially their different reactions to the video.


  8. LOL…I think Sam is a winner…great 6 Jenna!


  9. This is hot. I absolutely know why Ash dumped Sam.


  10. Kate Meader says:

    Love the contrast between the then and now. And Sam sounds like a hoot! Great six, Jenna.


  11. Cara Bristol says:

    I have a lot of reactions to this piece. First, It would be quite a shocker to see one’s self performing and not remember it — but also a turn on. Of course, this raises the questions (which I sure you answer in the story) as to why neither of them remember it. One thing that did bump me was Sam “whimpering.” He can complain, but a man who whimpers, even jokingly, is not sexy to me. I love the whole finding the video concept. Very intriguing and hot.


  12. Sheri Fredricks says:

    Oh my! Her brain and her body are at war with each other 🙂


  13. lol cute. Can’t wait to see how it turns out.


  14. Carrie-Anne says:

    I love Sam’s lines! It’s always a nice change of pace to have some humor in a romance.


  15. LOL! Love Sam’s reaction, especially knowing that neither of them remembers it, which also has me intrigued. I also love his opening line there, LOL!


  16. Oooo…. tension abounds. Great six 🙂


  17. You had me at sex tape! LOL Awesome six!! Loved Sam’s comment! 🙂


  18. Jessica Subject says:

    Both of their reactions to the tape seem very realistic. Fabulous six! 🙂


  19. OMG I’m not sure who I love more, but man… Sam’s funny. Great six, Jenna!


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