Friday Favorites–Love Scene

Welcome back to Friday Favorites!  I’ve been gone with all the hoopla of my Scandalous Blog Tour, but thought I’d come roaring back today with a fun favorite.  Not sure this is going to be PG-13 and it may NOT BE SAFE FOR WORK, so read accordingly.  A lot will depend on what you post from your works how hot this get.  But if you want to mistake Friday Favorites from Sheri Fredricks’ Friday Flames, go right ahead! 🙂  We can handle the heat. LOL

So today I’m asking what’s your favorite love scene, either from one of your works or someone else’s?  It can be hot and running-off-the-page steamy or sweet and tender bring-tears-to-your-eyes.  It’s up to you!

My personal favorite love scene from my works (let me think a minute, I’ve written a few) is probably (at least currently) a long awaited intimate scene between Duncan and Katarina from Only Scandal Will Do:

Desire flamed in his eyes, searing her with its intensity. Acutely aware that every inch of her body pressed against him, she sucked in a breath. The hard object prodding between her legs was not his knee. He traced a path down the side of her neck with his mouth, nudged aside the lacy fabric at the night rail’s opening and trailed kisses onto the swell of her breast. A more exquisite feeling than those soft lips against her skin, she could not remember. Like the kiss of a rose petal wrapped in dew. Fever and chills warred wherever his lips touched and she stretched against him, feeling his arousal press against her closed thighs.

Delicious heat rose in her body, as her husband stirred embers deep inside. He tugged on the gown’s drawstring, releasing her breast from its gauzy prison, then lipped her aching nipple, which sent new flares of passion straight to her core. As he flicked his tongue over the sensitive peak, she moaned and squirmed. Of their own accord, her legs parted in invitation.

“So you are hungry, little one?” Duncan’s rough tone sounded like a cannon in the still room. Sensitive to every sound and touch, she could only nod as she gazed into his eyes, which were luminous in the room’s half-light. Once she’d dreaded this moment; now she could scarcely wait for him to fill her, to satisfy the yearning to be possessed, and possessor. She felt his hand straying down her thigh, raking the gown’s fabric upward.

“I have waited so long for this moment, Katarina,” he crooned, and his hot breath in her ear set her trembling, as need for him intensified. He stole down again, and this time let his fingers wander through the wiry curls, parted them and her. Gently, he urged one finger inside her, and she gasped at the strange feeling of them so intimately joined. He withdrew and she whimpered, unwilling to lose that connection, only to feel stinging pain as he slid two fingers in to stretch her wider.

Moaning, she writhed with mounting tension. She felt moisture where he stroked and fondled her, stoked a fire that threatened to burn out of control.

“Duncan.” His name came out a throaty growl. “What are you going to do?” If he didn’t do something soon, she might combust where she lay.

“I’m going to savor my first course, sweet.” His voice matched hers, husky and low. “By the time we reach dessert, I don’t think either of us will have strength to move.” He trailed his tongue upward to her mouth, slid it into the welcoming warmth. She lay transfixed, doubly joined with him, wanting to remember this moment and the next ones with crystal clarity. She cupped his face and pulled him onto her, feeling every inch of him along her body.

A tad warm in here now, isn’t it?  Please leave an excerpt from your own favorite love scene and let’s see if we can make it sizzle!  And leave a buy link if you’re published–in case we want more!

Only Scandal Will Do is available at Amazon and other popular e-retailers.


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23 Responses to Friday Favorites–Love Scene

  1. Carrie-Anne says:

    Great scenes! One of my favorite love scenes is when the leads of my Russian novels finally make love for the first time. They’ve had a tumultuous on-again, off-again relationship for quite some time, and almost went all the way the first time they were involved, but something or someone always came up. Now, in America, in September 1921, it finally happens. It’s the first time for 23-year-old Ivan, and emotionally the first time for 21-year-old Lyuba, who’s been with quite a few men, usually not altogether willingly.

    “I’m finally ready, Lyuba.”

    Lyuba gets up and walks towards him. “Are you sure?”

    Iván pulls her into his arms and kisses her the way he did the night they fled from Mr. Golítsyn’s boarding house. Pleased, Lyuba unbuttons his shirt to see if she’ll elicit another reaction. He throws it onto the floor and lets her caress his chest.

    “I want us to have a baby, golubka. The way we should have if you’d accepted my first proposal.”

    “You do know I’d be having a second child out of wedlock by another man.”

    “I’m twenty-three, Lyuba. For the past four years, I’ve been longing to be with you. And something or someone always comes up—your mother, Basil, Mr. Lebedev, a burning house, your trust issues!”

    Lyuba nods and gets back in bed, waiting for Iván. He throws the newspaper onto the floor and kisses her forehead, then takes her into his arms again.

    “Be my teacher, Lyuba.”

    “I’m not going to compare you to any of the others. Now enough talk. Be my one and only for the rest of my life.”

    The times at Mr. Fyodotov’s boarding house, Mr. Lebedev’s boarding house, on the deck of the ship, Mrs. Yeltsina’s boarding house, the hiding place before Basil came in by surprise, all those times one of them got interrupted or had a change of heart. Iván hasn’t even kissed another woman, not even Anastásiya, but with Lyuba he’s as if he’s been with her many times. Iván almost forgets Lyuba has been with scores of other men. All that has only been in preparation for being with him. With Iván, Lyuba is no longer full of the shame that drove her to be with so many men in the past four years. Before she had to get finished with one man as quickly as he demanded it, collect the money, and move onto the next one, or not protest against her father, Mr. Konev, Basil, or Borís. And she only slept with Pyotr to make Iván jealous, and that was mechanical every time.

    Lyuba quivers as she feels Iván’s hands, mouth, and tongue exploring every inch of her body, and in the dark she can see him smiling like a bashful schoolboy at her involuntary vocalizations. It feels like second nature instead of embarrassing, shameful, humiliating, and degrading as he gently pulls her legs open, climbs on top of her, and slowly enters her. She can feel his whole body trembling as they wrap their arms around one another and join their mouths in a passionate kiss, just savoring this first moment of the most intimate physical connection possible. He moves slowly and uncertainly, trying to read the cues in her eyes and face as to whether he’s doing it right. Before he pulls away from her after he finishes, he leans down to kiss her again.

    “You’ve just made me the happiest I’ve ever been, Lyubonka,” Iván whis-pers after they’ve made love. “I can’t believe I finally got to have that experience. I can’t describe it, but I feel different now.”

    “Stay with me, Vánka, me and the child you may have just fathered.”

    “I won’t go anywhere.” Iván puts his arms around her. “You’re stuck with me until the day I die, and even then I hope we die on the same day.”

    “I’m never going to leave you again.”

    Lyuba contentedly goes to sleep lying beside Iván, knowing she’s made him the happiest he’s ever been. And when she dreams, it’s of a cathedral on the Upper East Side full of candles, and they’re walking around the table with Alekséy and Eliisabet behind them, holding the wedding crowns over their heads, and Lyuba is wearing a brilliant blue gown, and Borís isn’t invited to the wedding.


  2. Very hot scenes, ladies. Thanks for sharing them. 🙂


  3. Mel Bourn says:

    Holy Smokin’ Hawtness!!!! I need something cold after reading all of these scenes! Where is hubby when I need him!?!


  4. Love it! Nothing to share this time around but I’m enjoying reading everyone’s.


  5. D'Ann Lindun says:

    I love these! I’m running behind, so will have to post one next time.


  6. Goodness. Your scene was a fire starter. The rest of the other post nearly drove me insane, reading them one after the other. I also learned something in writing these scenes. Thanks to all that posted here. I’ve got to go cool down somehow.


  7. Kaycee Kacer says:

    Ioved it! I dont have a love scene to post yet but hopefully I will soon!


  8. Brenda says:

    Jenna, I love the sexy scene between Duncan and Katarina. Very hot.
    I haven’t written a sex scene between Kal and Katherine in Prophecy’s Child yet, so I have nothing new to post.


  9. Great excerpts! Thanks so much, Jenna, for the opportunity to share here.

    Here’s a small taste from my contemporary romance, Clear As Day, available at The Wild Rose Press: and Amazon:

    Nate looked back at her and smiled as he reeled in his line. Just a content aren’t-you-glad-we’re-here-together smile that wrapped around her like velvet and steel, uplifting and terrifying and comforting beyond anything she understood.
    Yes, she was glad, and the warmth of that happiness drove back her fears, the real and the neurotic, like sunlight chasing shadows. All that mattered in this moment was sharing that happiness with Nate.
    She rose and stepped across the cockpit to stand in front of Nate, knee to knee.
    He secured the hook and set the pole aside in its holder. Leaning back in his seat, he looked up, gray eyes gone dark with desire.
    As if they were starting some slow and easy dance at the dip and sway of the boat, she straddled his legs and settled into his lap, her knees on the bench cushion, and kissed his mouth.
    She shut her eyes. Brushing her lips over his mustache and beard, she explored his textures, grazing up to taste the soft skin of his cheek, the stubble along his jaw, and the sensitive place by his ear. She slipped her hands under his T-shirt, playing over the planes of his chest, losing herself in sensation, in just being, enjoying the coarse tickle of chest hair, his smooth warm skin, the quivers across his skin as she stroked his tight, sensitive nipples.
    He shifted and pulled off his shirt, dropping it aside on the bench. He settled his hands on her hips, encouraging her to ride against the heavy ridge of his erection.
    She brought her mouth back to tease his, licking lightly and flicking with her tongue Nate’s hands slipped to her thighs, clenched and flexed. Time slid away in the sweet dance of the kiss, the easy rocking rise and sway of the boat adding to the pleasure.
    Pleasure, oh, pleasure. He gave so much. Yes. Words were so hard, but she could show him her feelings.
    Kay rose from his lap, pressing her hand to his chest to make him stay. Dropping her folded beach towel onto the mahogany floor grate, she slipped to her knees between his legs. She tugged at the string of his swim trunks.


  10. This was a hard choice. I’ve got 18 books under my own name, and they’re all erotic. I couldn’t pick a favorite. This is from my novelette, Snowy and the Seven Wharves. I haven’t revisited this one recently, so it was fun to read this scene again. In this scene, Snowy is “under cover” and she finds herself alone with Doc, the WITSEC agent who’s protecting her. He’s gorgeous, and she can’t resist him. Unfortunately, they’re interrupted. You’ll have to read the book to get the funny part; I wanted to focus on the hot and heavy action.

    Almost of its own accord, her hand smoothed his lapel. She knew her eyes would show her desire for him, despite her anger at herself for being so easy. Snowy focused her attention on his tie: red and blue stripes, conservative, nothing that would mark him as interesting in any way. But he was so interesting to her.

    Doc cupped her chin and drew her gaze up to his. Snowy’s skin tingled at the hot look he gave her. A current shot through from her hardening nipples to her pussy. “Snowy…”
    His voice was a caress, like honey in her ears. And his lips against hers made it even spicier. Their kiss became passionate. His hand went to her breast, so tender under the thin t-shirt she wore. Snowy’s nipples ruched and pebbled in his fingers. He pressed her against the alley wall.

    “Not here,” she said, offering her neck for his nuzzles.

    “I want you.”

    “Oh God.” Shivers of desire made her skin hyper-sensitive to his touch. “Inside. Closet. Private.” She couldn’t even put a sentence together. Soon she wouldn’t be able to think even simple things. He pulled her toward him by her bottom. His big erection bulged against her belly.
    When he stopped fondling and kissing her, she looked at him, confused.

    “Show me the closet, or I’ll fuck you right here.”

    She gasped at the coarse demand, but it didn’t offend her. On the contrary, it made her want to kiss him more. Roughly.

    He opened the door and looked inside the hallway. Snowy wriggled by him and snuck along the hall to a door marked “employees only.” “I thought it was the bathroom,” she whispered to him. Doc nodded and carefully opened the door. Quietly, they ducked inside and closed the door. There was no lock and no light save what came through an air vent in the door. Snowy bumped a can of cleanser off a shelf and barely caught it before it hit the floor.

    In the dim light, Doc looked even more imposing than he did elsewhere. He pulled her against him and took her mouth with ravenous hunger.

    “I can’t taste you enough,” he growled in her ear. “God but you’re sweet.”


    He pulled up her t-shirt and she went for his belt. Soon, he was sucking on her nipples and she had her hand in his shorts.

    Snowy explored his stiff dick, gently pumping. He was so smooth and hard, like velvet-flocked wrought iron. She wanted to taste him; she’d wanted to since their first kiss. More so, since their shower.

    As he slid a hand into her hot pants and began to stroke her folds, she whispered in his ear. “I want to taste you, too.”

    He pressed his forehead to hers and took his hand out of her shorts. Snowy sank down to her knees and released his cock. Immediately, she started to lick.

    Long, sure strokes of her tongue taught her his flavor. He was salty, clean, slightly musky with man-scent. She could feel her own wetness and smell her arousal. It was strong and provocative. She slid her mouth over him, taking him in inch by inch until the smooth head of his cock was deep in her throat. She swallowed a few times and his response was a muted moan.

    His hands wound in her hair, adding small tugs and guiding her head to help her please him better.

    “That feels good, babe.”

    She sucked on him gently and fondled his balls. His dick got even harder, thicker, and his balls began to tighten up toward his body. His breath was coming in soft pants.

    “Let me fuck you now.” He gently pulled on her hair.

    “No,” she said, licking up a drop of pre-cum. “I want to taste you.”

    “You’re a bossy bitch, aren’t you?” There was a smile in his voice and she hummed around him to give her agreement.

    He gasped and thrust his hips forward. Faster and deeper, she took him, until his thighs stiffened near her cheeks and he thrust one last time. His groan was soft, but its potency gave Snowy enormous pleasure. He tasted like pretzels, she decided. Warm, salty, buttery, hot pretzels, and she took all he had to give, using her fingers to milk him until there was nothing left.

    Doc guided her up his hard body and nipped at her ear, planting kisses along her jaw and throat. “Your turn.” His hands went to her belt, undoing it easily. He was peeling her tight hot pants down when they heard noise outside.


  11. Maria D. says:

    Yummy excerpt! Very hot – nothing to share though…lol


  12. Lauren Smith says:

    Awesome post Jenna! Such a great scene between Duncan and Katarina. *fans self.

    Here’s a love scene between my hero Godric and my heroine Emily.
    Godric sighed, his temper cooling in the wake of the exchange.
    He took in Emily’s appearance; a startled creature in a light, filmy chemise, her hair pulled up…Godric reached for her as she sat. She shut her eyes, but he only took her comb and set it on the bedside table. Her hair spilled around her shoulders in soft waves. He ran his hands through it, admiring its silkiness.
    When his hands reached her neck, he moved them up to cup her face, then tilted her head back and plundered the sweetness of her trembling mouth. Standing between her parted legs he dragged her closer to him.
    He hugged her, the heat of her both arousing and soothing. The last thing in the world he wanted was to frighten her, and here he was, ripping her clothes and growling like a damned wolf. He wanted to say it was his temper, but deep down he knew that was a lie. His actions were rooted in fear. As a boy he’d never wanted to admit being afraid, for it meant his father maintained some type of power over him.
    But now he faced a new fear: losing Emily. She’d become impossible to do without. When she fell from the window, his heart nearly stopped. She could have broken her neck, or her legs, or her back or…the list seemed endless. Godric’s arms tightened around her, as though letting go would erase any of his protection.
    The scent of her hair, like fresh-picked flowers, enveloped him, soothing him. She was here, in his arms, safe.
    “Don’t be afraid,” he murmured, his mouth brushing along the line of her jaw to her neck.
    Emily sighed, reaching her arms up around him, trying to pull him closer. He took advantage of her distraction by sliding her chemise up. He continued to kiss her until the thin cloth was near her neck, and then he moved back a step to pull it up over her head and off her. A little gasp escaped her as she tried to cover her breasts. Godric caught her wrists and slowly forced her to lie back against the bed as he pinned her wrists near her waist.
    “Godric…I don’t think I’m ready to do this.”
    “I’d never hurt you, darling. Please believe me,” he whispered as he placed a soft kiss at the corner of her mouth, teasing her. Deep inside he was hurt, for he wanted to keep her safe and in his bed. He needed her sweetness, her gentleness; it was balm to the raw wounds of his past.
    She writhed in mounting pleasure as he slid his hips into the cradle of her thighs. His mouth descended on hers roughly. The heat of his kiss sent thrills through her. She heard in the tone of his voice that he wouldn’t hurt her, but her heart was reluctant to follow her body.
    “Please, Emily, trust me to take care of you. I need you.”
    Emily pushed at his chest. “You need my body.”
    Godric pulled back to gaze down at her. His emerald eyes were deep pools of truth, ensnaring her, drowning her in the endless glints of light. “It’s more than that. It has always been more. From the first moment, I knew you were mine, body and soul. Forever.”
    He twined a loose lock of her hair about one finger, spooling the gleaming coil in a mixture of playfulness and tenderness that undid her. “You’ve bewitched me, Emily. I’m under your spell and I never wish to wake. Don’t deny me the right to worship you, goddess mine.” He sealed his plea with a soft circling of his lips over hers, teasing her, leaving her desperate for more.
    Her body sparked to life, every nerve, every muscle twitching in anticipation of that pleasure she’d yet to experience and that Godric would finally give. It was a gift for which she dared not ask. Her virtue wasn’t important any longer. All that mattered now were Godric and the power of his body on hers, the dance of his tongue with hers, the ache that built between her legs.
    Godric nestled his body against hers, rocking forward, pressing his arousal against her aching core. Emily struggled to breathe, her lips still prisoners of Godric’s as he slanted his mouth over hers. His teeth nipped her lips while his hands slid up the length of her outer thighs, pressing down with slight pressure. When he finally gazed down at her breasts, he growled low in his throat at the sight of the rosy nipples budding for him.
    “I’ve been waiting to taste you for so long.” He lay an agonizing trail of kisses from her neck down to her breasts. When he took the breast into his mouth, Emily arched into him. The lake rushed back through her, the sharp tug of his lips against her as he suckled, sending violent tingles down her spine.
    His mouth encircled her nipple, tongue laving the taut tip until Emily wildly dug her hands into Godric’s hair, urging him to continue. Godric abandoned her breast and reached up to catch her hands, returning them back to the bed near her hips.
    “I am not going to give you what you desire just yet. It is time I punish you for your escape attempts.” He chuckled softly as he kissed her collarbone.
    His tongue flicked out and licked her skin. Emily groaned, the sensation intoxicating. She needed him, needed to feel that tongue lick other places…
    “If this is punishment, let me admit to other sins, so I might atone for those too,” she breathed excitedly as sensations built. His heated laugh captivated her with a burning sweetness.
    Godric moved his mouth down between the valley of her breasts, past her belly and towards the dark triangle between her legs. He slid backward off the bed, kneeling between her legs, using his shoulders to keep her knees open as he kissed her inner right thigh. Emily’s vision blurred with flashes of scarlet pleasure as he moved slowly towards her wet core.
    “Godric…” she whimpered as, at last, his mouth moved over the vulnerable place between her legs. As his tongue swirled sinful patterns into her throbbing flesh, she cried out his name again. He growled with joy, loving the sound of his name as it ripped from her lips in desperation.
    Emily tasted like honey, sweet, pure and unbelievably delicious. Godric’s erection was painfully tight in his breeches, so tight he could barely think. He vaguely knew he shouldn’t bed Emily, that he had to stop tasting her, had to stop before he went too far and pounded himself deep into her tightness. She was a virgin, an innocent, and the first time would be painful. She needed the calm, sweet kisses of a lover, not the violence of a man possessed. Godric was on the verge of regaining control when Emily moaned loudly, a deep sound, rich and throaty in its unspoken invitation for him to continue.
    He nipped at the sensitive bud of her arousal, gasping himself as she cried out with pleasure. Godric released her hands as he stood to free himself from his breeches. If he wasn’t inside her soon he’d lose himself like this morning, and that could never again be allowed …never.
    Her eyes widened as he kicked his breeches away and stood before her completely nude. “Godric, are you going to—”
    He panted as he gazed upon her. Emily stared at his arousal, eyes glowing with fascination.
    “Emily, I know this will hurt, but I’ll be as gentle as I can and wait until the pain stops.” His voice strained as he reigned himself in to part her knees gently.
    “You promise?” Emily wriggled as he settled more fully over her. Her movements were enticing and aroused every territorial, possessive instinct in him.
    “I promise.” He had never meant any promise more in his life.
    He slid his hands down under her bottom and lifted her hips. In one slow motion he thrust deep inside. The wall of her maidenhead tore against the force of his entrance. Emily’s sharp cry of pain followed the rise of her hips as she tried to pull free, but the motion only forced him deeper.
    Godric’s heart tore at the sound of her pain, but damn him, he could not stop, couldn’t wait for her to adjust; he just couldn’t. He was too lost in the tight squeeze of her inner walls and the rise and fall of her breasts as she struggled to breathe. He pumped himself deeper, withdrew, pumped in again, and each time a little soft sound of pain mewed from Emily’s lips.
    “Need me to stop?” His voice was raw, scraping over his own ears.
    “No, don’t.” She feathered kisses on his jaw and lifted her hips in encouragement.
    Leaning down, he caught her mouth in a deep kiss. Her tension lessened. With his lips he urged her to move with him, and match his rocking rhythm. Her legs moved up to wrap around his thighs as he stood at the edge of the bed, bent over her, pounding himself into her. Never had he felt so lost in a woman before, so desperate to brand his essence, his name, his soul, into the very core of her being.
    Mine, you are mine, he said in the darkly rough play of his tongue against hers, his hands clenched her hips tighter as her breasts rubbed against his chest.


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