Six Sentence Sunday–7/22/12–Only Scandal Will Do

Only Scandal Will Do

Officially Releases on July 23, 2012!

My historical romance novel, Only Scandal Will Do, is available for purchase!  It released on Thursday and has been doing well in reviews and sales.  So it’s back again for Six Sentence Sunday!  Hope you enjoy!

Lady Katarina Fitzwilliam has been kidnapped and auctioned off in a brothel to the highest bidder, a man in a cloak and mask.  He plays master to her slave, but when she protests she is a lady, he challenges her to prove it to him.  She explains the circumstances and when he becomes sympathetic, she lowers her guard and allows him to comfort her.  She finds herself strongly attracted to the stranger and he takes full advantage of her willingness–until she comes to her senses.

Lady Katarina realized he  didn’t believe her story after all.  She threatened to kill him if he didn’t let her go and insisted once more that she was who she said she was.  Now she takes action.  In the aftermath of her strike, Kat commandeers the man’s cloak and prepares to.

The hallway was still vacant. She sped across the threshold and closed the door with a quiet click.

Rain had fallen since she’d entered this hell house. Shivering, she paused at the back door to raise the hood. With any luck at all, no one here would be able to trace her. Leaving only a trail of small, muddy footprints to melt into the gloomy London night, she slipped out.

But she’s not out of the woods yet!


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Want to read more?  Only Scandal Will Do is now available at Amazon and iTunes.

I’ll be celebrating starting tomorrow with a release party and some awesome contests and giveaways.  Please come by!

I appreciate everyone’s comments, so thank you in advance for leaving one!  Please also check out the other Six Sentence Sunday participants.  I know you’ll be glad you did!

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52 Responses to Six Sentence Sunday–7/22/12–Only Scandal Will Do

  1. Not good to be on her own in the middle of the night! More adventures to come, I predict. Have really enjoyed the excerpts, can’t wait to read the entire book!


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