Friday Favorites–Favorite Kiss

Welcome back to Friday Favorites where each week I’ll ask you to post an excerpt about a favorite.  Last week I was on vacation with spotty internet, so I wan’t able to post.  This week I’m back and, because Only Scandal Will Do has been released, I wanted a favorite that sizzled.  So I’m going to show you my favorite kiss from Scandal.  It’s not the hottest kiss in the book, but it’s still my fave.

Kisses come in all varieties–a chaste kiss that’s loving not passionate, a sweet kiss that evokes a longing in every reader, a sexy kiss that begs the participants for more, the hot kiss that makes you turn on the fan and shout for ice water.  Whether we’ve experienced these kisses in the flesh, or vicariously through our reading, kisses are a fantastic experience.

I’m sure we all have our favorite kiss in our own or others’ work.  In all my works–and I have a lot of kissing in my books–my favorite kiss occurs in Only Scandal Will Do.  And I remember when I wrote it because it came out of nowhere.  My hero, Duncan, is out in the garden at night, trying to talk to Katarina about their situation.  She’s wary of him, has just refused to marry him, saying, “I can swear to you that I would not marry you if I were in Hell and you were my only hope of Heaven.”

I had stopped writing, was thinking of how to get her back into the house.  Put my fingers back on the keyboard and this is what came out (the speaker of the first line is Duncan):

“Is there nothing that would entice you to leave your Hell for my Heaven?”

She struggled to answer, opened her lips to deny it, only to find her mouth completely sealed by his.

The feeling of his mouth on hers transfixed her. She could hear her heart racing, thudding painfully in her chest. Not with terror, but with something she feared even more: pleasure.

He was gentle, for all the swiftness of his attack. Just like before. Softly he pressed her lips, leisurely outlining her mouth with his tongue. The sensation sent shivers all over her, even as a flush of heat rose in her core. Her body molded to his, his hard muscles rippling against her as he shifted his weight and gathered her more tightly. He clasped her head in a grip that supported rather than restrained. Cradled described that feeling best. Yes, cradled in his arms.

That overwhelming sense of safety washed over her again, and she relaxed into the comfort of his embrace. Her body remembered the exquisite sensations of before and delighted in them. She tangled her fingers in his hair and pressed closer, opening her mouth, urging him to enter. He obliged wholeheartedly, sweeping in to claim his playground. Kat whimpered as a sweet urgency filled her. She wanted to remain this way forever.

Duncan obviously took over, because neither Kat nor I saw that coming!  But I love how we both yielded to the inevitable.  You’ve got to love a man who knows what he wants–and goes for it. LOL

So share your favorite kiss today.  Chaste, sweet, hot, sizzling–what’s your pleasure?

By The Way–Only Scandal Will Do is now available at Amazon. 🙂


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24 Responses to Friday Favorites–Favorite Kiss

  1. Carrie-Anne says:

    Great first kissing scene! And congratulations on your release.

    This is the first kiss scene between the couple in my current primary WIP, which took place in the first volume. My MC Jakob is a soldier on a brief relief mission to the newly-liberated Westerbork, where he runs right into a beautiful girl he first met a year and a half ago and couldn’t stop thinking about since. His first physical kiss also took place in Westerbork, when his friend Elma begged him for a kiss in case the worst happened and said he could still save his real first kiss for a girl he loves. Now that moment has come.

    He knew it was now or never. That night, as they were counting stars, Jakob slipped his violently shaking arm around her and pulled her towards him, then wrapped his other arm around her, leaned down to her height, and kissed her. Rachel seemed to sense that he didn’t really know what he was doing, and he gratefully let her take over and teach him. He let his mouth become soft, pliant, and passive against hers as she demonstrated the techniques she liked. After awhile, he became emboldened enough to try imitating her, while still letting her lead. His only active role was running his hands through her hair and along her face. He was burning with desire to touch a lot more than just her hair and face, but he knew respectable people never went from nothing to everything overnight.

    His whole body was shaking when he finally released her and gazed into her eyes. “I love you,” he blurted out.

    Before Rachel had time to respond, he pulled her back into his arms and began kissing her again. Once more he let her dominate him, glad at least one of them knew how to kiss properly. There were so many different factors that had to come together in just the right way, but there was no time to think them all through in the heat of the moment. As jealous as he was of her prior boyfriends, he was glad she had experience.

    “I love you too, my beautiful Jaap,” she whispered after he’d released her the second time. “I’ve had feelings for you almost since I saw you last week, and maybe even since our first meeting when we didn’t know each other’s names. Something deep inside of me told me I’d be able to break down those walls you’d put around your heart. I looked through your sketchpad the other day, and saw so many drawings of me. You must’ve had a funny feeling about me too.”

    He squeezed her hands. “I’ve been constantly dreaming about you, and thinking about you, and having visions of you in the mirror, and drawing you. My previous sketchbook had pictures of you too. I just couldn’t admit to myself till this week that I was in love with you.”

    “Well, you don’t have to be afraid anymore. Your beautiful heart is safe in my hands, now, forever, and always. And you’re the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen. I love dark hair and eyes.”

    “You really think I have a beautiful heart? After how gruff and distant I’ve been to you?”

    “Of course I do. Maybe there really is such a thing as woman’s intuition. I can tell you’re a very sweet person when you feel safe letting your guard down. A lot of soldiers like to present themselves as tough guys, men’s men, but you have a gentle soul. And you kiss in a very sweet, innocent way. Maybe tomorrow, if you’re a good boy, I’ll teach you how to use your tongue.”

    Jakob hoped she couldn’t see him blushing in the dark. Part of him was excited that she wanted to give him a lesson on more advanced techniques, but the other half of him still couldn’t believe how forward she was, almost like a man trapped in a woman’s body. He walked her back to her barracks and said goodbye at the door. As he walked back to headquarters, he had a spring in his step and couldn’t stop smiling.


  2. Brenda says:

    Jenna, your kissing scene was fantabulous!
    I haven’t anything new to post


  3. I’ve already started Only Scandal Will Do today, and I flipping love what I’ve read so far. 🙂

    I suppose I’ll share Calum and Arabella’s first kiss from my WIP. Maybe one day I’ll actually get it all sorted out and just finish writing it. Meh, who knows? :\

    Arabella said, “My thanks for your protection, Calum.”
    He rolled his eyes and snorted out an exasperated laugh. “You keep saving yourself, so I haven’t done too well with the task it seems.”
    “Oh, aye, truly you have.” She beamed a radiant smile, causing his heart to pick up it’s pace.
    He stared at her beautiful face while her cheerful reassurances echoed in his head. Peering from her vibrant green eyes to her sunny smile, he could no longer resist her proximity. He reacted, reaching out and hooking his arm around her curved waist. He pulled her soft body to rest against his.
    One hand settled at her lower back. His other hand rose to frame her delicate face. Calum traced her flushed cheek with his finger, following a path to her pink, plump lips. He moved his hand to cradle the back of her head. At last, he gave into the urge that had plagued him since he’d first laid eyes on her. He lowered his head and captured her lips.
    He ran his tongue along her lower lip, coaxing her to open for him. She parted her lips for his tender assault, and his tongue swept inside, teasing her.
    She tasted of rich, spiced honey. It was enough to drive him mad. Her shy tongue touched his, and she opened wider for him, allowing him to sink deeper into her sweetness. The flavor intoxicated him. He would never get enough of her.
    His arousal pressed against her soft belly, and he felt her tremble. A gratifying shiver shot through him as he captured the slight moan that stretched from the back of her throat. The urge to take her to the forest floor and lose himself inside her sumptuous heat was irresistible.
    He had to stop. His control already teetered dangerously. Calum forced himself to withdraw from the sweetest pleasure he’d ever known and gazed down into her lustrous, passion-filled eyes. Christ, he better obtain sainthood for this magnificent feat of strength.


  4. sue says:

    I love it when my characters take over. they are so darn smart 😀 My fav scenes right now come from the book I’m reading Discovery of Witches. It’s not a romance but extremely romantic and one of the best books I’ve ever read.


  5. I had to go through several of my books trying to pick a favorite. The favorite is always the one I’m writing now. 🙂 In this case, I’ll claim that the first kiss from The Strong, Silent Type is my favorite. Here ’tis:

    Her lips were so close, her body sweetly perfumed and warm. “Mae. If we begin this, we can’t just drop it later. I don’t want a one-night stand with you.”

    “That’s not what I want either.”

    “Close the door.”

    Her eyes roamed his face, then she rose and did as he asked.

    He opened his arms and she hurried over and wrapped her arms around his waist, tilting her head back as he pressed his lips against hers.

    Her mouth was soft, her breath sweet and fragrant with peppermint. She responded to him shyly, which touched him because she’d been so bold with him up to that point. Had it been an effort for her to bravely coax him?

    His instincts about people were usually accurate and she didn’t seem like the slutty type. He didn’t feel used or like he was a temporary interest. Certainly, he didn’t think his feelings for her were short-term.

    He deepened their kiss and curled his hands in her hair, tilting her head to the side to merge their tongues more perfectly. She moaned softly and raked her colorful fingernails down his back.


  6. D'Ann Lindun says:

    Love it, Jenna. I don’t like to write kissing scenes. I find them very difficult, so I’ll enjoy everyone else’s.


  7. Those were wonderful. Here is mine from The Seduction of Lady Phoebe:
    Phoebe had no idea what she was doing. She’d never before been affected like this. His eyes and his body willed her closer. She ignored the small voice urging caution. Her pulse thrilled and there was no more space between them.
    Tilting her head up, she put one hand on his face, resting her fingers lightly on his cheek. “Yes, I would like to thank you.”
    He bent his head and lightly, very lightly, touched his lips to hers. They were warm and firm and so enticing.
    Phoebe lips tingled just as her hand had when he’d touched it, but that was through gloves. This was a great deal better. “I have never been kissed before. I don’t know what to do.”
    A flame lit in her knight’s eyes. “I’ll teach you.”


  8. LOVE this post Jenna! Such a great kiss scene you have there! I’m super excited to read this on my kindle and congrats again on the release!! I love your cover btw, very awesome! Here’s a kiss scene from my lastest WIP The Gilded Cuff about a reclusive wealthy man with a dark secret, and the determined journalist who wants his story and him.

    Emery held still, didn’t make a sound or move until she opened her eyes. When she did finally look up at him, he dropped his head a few inches, his nose touching hers, nuzzling her cheek.
    “I’m not like other men, Sophie. Scars are a sign of strength, survival. Someday you’ll be brave enough to show me, and I’ll prove you have nothing to be ashamed of. Now, I am willing to accept the deal you proposed. Are you willing in return?”
    She bit her lip. It had been her idea, she had to see it through. She wanted to see it through, even if it scared the living daylights out of her.
    “Yes. I’ll do it. Your story, my submission.”
    Sophie’s acceptance of the proposal made Emery smile. But the way it curved only his lips, not penetrating the wealth of sadness she saw there, made her chest ache. A secret kiss lingered there between his lips, full of need and longing. She saw it, that promise of passion and she lifted her chin, offering him her mouth, pleading for that kiss. Emery drew a quick breath, eyes widening before his lashes fell to half-mast, his gaze drawn to her lips.
    When he took her mouth, he was impossibly tender and deep. Emery’s kiss was like the first heavy breath upon waking in the morning. Sophie came alive in that single moment. Electric tingles pulsed outward from their mouths, setting her sense on fire, fogging her mind. His kiss consumed her, enveloped her until she was lost, adrift in the haze of desire, longing, and aching.
    His mouth trembled against hers as he strained to keep his possession gentle, to bank the fires of his passion. His tongue slipped between her lips, thrusting in time with the rocking of his hips against hers in tiny circles. Sophie’s inner muscles clenched, empty and wet, yearning for him, but it was his kiss that was her downfall. Raw, but not rough, as though he was a thirsty man, savoring his first sip of water from her mouth. All his focus, all his energy was on her, on her lips. He paused, then feathered his lips at the corner of her mouth and brushed his nose against hers, playfully.
    When he finally drew his head back, Sophie whimpered at the loss of him. It felt like goodbye, but that was foolish, she’d only just met him and agreed to surrender to him. They couldn’t be done.
    Emery sighed, his breath uneven against her temple as he placed a chaste kiss there.
    “Sophie, you ought to go home. Forget me, this place. Let it be a peculiar dream, nothing more. I’m not the man for you.”
    She shook her head, furiously fighting off the swell of tears and the constricting of her throat. How could be forgotten? The phantom lovers that tormented her to the brink of violent need in her dreams could never compare to the very real and very heavy weight of his body on hers at that moment. The devastation of that perfect kiss couldn’t be undone.


  9. Loe this–> “Is there nothing that would entice you to leave your Hell for my Heaven?”

    I’m not anywhere near my wips so I’ll just enjoy everyone else’s kisses. LOL


  10. Wonderful kiss, Jenna! Congratulations on the early</b. release of “Only Scandal Will Do”! (It’s on iTunes too, btw – Only Scandal Will Do.

    My favorite kiss from my WIP, Designs of Desire, is actually the first time Seth kisses James…

    “I, um, I suppose I could let you see a couple of my paintings, but my studio is attached to my home,” he explained, nervously fidgeting again. He hadn’t shown his work in ages, not since using some of it in his portfolio to land the job he currently had.

    “Good. Then you’ll let me know when you’re available and I will stop by. Better yet, I’ll be busy with the hotel next week, and have to go out of town for a few days. Do you think you would be free to do the viewing next Saturday? It would give you time to think about which ones you would like to show and have them set up. I’m not asking for anything new, so that should be plenty of time.”

    James agreed, his mind already swirling around the idea and plans of what to show, how to best display in his small studio. Once they returned to where he had left his car, he went to slide out, reaching for his crutches when Seth stopped him. Touching his face gently, Seth leaned in and ghosted his lips across James’ before wishing him a good night.

    James was too stunned to do more than move from one car to the other. He reached up to touch his lips once Seth’s car had pulled away.


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