What I’m Reading Now–Beneath The Starry Sky by Jessica E. Subject

I’d been promising and promising myself to read fellow 1Night Stand author Jessica Subject’s works for about. . . a year now.  Jessica just celebrated her 1 year anniversary of being published with Celestial Seduction, one of the first works I remember reading on Six Sentence Sunday last year.  Well, I still haven’t gotten to read that wonderful story, but I did read her second book, Beneath the Starry Sky just last week.  And it was well worth the wait.

In her usual fashion, Madame Evangeline, owner of the 1Night Stand Dating Service, brings together the two people who need each other most.  In this case it’s  Tamara Johnson, who’s been jilted by a fiancée who couldn’t live with her bald head, caused by a medical condition called alopecia.  She just wants a single night of passion, to prove she is still desirable, even if wearing a wig.  Her date is none other than Josh Summers, renowned actor, with appearance issues of his own.  He’s hiding out at the hotel, not looking for a date.  But when circumstances change, he and Tamara start to negotiate the strange waters of attraction and lust.  Appearances can be deceiving, but these two people manage to look past the deception to the real person lurking beneath.

Beneath the Starry Sky is everything you will want to find in a contemporary romance:  a touching love story that deals with real issues that plague us in our every day lives.  Anyone who has ever doubted they were attractive will identify with Tamara’s plight to feel confidence again in herself as a woman.  The book brings this issue to the forefront and the old adage “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” is not spoken but lived by the characters.  They are both so easy to identify with, you find yourself rooting for them from page one.  Oh, and don’t worry–there’s plenty of passion and hot sex to boot, and a thoroughly happy ever after.

Who could ask for anything more? 🙂

Congratulations on your one-year anniversary, Jessica!  Here’s a hope for many more.

Beneath the Starry Sky is available at Amazon and other e-retailers.

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9 Responses to What I’m Reading Now–Beneath The Starry Sky by Jessica E. Subject

  1. I have this one marked to read. It really does sound like an awesome book. Can’t wait to give it a try.


  2. What a fabulous story concept! I love it when the inner conflicts are realistic and it sounds like these are. And on the surface, they sound like two very opposite people. But I have a feeling, they have more in common than expected. Downloading it to my new iPad (happy birthday to me!) today. 🙂 Thanks for the tip, Jenna!


  3. D'Ann Lindun says:

    Sounds great!


  4. sue says:

    Yes I must read this also. I remember the snippets from SSS I’m a great fan of Jess’ (we’ve never met but she lives only 2 hours away) The 1NS series is so diverse, and I am hoping to contribute to it in the near future. It’s hard to believe Jess has been writing for only a year. 😀


  5. I have this on my wish list. I liked the premise because I have a friend with a young daughter with alopecia and was surprised to find it in a romance novel! Thanks for sharing your thoughts Jenna…definitely makes me know I want to read it 🙂


  6. I have this on my kindle 🙂 I do like an unconventional setup, and I thought the heroine’s medical condition definitely qualifies.


  7. Jessica Subject says:

    *blushes* Thank you so much, Jenna! I’m so glad you enjoyed BTSS! 🙂


  8. Adding it to my wish list right now!


  9. That sounds like a good read.


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