What I’m Reading Now–Bloodwine by Cera Du Bois

What I’m reading today is Cera du Bois’s Bloodwine.  A short, hot paranormal romance where the newly crowned King of the Vampires must mate to unite the vampire kingdoms and help provide peace with humans.  The trouble is, Darius still mourns his late wife.  And when an old flame makes overtures to him, he is torn over what will be best for the world and best for his own desires.

This is a true short story–I’m not sure of the word count, but it’s only 27 pages on my Kindle.  Fortunately, good things do come in small packages.

Part of its charm is its brevity because Ms. du Bois has packed a lot of sensuality and intimacy into that short space.  Which makes this intense romance short, sweet and hot. Darius is one sexy vamp and the beautiful Anastasia is quite a match for him.  Watching them spar and spark is like striking tender and flint together–you know there’s a hell of a blaze coming.

I enjoy paranormal romance, even though it’s not my favorite sub-genre.  And I certainly
enjoyed Bloodwine.

Here’s the link to Bloodwine on Amazon.  Read it with your own glass of red wine for an even more up-close-and-personal experience. 🙂

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21 Responses to What I’m Reading Now–Bloodwine by Cera Du Bois

  1. Cera duBois says:

    Thank you, Jenna, for the amazing review… I’m totally flattered and so glad you enjoyed the story.


  2. Brenda says:

    You know, I really want to read this story–but then again, I love vamps!


  3. Buying it. I’ve been looking for something short and romantic to put a little pizzazz in a quiet hour. Sounds like this is the ticket. Thanks for the recommendation, Jenna.


  4. Sue says:

    I might have to read this and learn something lol – sounds like a unique story also


  5. Nice review, Jenna. I’ll definitely pick it up. 🙂


  6. I don’t read many paranormals, but I’ll give this one a try. Great interview.


  7. Daryl Devore says:

    Nice review. Will have to look for this – short books are about all I can handle these days.


    • Jenna Jaxon says:

      I’m with you, Daryl. If I’m going to have any time to write, I can’t read the huge novels right now. But when vacation comes…then it’s fruit juice and rum on the beach and a Stephen King sized novel in my lap/on my Kindle and I make up for lost time. 🙂


  8. D'Ann Lindun says:

    I hope the world catches onto what a great writer Sara is. As one of her CPs, I’m in the know, and I cannot wait until the rest of the planet catches on, too!


  9. Tina B says:

    Thank you for the recommendation! It sounds like a great one. I love those little shorts as a break. 😉


  10. Nice review. I’m new to reading paranormal and haven’t read a lot, but this sounds good from your review. I love a tortured hero and I love a hero and heroine who have a war with words mixed with sexual tension. YUM!


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