Six Sentence Sunday–06/10/12 Seven Days of Seduction

Welcome back to Six Sentence Sunday!

Thanks once again to everyone for your great support each week.  I do appreciate your comments, so keep them coming.  I also look forward to visiting your sites and reading your wonderful snippets.

Today I’m offering another snippet from the latest revision of my  WIP Seven Days of Seduction, an erotic novella about Ashley and the man she runs into–in her shower.  We’re going forward to Day 4 of Seduction–fun and games at the office!  Ash and Hunter are enjoying a little tete-a-tete before lunch that gets interrupted.  Enjoy!

A satisfied chuckle sounded loudly in the room filled only with the slap of his balls on her butt and the creak of the desk.  His thumb pressed inward on his next stroke, which he slowed so digit and dick kept pace.  The slide outward, just as slow, pushed her to the brink.  One more would topple her headlong into an orgasm she’d feel for days to come.

The doorknob rattled.

Ashley’s stomach dropped, and her breath hung suspended mid-inhale.


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20 Responses to Six Sentence Sunday–06/10/12 Seven Days of Seduction

  1. Skye Warren says:

    Love it! I really adore the voice in this. You’ve got “playful erotica” down pat.


  2. Cate Masters says:

    Whew! Way to ratchet up the heat in a hurry! And then kill it. 🙂 Great work!


  3. Oh, my, what a moment for someone to be at the door. lol Nice six!


  4. Wildcat's Wife says:

    fanning my face, gasping for air. totally sexy.


  5. Oh wow, what a time to be interrupted lol


  6. Oh WOW! So not the moment for anyone to be at the door! Terrific six!


  7. K.E. Saxon says:

    Holy crap, Jenna! I nearly swallowed my gum with that thoroughly decadent first line. Ya don’t even give a gal a lead-up-to! That six is off the richter scale, and, just so good!! Thanks VERY much for sharing =D


  8. Caught in the act was never more appropriate a sentiment. I can easily envision them staring at that rattling doorknob with dread. Great scene, Jenna!


  9. sue says:

    feel it for days to “come” doubt you intended the double entrendre lol


  10. D'Ann Lindun says:

    Nothing like stopping an orgasm mid way! LOL


  11. Carrie-Anne says:

    Very hot six! That rattling doorknob sounds like a surefire way to ruin a good orgasm.


  12. Ha! Timing is everything. Awesome six!


  13. Love the door knob.


  14. Daryl Devore says:

    Fantastic six! Can hear everybody groan when the door rattles.


  15. Didn’t see the doorknob thing coming! At the worst moment ever.


  16. Such a bad time for an unwanted guest! Love it! Can’t wait for next week.


  17. Wow, what timing. Hot as always, Jenna!


  18. Jessica Subject says:

    No, go away!!! It’s horrible to be interrupted, especially that close to release. Great six! 🙂


  19. Paula Martin says:

    Oh no! Totally the wrong time for an interruption! Sexy six!


  20. No fair! What a time to have a visitor :c( aarrggghhhhhh
    Very pant-worthy scene!


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