Memorial Day 2012–The Quiet Hero

Memorial Day is upon us and I would like to take this time to honor my personal hero–my father.

My family has never been what I would call a very military family.  I had no brothers or even cousins who served. My only immediate connection to military service was through my father and his brothers who served in WWII–one uncle was in the Navy, one uncle (who I never knew) was killed in Italy, and my father served in the Army Air Corps.

I grew up hearing stories about my father’s service because he was very proud to have served his country for four years.  He joined the Air Corps, despite a fear of flying–he worked in airplanes, around airplanes, under airplanes, but he never had to fly in one. For which I am sure he was eternally grateful.

He was a corporal at Columbus Air Field for a time and ended up as an MP in charge of transporting prisoners across the country.  When he told me this, I couldn’t figure out how Germans got to Georgia and he just laughed and said no, they were for the most part Americans who had gone AWOL and he would have to take them from one base to another.  Fortunately, as much as he hated flying in airplanes, he loved traveling by train.  Transporting prisoners took him on trains across the country several times.  Sometimes he even managed to make a trip that took him close enough to home to enable him to visit his family.  A perk he took advantage of whenever he could.

My father never fired a weapon, never set foot on foreign soil, never stormed a hill or faced a tank.  But he served, quietly, proudly.  I still have his Honorable Discharge papers.  And when he passed away, the most touching moment of the graveside service was my husband playing Taps and the two color guards handing me the folded American Flag that had draped his coffin.  It now sits proudly, in a triangular cherry case,  atop my china cabinet, as if my father is still watching over his family.

Celebrate Memorial Day in memory of all who serve–whether visibly or quietly–with a heartfelt thank you for a job well done.

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8 Responses to Memorial Day 2012–The Quiet Hero

  1. What a tender tribute to your father and the many men and women who give selflessly so that we can be free from tyranny. Your love shows, Jenna, and I’m sure he’d be proud of all you’ve achieved in your life — as proud as you are of him. Happy Memorial Day!


  2. Tabitha Blake says:

    I felt your love for you father in this blog. I come from a military family as well. My great grand father served. My grand father was a marine. My husband was Army. And my son is Army and just got back from Afghanistan a few days ago. All our soldier give so much and ask for so little in return. I just want to salute all our soldiers and their families.

    Strong Army Mom


  3. Ronda Tutt says:

    Totally Awesome, I appreciate all Veterans, I am one my self and very few in the US really know what it is like to serve and how one person helps to obtain the bigger mission and that is our freedoms. So a big thank you to your father, a truly great man who cared and loved his country enough to serve and protect.


  4. D'Ann says:

    I salute your father.
    My family isn’t military, but my husband’s is–his father, his brother, two nephews, BIL, sister is civilian who works for the Army. And I am a HUGE supporter of them, and all the people who sacrifice so I can write what I want, when I want.


  5. I couldn’t have said better, Ella. Definitely a very great post. Happy Memorial Day, Jenna.


  6. Jenna, It’s not important to have served abroad or been in combat. It is enough to have served honorably. Wonderful post.


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