Picture This! Earth Day Bloghop!

If a picture is worth a thousand words…

then let’s talk a while.

Conservation is key.


Be on Earth’s side.



Start now



Go Green!


Celebrate Earth Day with me by leaving a comment with a suggestion  how can we can become heroes and help save our home planet?

I’m giving away copies of my published works to several lucky commenters. And when you’ve shared with me, hop back to the Earth Day Blog Hop Site and help save the world.

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29 Responses to Picture This! Earth Day Bloghop!

  1. Teresa Kleeman says:

    Always wash an reuse plastic zip lock bags, alumimunm, plastic grocery bags, plastic bottles and soda cans.
    Compost your left over and scrap foods. Hang your clothes out instead of using a dryer. Wash in cold water, watch tv in the dark. I keep my curtains pulled to conserve the energy it also makes it cool in your house in the summer.
    Make trips in one drive for your errands and shopping.

    Happy Earth Day!

    Teresa K.


  2. Shelly says:

    We reuse and recycle plastic containers and plastic bags as much as possible. Happy Earth Day everyone.


  3. Laura K says:

    We recycle our plastics and papers in my house and I’m the go-to recycling queen on the job. All it takes is a little conscious effort at first and you then do it automatically.


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