Six Sentence Sunday–4/08 Seven Days of Seduction

Welcome back to Six Sentence Sunday!  Thanks once again to everyone for your great support each week.  I do appreciate your comments, so keep them coming.  I also look forward to visiting your sites and reading your wonderful snippets.

Today I’m changing gears to celebrate finishing my erotic contemporary Seven Days of Seduction with six from that work. Next week I’ll have another six sentences  from Only Scandal Will Do.

Ashley is known for her outrageous parties and last Friday night was no exception.  Except she wakes to find a video of her in the middle of a menage a tois with a close friend and a gorgeous stranger.  Unable to remember anything about the night, other than the hot sex she sees on the computer screen, Ashley begins a search for Mr. Hunk.  She has no luck until he unexpectedly shows up–in her shower.

She opened the frosted sliding door and stepped into needles of hot water shooting out of the showerhead.  The bathroom door opened and closed.  “Damn it, Sam, why is it every time I take a shower you have to pee?  Couldn’t you just hold it for once or pee in a cup for God’s sake?”

“I’m not Sam.  And I don’t have to pee.”

How awkward is that? LOL  How’s she getting out of that?  Or does she want to?

Thanks once more for visiting Six Sentence Sunday.  Click the SSS to try out more author snippets.  You’ll be glad you did!

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29 Responses to Six Sentence Sunday–4/08 Seven Days of Seduction

  1. Layna says:

    Boo! Why did we have to stop there? lol

    Need. More.


  2. Hot damn! Who is he then? I’m assuming it’s a very handsome, sexy “he” and he is admiring her curves… that’s what you get with a writer’s imagination, lol.


  3. Now that was *some* party! Wow! And what a moment “after.” I think this one is definitely worth celebrating – congrats on finishing!


  4. Jennifer Lowery (Kamptner) says:

    Awkward! Hmmm, who is this mysterious stranger? More, please!


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