Bad to the Bone

My first erotic contemporary, Hog Wild, is a fractured re-telling of the Three Little Pigs fairy story.  In it I turn the Big Bad Wolf into a she-wolf–Lula Wolfendale who’s looking for satisfaction in all the wrong places.  She’s on a mission to reach a Harley Rally and starts stealing motorcycles to get there.  The three little pigs are now HOGs–Harley Owners Group members.  Still written as brothers, these characters, the Hogues (Beau, Rob and Jesse) are big, bad bikers.

I began with the idea that these characters were no-nonsense, bad to the bone motorcyclists.  But why does that image persist?  My hubby rides a Harley (he was my technical assistant for the story 🙂 ) but he’s not…well, okay, he is big, but he’s not a bad ass! LOL  But a lot of people still think of bikers as “bad boys.”  Where does that image come from?

Probably most of it comes from an early association with the motorcycle group Hell’s Angels.  The organization, begun in 1948, gained the reputation of having ties to organized crime and has been linked to violence throughout their more than 60 year existence. Their bike of choice is a Harley-Davidson.  A recent (2007) incident in New York City led to a raid on their NYC headquarters according to Randy James in an article on the history of the Hell’s Angels.  The organization disputes their reputation for violence, though “members still refer to themselves as “one percenters” — a half-century-old boast playing off the saying that 1% of troublemakers give a bad name to 99% of respectable bikers.”

The Harley Owners Group (H.O.G.) is a completely different organization, although they may also have had a hand in giving motorcyclists their “bad boy” reputations.  This organization was actually begun as a marketing effort on behalf of Harley-Davidson motorcyclists and dealers.  The group advocates responsible motorcycling activities as well and is the official riding club of Harley-Davidson, according to their official website.  However, HOG members do have some similarities with the Hell’s Angels group.  Both prefer to ride Harley-Davidson motorcycles.  Both dress in leather jackets and jeans (granted this is a form of protective clothing), and both sport logos that are prominently displayed on their jackets and other paraphernalia.  

The similarities are superficial, granted, but the iconic biker jacket and boots, with the help of Hollywood movies such as The Wild One starring Marlon Brando or Easy Rider starring Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda, seduced viewers with the image of men who were untamed or searching for freedom.

So I took the idea of the Three Little Pigs and fractured it to transform the wolf into an insatiable woman and the pigs into HOGs (motorcycle enthusiasts).  My brothers are “bad to the bone,” (that’s the ringtone for one brother!) and all get a shot at “taming” the wolf, though only one is “bad” enough to succeed.

Brother #1 is Beau who is in love with his Harley Panhead Bobber, circa 1955.  He’s been working on it forever, but he loves his bike more than…well…just about anything but a beautiful, sexy woman.

There’s Beau above and his Panhead to the right.  Can Lula come between him and his love?

Then there’s old blue-eyes.  Rob Hogue has the reputation for being a bad-ass.  He’s also a fanatic about his Harley–a black sportster that he takes scrupulous care of…  Until Lula comes to town.

Now will Rob need to choose between his sportster and the sexiest ride of his life?  Can he keep Lula and his motorcycle?

Here’s Rob’s Ride

And last but certainly not least, Jesse.  The cool one, who is ready to tame she-wolf Lula at the blink of a gorgeous, deep blue eye.  Lula had better watch out.  This Hogue can’t be fooled.  He’s ready for any trick she might come up with and just itching to satisfy her and himself.  Can he steal her heart before she steals his ride?  This fantastic cobalt-blue Phantom is Lula’s dream ride.  Too bad she’s got to go through Jesse to get to it!

So these are my bad boys and the woman who’s just as badass as they are.

And last, but not least, Lula Wolfendale, come to town in search of a ride, in several senses of the word!  She’s headed to a big HOG rally and needs transportation.  But she gets more than she bargained with the Hogue brothers!  Better watch out, Lula.  The biggest brother might just blow you down!

Hope you take a peek at Hog Wild, see if my bikers are wild and free enough.  There might be just a bit of Hell in my Hog Heaven!

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22 Responses to Bad to the Bone

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  2. Great story, Jenna…. Loved the pictures too.


  3. Melissa Limoges says:

    Loved the pictures and post. Sounds very interesting!


  4. Jennifer Lowery (Kamptner) says:

    Love this story! And the pics 🙂


  5. Patricia Green says:

    I had a HOG boyfriend when I was in my early 20s. Man what an experience that was! Thankfully, I got out of it unscathed. I love Hog Wild. It’s a great story. Thank you for sharing it again and supplying pictures this time. It’s a little like a graphic novel…oh wait, it is graphic! 😉


  6. Nice background, Jenna. I used to ride years and years ago.


  7. Neecy Kelly says:

    Great Info. You know here in Michigan, they’re going to pass the law stating you don’t have to wear helmets any longer. It’s a big controversy, but the Governor is supposed to sign the bill this week…
    Nice I candy,


  8. ebondreams says:

    What great insight into you’re characters and the history. I am not a biker but I have read up on them. Thanks for sharing I enjoyed this.


  9. Sue says:

    Thanks for the history lesson and a peek into your “people”. My neighbour rides a bike – he’s mid 50s firefighter. A town about an hour away holds a bike thing every friday the 13 – bikes come from all over the place. I think they don’t do much but show off their wheels and drink beer. Both bad and good boys attend


  10. What great pictures. Good job with the history. My husband has a 2000 Softtail. I had a Honda when I was stationed on Guam. If I were to get another bike, it would be a Panhead. Loved the pictures.


    • Jenna Jaxon says:

      Unfortunately I am deathly afraid to ride motorcycles! The last time I attempted it (just in our neighborhood) I almost choked my husband to death I gripped him so tight. Felt like I was flying off the back of the bike. So I get to live vicariously through Lula. In more ways than one. LOL


  11. Brenda says:

    Jenna, your imagination knows no bounds. I love your twist. And I have your book, just haven’t read it yet.


  12. D'Ann Lindun says:

    LOL This is such an interesting twist on a fairy tale. LOVE it!


  13. Sheri Fredricks says:

    I love the way you’ve twisted this fairytale and made it your own! Great job!! Love the pic of the blue Harley, too. And The tanned muscleman. And the other guys. And…


  14. What a unique premise! Sounds like an awesome read (and the pics don’t hurt either :-))


  15. Maggie O'Malley says:

    Ooh, Rob3 is hot.


  16. caseamajor says:

    I still love this story!


  17. House Millar says:

    LOVE the pics Jenna! They add so much to the visuals of the story. And yes, Jesse is definitively bad, in all the best ways 😀
    Hog Wild was a great quick read. 🙂


  18. Loved the story behind your story and the pics! Great choices Jenna 🙂 Sounds like a great read 🙂


  19. Mel Bourn says:

    Great pictures!! I can completely see these as the characters! Love Hog Wild. I think it may be time for a reread!


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