Guest Blogger: Christine Warner With Her New Release

I’m so excited to have debut author Christine Warner with me today on Jenna’s Journal to talk about her brand new release Some Like It In Handcuffs.  Now, now.  It’s not what you (or I) might think. LOL  Christine’s book is romantic suspense–the handcuffs are for police business I’d bet.  Nothing more. 🙂

Tell us a little bit about your new release with the intriguing title.

Some Like it in Handcuffs is the story Sunny Kennedy who a private investigator.  She’s inexperienced in her profession and in matters of the heart.  Judson Blackwolf is a seasoned detective who is leery about getting involved with the sexy daughter of his captain.  Together they learn they have to overcome their differences and prejudices against each other to solve a cold case, and manage it all while they control their growing attraction.

What was your inspiration for this story?

Each book I write comes to me in a different way.   Some Like it in Handcuffs actually started off with the title.  It popped into my head and from that characters and plot lines formed.  I fell in love with Sunny and Judson and the entire Kennedy family while writing their story and from there I planned on writing a story for each one of Sunny’s brothers. J

I am a fanatic about my character names. Are the character names in Some Like It In Handcuffs special in any way?

I love choosing character names.  Sunny just seemed to fit the heroine’s personality as I was working out the plot in my head.  As for the name Judson…there’s a bit of a story.  I was working in the ER of a large hospital when I started working on Some Like it in Handcuffs and one night a patient came in named Judson and I had never heard the name before.  I liked it.  Rugged, solid and strong…so the name seemed perfect for my hero J

What was your process for writing Some Like It In Handcuffs?  Is this different or the same as other books you’ve written?

Every story I write begins in a different process.  Since Some Like it in Handcuffs was my first story I didn’t really plot or outline anything.  I just let the story roll around in my mind and then started to write.  Not very recommended, at least for me J  I find that I need a little bit of an outline to work from.  I don’t consider myself a plotter or a pantser, more like I have one leg in and one leg out.  Sometimes I work with just a quickie outline and if I end up stumped somewhere in the midst of writing I will outline per chapter.  Doing that usually gets me through any rough spots.

I have outlined some stories in more depth than others.  It al depends.  LOL  How’s that for a definite answer?

You mentioned that you have plans to turn Some Like It In Handcuffs into a series.  How is work on that coming along?  

I’m almost finished with the second book titled Some Like it on the Run.  I plan to write a story about each of Sunny’s four brothers.  So there will be a total of 5 books .  The stories are each plotted out and titled, now I just need the time J.

Who is your favorite romance hero or heroine and why?  What qualities do they possess that make them memorable?

I can’t pick just one.  I generally like a strong hero that is tall, dark and handsome who has a spark of humor or playfulness.  I like my heroines to be smart and sassy.  A woman willing to speak her mind and show confidence, even when she isn’t quite sure deep down.

What was the first romance author and book you read?

I don’t know if I can remember the exact title of the first romance I read.  My sister and I lived next door to 2 sisters and we all used to read Harlequin romances and trade them.  I do remember buying my first Harlequin titled Flamingo Moon and I think I read it at least 10 times.  LOL.  I think that was the first romance I spent my allowance on.

The fun part about all of that trading was that we used to sprawl out on the trampoline in the backyard until there was no sun left in the sky, reading passages to each other.  LOL…too funny!

Who has been the greatest influence on your writing?

I love reading and have several authors I enjoy, and I couldn’t pick just one.  So I’m not going to try to say any one in particular influenced me.  But I will say that my sister has influenced me with her support and all of my cp’s have also been encouraging and influential J.

If you could have one wish granted just for you (not world peace, LOL), what would you wish for?

World…oh, sorry.  Lol.  That just comes automatically to my lips.  Let’s see, one wish just for me…so I can be totally selfish and greedy.  Okay, I’m going for it.  There is this awesome red stove that is influenced in style by the large stoves for the 1950’s.  I would love to splurge and buy that awesome stove with the 2 ovens and 8 gas burners.  I think I’d rope it off in my kitchen so nobody could use it and I could just dust it.  LOL

What is the most exciting/daredevil thing you’ve ever done?

I’m deathly afraid of heights.  As in I break out in a sweat, my legs and arms go numb, I can hardly breathe and I’ll get dizzy.  So what does my hubs do for me one year as a birthday gift?  He buys me a glider ride.  LOL.  I went, and it was pretty cool.  We flew over our house and all around the town.  I think we were up in the air for 45 minutes.  I struggled at first and had to keep my eyes closed until I could calm myself down, then I’d look out the window for a while and when I started to panic again I just closed my eyes and talked with the pilot.

Now, Just for Fun:

What is your favorite amusement park ride?

I actually prefer to play the games, but when the kids were small I loved the merry-go-round.  Sorry, not a big ride person J

Tea or coffee?

I like both, but I prefer my tea iced and my coffee hot J

French manicure or color (an if color, what color)?

I’m so bad, I am not a nail polish girl.  My nails are cut short because I type a lot and it’s just easier, so I don’t bother doing them up J.

Beach or mountains?

Tough question!  I love the privacy of the mountains though, so that would be my first choice.

Dominant or Submissive? (Well, it is called Some Like It In Handcuffs! LOL)

LOL…Some Like it in Handcuffs is a light-hearted romantic suspense with humorous elements…so I guess I gotcha there J.  As far as Dominant or Submissive….that would depend on my mood *wink*

Here’s the blurb for Some Like it in Handcuffs:

Sunny Kennedy, the only female in a family of blue blood male detectives, is determined to prove testosterone isn’t the only qualification required to solve a cold case. Handcuffed while undercover then taken to the precinct by an attractive detective, her domineering family demands she work with Detective Judson Blackwolf, or she’s off the case.

Judson Blackwolf thinks women in law enforcement should work behind the scenes. The prospect of working with his Captain’s sexy daughter doesn’t thrill him. He only agrees in hopes of solving the murder of his one time mentor’s daughter. Once the case is over, he’s moving to Montana to heal his wounds from the loss of his last partner.

But when their investigation takes a dangerous turn, Sunny and Jud soon realize their feelings for each other cannot be denied.


Judson soaked in her appearance, but controlled his grin. A pair of baggy sweatpants and a stretched out blue sweatshirt which matched the color of her eyes looked sexy as hell on Sunny. She’d pulled her hair into a pony tail and her small feet were hidden in a pair of girlish, fluffy, pink slippers. With her tomboyish ways, he never considered she’d own anything girly, fluffy, and especially pink.

The black framed glasses perched on the tip of her nose almost caused him to come undone. He didn’t usually go for the brainy look, but the whole effect had him rethink his prejudice. Nerdy looked great from this view.

He looked around her small, homey apartment.  Antique wooden tables accented the array of bright colored leather furniture. Neon red, green, yellow and blue leather filled the room. Somehow the quirky furnishings matched her personality, and the way she’d arranged the old and new pieces brought the room together nicely. Pictures of her family were visible on every available surface, and unexpected piles of romance novels covered a corner of the floor to his right. He smiled at the discovery. He’d have guessed she’d be more interested in true crime or mysteries.

He cleared his throat. “Nice place.”

“I like it.”

The way she slid her heart-shaped pendant back and forth along the chain of her necklace betrayed her agitation. She hid her gaze beneath the fluttery fan of her lashes.

“Surprised to see me?” He waited until she’d taken a seat on the yellow sofa before he claimed a spot on the red chair across from her.

“You could say that. I hoped you’d drop it and leave me to work alone.” The smile on her lips didn’t reach her eyes. “Your tough skin must’ve deflected the message I sent through my powers of mental telepathy.”

He laughed outright before he could stop himself. Her outspoken sense of humor and girl-next- door-look were a lethal combination since she was off-limits. Only an idiot would mess with the boss’s daughter.

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I love to hear from readers and other authors J.

Thanks for visiting today, Christine.  Everybody, be sure you give some love to Christine Warner on her first novel’s release for Some Like It In Handcuffs.

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75 Responses to Guest Blogger: Christine Warner With Her New Release

  1. I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one who doesn’t have a consistent approach to writing! I enjoyed today’s interview and look forward to reading this series. Best of luck, Christine.


  2. Maggie O'Malley says:

    Great inteview. Sounds like a sexy read.


  3. Cera duBois says:

    Oh, I don’t do amusement park rides either… and trust me; the people who’d ride in front of me are thrilled I stay away…. I’ve puked on more than one ride in my life…LOL

    Great interview, ladies!!!


  4. The excerpt ROCKED! Great post!


  5. Loved the interview, LOVE the book. I can vouch….it’s a great one and it’s not to be missed! I love iced tea….I’m big on trying new flavors and mixes. Raspberry tea is my current fave….addicted!


    • I’m so glad you LOVED the book….that makes my day!
      And Raspberry Ice Tea is awesome….it’s one of my favs too…though it’s getting to the time of year where I like Sun Tea…can’t wait 🙂
      Glad you came by Nikki!


  6. Tabitha Blake says:

    What a fun interview! You had me in stitches with some of you answers. Wishing you lots of sales!


  7. Melissa Fox says:

    I’ve been lucky enough to live in both the mountains and the beach (although Pacific Northwest, not those warm, sandy places, but it is a lot more private!) and can’t say which I prefer. Looking forward to reading this and the rest in the series!


  8. Katherine says:

    Great interview, Christine and Jenna. I always like learning more about my fellow writers and their processes.


  9. There is no way on God’s green earth I would have climbed into that glider. I’m deathly afraid of heights!!! Kudos to you for overcoming your fear!


  10. I love the sounds of the old stove. Think I’d do the same thing spend all day polishing and just staring at it.

    Love the excerpt.


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