From My TBR List: What I’m Reading Now~Love’s Prophecy

Last year I did a series of formal reviews, which I enjoyed doing.  This year I wanted to be a little more informal, but still let people know what’s going on with my TBR list.

What I came up with is that Mondays are now devoted to a short post spotlighting what I’m currently reading.  Just FYI, though please let me know in comments if you’ve read the book and whether you liked it.  Or if you happen to be reading it too, where you are and what you think.

So what I’m reading now is Brenda Dyer’s paranormal romance Love’s Prophecy (with a hot cover).

I’ve been wanting to read this book for quite some time.  I’d critted it briefly on my critique loop and that only whetted my appetite.  Brenda’s created a world where vampires protect humans secretly, hunting demons who would destroy them.  It’s also the love story of a vampire and a human who fall in love and have to come to terms with the problems that entails.  Almost a metaphor for people who fall in love and have some kind of insurmountable difference (race, creed, color, religion) that threatens to tear them from one another.

Her vampires are sexy as the night is long:  Mel is tall, all muscle, with long black hair and silver-gray eyes.  He and Breeana share a bond from the moment they meet and their passion explodes right off the page…er Kindle time and time again.

I’m at the point now where Breeana knows about the Prophecy but because of what it would require her to do, wants no part of it, even if it means a death sentence to the world. She and Mel have made a very hard decision to part, because due to the longevity of vampires, Mel will outlive her by hundreds of years and she doesn’t want to put him through the pain of her growing old and dying.

I usually read at night, just before bed, and for several nights I’ve had to make myself put the Kindle down at 2 or 3am and force myself to go to sleep so I could get up and go to work the next morning.  Didn’t want to, but had to.  It’s that good a read.

I’m so looking forward to my chapters tonight!  Great job, Brenda!  Keep those books coming!

Let me know if you’ve read Love’s Prophecy and what you thought.  I give it a thumbs up, especially if you love paranormals or vampires or hot sex scenes.  It’s got them all. 🙂

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7 Responses to From My TBR List: What I’m Reading Now~Love’s Prophecy

  1. Sheri Fredricks says:

    I’ve read Love’s Prophecy…three times! It’s that good! And like you, Jenna – I had to MAKE myself put the book down. I even forgot to blink and my eyes dried out because I was too busy reading. It has excitement and got me choked up in spots. Thrills a minute. A truly great read. Now I’m waiting for the next in her series: Prophecy’s Child.


  2. Brenda says:

    Jenna…you are such a sweetheart. I had no idea you were featuring my book today–OMG, I’m smiling with happy tears in my eyes.
    Thank you, Jenna. You are a goddess!
    And thank you, Patricia, Jennifer, Lisa, Casea, and Lindsey for coming by. I feel like the luckiest person today.


  3. I read it and really enjoyed it. Brenda does a great job building her world and making the reader care about the characters. I can understand staying up ’till the wee hours to read it!


  4. Jennifer Lowery says:

    Very hot cover! Book sounds wonderful! Gonna read it!


  5. Lisa Kumar says:

    I’ve read Brenda’s story, and it was great. Just like you described it:) It has passion, romance, true love, and hot men. What’s not to love, lol?


  6. caseamajor says:

    This was a great story! Thanks for the review, Jenna and for supporting such a great author.


  7. Lindsay says:

    I’ve never read the book but it sounds very interesting


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