Sweet Saturday Sample–3/17 Only Scandal Will Do

Welcome back to Sweet Saturday Sample!  All excerpts here are rated PG-13 or milder. Today I’m posting once more from my soon to be released historical romance Only Scandal Will Do, set in Georgian London.

If you’ve been following on Sweet Saturday Sample, you know that Lady Katarina Fitzwilliam has been kidnapped and sold to a masked man in a London brothel.  She’s been trying to explain her circumstances, but the arrogant man hasn’t been receptive to reason.  Here’s the next section after last week’s six in which the man is still skeptical of her connections:

“I am sure he will be as astonished as I that his sister has been sold to me.” The man’s full lips twitched in restrained amusement. “Although I confess the earl never mentioned you to me.” He stepped closer and laid a hand on one of the chair’s wings, a long finger stretching out to caress the side of her hand.

“What!” Katarina jerked it away. Her hand tingled alarmingly with the brief contact. “He most certainly does have a sister.” She tossed her head and raised her chin. Why had Jack not told this man he had a sister? Was the rogue even telling her the truth?

“I am sure I would have remembered you, fair lady, had he described your wondrous charms.” That chuckle sounding in his throat again, the man inched closer, trying to sidle around the back of the chair.

Katarina, experienced in these kinds of games from years of chasing and being chased by Jack, continued around the chair, maintaining a constant distance from him. “I am sure I don’t know why Jack never thought to mention me, but the fact remains that I am his sister.” She advanced another cautious step, surveying his tall form, trying to gauge his next move.

Hope you enjoyed this little excerpt.  Stop by SSS tomorrow for another surprising little snippet.  And today be sure to click here to visit more Sweet Samples.

And Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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15 Responses to Sweet Saturday Sample–3/17 Only Scandal Will Do

  1. Meg Mims says:

    Heh heh… wonder what she’ll do when he catches her?? 😉


  2. She can’t dodge him forever. Run!


  3. I LOVE how you mention her experience at the chase thanks to having a brother. With six kids, I can really appreciate that! LOL. I am so loving this story. The standoff is getting intense!


  4. Lindsay says:

    I’ll bet anything that Jack has told him about his sister


  5. Carrie-Anne says:

    I like how she’s still holding her own and not budging an inch. Sounds like he’s met his match.


  6. Brenda says:

    LOL, this is getting so good.


  7. Toni Kelly says:

    She’s very daring in this snippet, I like this glimpse of her. Thanks for the small excerpt, I love getting to know these characters.


  8. Jennifer Lowery says:

    Oh, I think she can try and figure him out, but won’t be successful, lol! Then again, I don’t think he knows who he’s dealing with either! Awesome sample, Jenna!


  9. Maggie O'Malley says:

    Nice. But I too wonder why Jack never mentioned her. I couldn’t find the book on Amazon, but duh, it’s not out yet.


  10. That must be a very uncomfortable shock for her. We all assume our family at least mentions us to others. So on top of being in this rotten situation, she’s got to feel more than a little irritated with her brother. So much is packed into this little segment. Great snippet, Jenna!


  11. Sheri Fredricks says:

    A game of cat and mouse!


  12. Sue says:

    Well she could belabour the point but they each have a very different relationship with Jack, so it is possible he never mentioned a sister. I await the next snippet 😀


  13. Hmmm, I wonder why her brother never mentioned her.


  14. What an awful situation for her to be in! And I wonder if her brother has anything to do with it.


  15. Jean says:

    Hmm, wonder what his next move will be? Doesn’t know he’s tangling with a woman with experience evading a man! Love the excerpt and look forward to reading more.


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