Meet Lady Celinda Graham

Since I’ve been posting some snippets of my Victorian short romance Heart of Deception, I thought you might like to learn a little more about the heroine, Lady Celinda Graham.  So I’m having a little chat with Celinda this morning over tea.

Jenna:  Lady Celinda, how good of you to call this morning.  I’m very glad you agreed to talk with me and my readers about yourself.

Celinda:  Good Morning, Miss Jenna.  I am always happy to accommodate you.  This tea is excellent.  And such delicious cakes.  You must have a wonderful cook.

Jenna:  I, uh, made these myself, Lady Celinda.

Celinda:  Your cook is indisposed?

Jenna:  My cook is non-existent.  But I am glad you are enjoying them.  I was hoping you could tell my readers a little bit about your plight.

Celinda:  Well, yes, I am in such distress these days.  You see, I’m in love with the most wonderful man imaginable, but my father refuses to allow us to marry.

Jenna:  Why would he do such a thing?  He does not approve of the match?

Celinda:  No, he doesn’t!  And for such a silly reason.  Andrew, Viscount Hurston, the most handsome, most gentle, most loving man a girl could ask for, has unfortunate ancestors.  His great-great-great grandfather was a scandalous man during the days of the Restoration.  A very wicked man, indeed.  He kidnapped my father’s great-great aunt and…*whispering* well, he ruined her, and *resumes normal voice* then refused to marry her.  She died in disgrace and the families have never spoken since.

Jenna:  Well, that does sound like a valid reason not to want you to marry into that family.  Such wild streaks run in families sometimes.

Celinda:  But not in Andrew!  He would never consider dishonoring a woman.

Jenna:  You’ve known him long?

Celinda:  For three months.  But I know Andrew.  He is above reproach.  He has only ever treated me with the utmost respect.

Jenna:  What makes Andrew so wonderful, Celinda?

Celinda:  Oh, he’s very tall, and handsome, and looks divine in his evening dress!  And when he waltzes with me, with his hand on my waist, I feel quite…quite…

Jenna:  Lustful?

Celinda:  *gasps* Miss Jenna!  How could you say such a thing?

Jenna:  But you admit you are attracted to the man?

Celinda:  *blushes* Yes, of course.

Jenna:   And he is extremely good-looking?  With a well-built body?

Celinda:  Ah…yes, Andrew is a handsome man.*fans self with hand*

Jenna:  And when he dances with you, you are quite overcome by the feelings his touch excites in you?

Celinda:  *voice rising to a squeak* Excites! *takes a fan from reticule and fans herself rapidly*  I believe it is time for me to go, Miss Jenna.

Jenna:  I’m sorry if I’ve upset you, Celinda.  But I feel I must advise you to take caution where Andrew is concerned.  Your deep feelings for him may lead you to actions with grave consequences.

Celinda:  You mean his plan to allow us to wed?

Jenna:  *suspiciously* He has a plan, does he?

Celinda: *proudly* He does, indeed.  A plan that’s a bit…scandalous he says, but that will make Papa insist that we marry.

Jenna:  What is his plan, Celinda?

Celinda:  *rises* I’m sorry to have to rush off, Miss Jenna, but I’m to meet Andrew you see, this afternoon.  We’re finalizing his…our plan.

Jenna:  Celinda, please, you mustn’t do anything rash.  What if Andrew really isn’t the man you think he is?  What if he’s just like his ancestor?

Celinda:  I’m sure you’re wrong, Miss Jenna.  Andrew loves me.  And I’ll do anything to assure that we can be together always.

Jenna:  Anything? Celinda, just what is Andrew asking you to do?

Celinda:  Thank you so much for your hospitality, Miss Jenna.  You must call on me after my marriage, when I am Lady Hurston.  Good morning.

Jenna:  *sighs* I only hope that will be possible, Celinda.

If you’d like to learn the outcome of Celinda  and Andrew’s plan, pick up a copy of Heart of Deception, available for .99 at Amazon, Books to Go Now and most other e-retailers.

Thanks for coming by to meet Celinda.  I only hope everything turns out all right for the poor girl.

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18 Responses to Meet Lady Celinda Graham

  1. Cera duBois says:

    Loved it! Great interveiw.


  2. Casea Major says:

    Lovely interview, Lady Celinda. Jenna – can you please try to use a little more decorum with your delicate guests? LOL
    This is a wonderfully sweet story.


  3. Brenda says:

    LOL, what an awesome interview, Jenna. And the questions you raised to readers…very very clever!
    Put it this way, if I hadn’t already bought and read this book, I’d have to go purchase it now to find out what this plan is.


  4. Lindsay says:

    Love the interview.


  5. D'Ann Linscott-Dunham says:

    Great job! Why do I think Andrew is just like his ancestor???


  6. Jennifer Lowery~Author says:

    Wonderful interview! I think I’m gonna enjoy reading Celinda and I have a feeling she’s about to have her world turned upside down! Thanks for letting us meet her, Jenna!


  7. GREAT interview! I pictured you both perfectly in my mind. So nice to get to know characters better.
    Uh…are there any cakes left?


  8. Lisa Kumar says:

    Lol, yes, Celinda, you can measure a man’s character by appearance alone–“he’s very tall, and handsome, and looks divine in his evening dress!”

    Jenna, the girl is lucky you write romance with a HEA! Still, she’s bound to learn a lesson or two by the end of the story. Great interview! Loved the lines about the ‘cook’.


  9. Sue says:

    The story sounds similar to Rafe and Samantha(?) Girls were so sheltered in those times, thought of as delicate and innocent when they were neither. Wonder if led to more problems than were solved.


    • jennajaxon says:

      I was writing As Long As You’re Mine when I needed to come up with a short story for a contest. So the idea was rattling around in my head but got a different treatment. 🙂 And yes, women were so underestimated in so many ways, is it any wonder that so many of them broke bad? LOL Thanks for stopping by, Sue.


  10. Dear Lady Celinda:

    Genetics never lie. ‘Nuff said.

    Miss Patricia


  11. I enjoyed your interview with Celinda. She seems to suffer from an unfortunate combination: naivete and stubbornness. Makes for an interesting character and could be trouble.


    • jennajaxon says:

      Hi, Sandy! So nice to see you. Yes, Celinda is sadly both naive and stubborn. I tried my best, you can’t tell teenagers–of any century–what to do. They know it all. And I think you’re right about the trouble brewing. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


  12. Marika Weber says:

    Great interview. I really must pick up this book. 🙂



  13. Lia Davis says:

    Great interview! It was nice to get to know Celinda.


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