Guest Blogger: Skye Warren Hits Hard with Below the Belt

Today I’d like to welcome Skye Warren, author of Below the Belt, an erotic contemporary romance involving the martial arts.


When An Alpha Hero Submits

It seems like most romance books have an alpha hero. And why not? They’re delicious. I like a man who’s strong and protective and maybe a little coarse. But just because they’re in control outside of bed, doesn’t mean they have to be the dominant ones in it. In fact, I think it takes a special kind of confidence for a strong, manly man to submit to his soft, sweet woman. Oh, and plus it’s really hot.

What do I mean by submitting?

–          Providing service, with his hands and his mouth and whatever else he can think of.                Really, who doesn’t want their guy doing this?

–          Listening to his lover’s requests, whether they be voiced or just implicit

–          Taking it a step further, allowing his body to be used by her, however she wants,                    whenever she wants.

Abe, the hero from my martial arts erotic romance, Below the Belt is one such man. On the outside, he’s a Taekwondo champion, slated to win gold at the National tournament. He’s always ready to defend his friends or his school, even if that means fighting. Especially if it means fighting.

But our heroine, Paris, doesn’t need a guy ordering her around in bed. She’s still wary after a bad experience with her ex-boyfriend who didn’t want to let her go. No, she wants to be in control for a change.

In this scene, Paris and Abe have just spent the night cuddling, not sexing, but that’s about to change when Paris noticed a certain tent in the sheets.

She goes out on a limb, and asks for what she really wants. She wants to see Abe get himself off.

Thankfully, Abe obliges.

Excerpt from Below the Belt:

Groaning, he shut his eyes. He rolled down the sheet and then, slowly, pushed his boxers down his thighs. Her own breath hitched then.

His cock stood proudly, long and dark, like the rest of him. The muscles around it on his lower abs and down his thighs were sculpted, strong. All that power should be scary, or intimidating at least. Instead, she felt strong. He was lying there, exposed, fisting his cock for her pleasure. He’d made himself vulnerable to her.

The scent of his arousal wafted to her, and her mouth watered. She’d gone down on a guy before. Her boyfriend had pushed her head down to his groin until she had no choice but to put it in her mouth. It hadn’t tasted good, but she hadn’t really expected it to. She’d just put that on her list of things she did to do please other people.

But Abe definitely wasn’t pushing her. Instead, he was stroking his cock slowly, his eyes pinned to hers. She shifted her legs on the bed, rubbing them together, trying to ease the ache there. As if he knew what she was doing, his lids lowered with arousal. She licked her lips—his parted.

“I want to taste you,” she whispered.

He groaned. “Please.”

And she knew he’d let her. More importantly, he’d let her stop whenever she wanted, without questioning her or guilting her into continuing.

Biting her lip, she maneuvered herself lower on the bed. She pulled his boxers all the way off, careful not to jostle his knee. Kneeling between his legs, she looked up at him.

“How is your knee feeling?”

He gave a pained laugh. “I swear I can’t even feel it right now.”

Paris smiled slowly. She grasped his cock at the base and stroked it, enjoying the way his dark, satiny skin rolled under her hands. Pre-cum glistened at the tip. She pumped her hands up and down until his hips were thrusting up to the same rhythm. Then she stopped. His eyes pleaded with her and his nostrils flared, but he said nothing, did nothing but wait for her.

She touched a light kiss to the tip. Her tongue sneaked out between her lips. He tasted tangy, salty, sweet, and she wanted more. Her mouth circled the head of his cock with her tongue pressed against the tip. She didn’t try to take him deeply at all—she just wanted to taste him, to hold him in her mouth. Her hand started a steady pumping motion, up and down.

“Oh, God.” He half-laughed, half-groaned. “It’s so good. You have to wait. Please. I want to be inside you. I have to make you come.”

She paused with her hand on his cock, and her mouth closed over the tip. She considered ignoring him. He’d let her finish him if that’s what she really wanted.

“Please.” All his muscles were locking up, tense. “I’m too close. Have to make it good for you. Have to.” He whispered the last, shuddering.

One commenter will win a copy of Below the Belt and get more steamy, submissive action from Abe. So tell me, what do you think about alpha guys taking orders in bed? And more importantly, what service would you like Abe to perform?

Thank you again, Skye, for that fantastic post and excerpt.  You can find Below the Belt at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, All Romance E-Books, Bookstrand, Smashwords, Kobo, and Goodreads.  You can find Skye Warren and her buy links at her blog Dark Erotica.

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31 Responses to Guest Blogger: Skye Warren Hits Hard with Below the Belt

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  2. It is so hot when a take charge guy, hands over the reins of his pleasure to his woman. Too bad guys like that are so hard to find in the real world.

    drainbamaged.gyzmo at


  3. Tania says:

    Men, who let their female partner dominate them, are real MEN! It shows the sense of trust the male has for his partner when he usually gets to dominate. What will be hot will be if Abe lets me handcuff one of his hands to the bedpost and let me have my wicked way with him;) That will be awesome!! Its not easy to find this sort of good stories where the girl is dominant but not too dominant that it gets sickening.

    My email is

    Thanks for this wonderful opportunity!!


  4. Yadira A. says:

    After that excerpt… I am sold! I have got to read Below the Belt!!! I’m really lovin’ the male submissive action and I love alpha guys taking orders in bed… just don’t read nearly enough of it:)


  5. I agree very hot and I love how he wants to make sure she will be pleasured as well.


  6. Brenda says:

    Awesome!!! Your excerpt was smoking hot!!!


  7. caseamajor says:

    Woo Hoo! I love this story. Yes – it’s hot. It’s also well written. Great story, Skye.


  8. Romance Reader Enthusiast says:

    I love that Abe let go of his “manliness” and did as Paris asked. He’s very attuned to what Paris is feeling and trying to make her comfortable being with a man again.
    What service would I like to see Abe perform? That’s a tough question but maybe if he takes Paris to a sex club and let her take the lead.
    This sounds like a great book.


  9. Looks very hot, I look forward to reading it!



  10. Jennifer Lowery~Author says:

    LOVE this story!!! I was lucky enough to read it in crits and fell in love with it from page 1!!! I am a huge fan of UFC/MMA and Skye captures the spirit in this book so don’t miss it! I’m definitely buying this one!
    Thanks for the fantastic interview, ladies!


  11. Lia Davis says:

    Very hot and sexy excerpt! I like it when an alpha hero is submissive in bed. It’s a sign of security and trust.


  12. Susan Bloomingdale says:

    Great use of his lines… he may be alpha but at that moment, he isn’t demanding, his lines say… please… wow what a huge thing for a strong alpha to say… loved it!! Can’t wait to read it all… way to get the mind wandering!!


  13. Julianne says:

    I think a really hawt alpha being able to submit in bed is very sexy. It tells me that he’s more into
    her pleasure than his own. And willing to trust his partner. Abe can do some oral on me.


  14. Kristina H says:

    That was hot! 😉 I think it’s very fresh and unique when a hunky male gives control of himself over to his female. Very swoonworthy. It’s sad that these days it’s all about what the guy wants.

    Abe can do anything and everything he wants to me! 😉


  15. omg could you have wrote a sexyer sence OK next step she slowly looks into his eyes and can see he desperley needs to make her feel the raging emotions there with in his eye and nods slowly crawlingup and over so as miss his knee faceing him she slowly nods looking deeply into her eyes his hand reaches up to cup her cheek” so soft” he says ………OK YOUR TURN LOL


  16. Marika Weber says:

    Great excerpt and I love that Abe was able to let go for her. I think that more authors should explore this. I think a guy can be alpha but its got to be tiring to be the alpha all the time. Let the woman be the agressor in bed. Nothing wrong with that. I find it sexy and completely trusting of the man. He has put himself on the line and isn’t afraid.

    Great question. Abe can do anything he wants. 🙂

    Marika Weber


  17. Sue says:

    that was definately one of the hotest scenes I’ve ever read. Showing one’s vulnerablilty to your lover is such a sign of trust. though frankly this is a novel and fiction; men like Abe don’t exist…(do they?)


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