Gifts for the Writer in Your Life

Last week I was racing around trying to find a Christmas gift for my RWA local chapter Secret Pal who is also a writer.  Was I successful?  Not really.  Oh, I ended up with a goodie bag full of swag for this great gal, but I could find nothing that “said” writer.

Earlier in the year my Secret Pal gave me a mug that has an old-fashioned typewriter on it.  I adore this mug and take it everywhere.  And even though she told me where she got it, that store carries one-of-a-kind articles that don’t get restocked.  It’s a catch as catch can type of situation in my neck of the woods.  So my Pal got swag, but not writer swag.

Then my husband asked for my Christmas list.  And though it’s got the big stuff that I want on it, I can’t just put down “writer themed stuff.”  So I got on the internet and did some research and hopefully it’s not too late for mail order, because I found some wonderful sites that carry all kinds of things for writers.

The first one is Holiday Gifts for Writers and Readers, which has some really cool stuff.  From a Women Writers Magnet Set that features such notables as Virginia Woolf and Jane Austin to Famous Author Action Figures to a writer-themed set of dishes, these fifteen suggestions should give you lots of ideas for pleasing your favorite author this Christmas or any time throughout the year.


But my favorite site is Cafe Press’s Writers of Romance Mugs website.  They over a hundred mug designs, many geared towards romance writers.

Some of my favorites are “Writers Do It Between the Sheets,”  “Erotica Writer Seeks Research Assistant, Apply Within,” “Writers Write–Everyone Else Makes Excuses,” and “Romance Author  E-Pubbed & Proud.”

Even better, these slogans are available not only on mugs, but on a variety of items:  t-shirts, sweatshirts, buttons, pins, badges, coasters, bags, bumper stickers, postcards.  Sounds like a treasure trove of swag to me!

And the last suggestion, which I thought was different and brilliant, comes from writer Jess Hartley who, in her blog post “The Best Holiday Gift For Writers” suggests reading some of the writer’s work and reviewing it for Goodreads, Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  You can put that on my Christmas List right now!

I hope your holiday shopping is going well–kudos to you if you’re already finished.  If you have any suggestions for super cool holiday gifts for writers please share.  I’ll pass them on to my loved ones. LOL

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16 Responses to Gifts for the Writer in Your Life

  1. Carrie-Anne says:

    Pens and pretty notebooks are always nice for those of us who still do a lot of writing by hand and don’t always type every first draft on the computer. This year I put Yoropens and Stabilo pens on my wish list, since this summer I switched my writing hand from right to left and now need specially-shaped pens for the best possible writing. (They’re shaped with comfortable grips and let you see the line of text instead of your hand covering it up.)

    A gift that would probably be appreciated by writers who love history or who have a sense of nostalgia is a typewriter. I’d love one of the beautiful colored Remington Portables, particularly their purple model!


  2. What an awesome post! Thank you. Great ideas!!!


  3. Jennifer Lowery~Author says:

    Definitely going to check out the mugs!! Thanks for sharing helpful links for us, Jenna!


  4. Nikki Barrett says:

    Neat list! 🙂


  5. Lindsay says:

    CafePress has some of the greatest items going. Personally I really like the collie shirts, mugs etc that they carry


  6. I join the mug-lovers club too. Such an ordinary gift but well used and held dear. Or maybe I should say held close since it’ll hold hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps in it. Hehehe


  7. Brenda says:

    Ooooh, I love the mugs. Since I drink coffee–hot and cold–while I’m writing, I would love to have a writer themed mug.
    Thanks for sharing all these cool links with cool gifts.


  8. Wonderful advice, Jenna. One of the best writer gifts I ever got was a subscription to a very fancy online dictionary/thesaurus/translator site. I use it every day, and I like it better than a hardcover version because it’s updated frequently. Although expensive, the online OED would make a great gift if you’re feeling flush. For other friends, another great gift is an original story or poem in a frame or special binding, or as an ebook file.

    I love the writer action figures, though. Did you see this set? Jailbreak Collective Little Giants Writers Collection: Toys & Games

    Happy holidays!


    • jennajaxon says:

      These are some fantastic suggestions, Patricia. I especially like the idea of writing a piece for someone. That would be a gift to be treasured. And I LOVE the action figures! Great stocking stuffer! The online dictionary I would not have thought of–in my mind dictionaries are big hardcover books. But that is a great, practical idea. And as I said earlier, practical works for a writer. Thanks so much for sharing. Happy Holidays to you too!


  9. Lia Davis says:

    I’m a sucker for a unique coffee mug. Thanks for sharing!


  10. D'Ann says:

    Great ideas!
    Once, a long time ago, at a RWA X-mas swap, a lady gave me a basket full of paper, pens, a coffee cup, a little stapler, bulldog clips…etc, etc. It was a super gift for a writer, from a writer!


    • jennajaxon says:

      That sounds like the ultimate practical writers gift, D’Ann. My Secret Pal this year gave me a set of little pop-up postit notes in the shape of an arrow. I fight with my daughter all the time over who gets to use them! LOL Practical is a great way to gift. Thanks for sharing. 🙂


  11. Sue says:

    I like the research assistant mug 😀


  12. Those were some great ideas. I love the magnets and the mugs.


  13. caseamajor says:

    Great ideas, Jenna! I’ll have to check those out.


  14. tamlee says:

    Love the mugs!!! Thanks for the heads up…


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