Reviewed by Jenna–“Getting Naked”: Naked Research by Dee Dawning

Talk about inspiration! 

Dee Dawning’s Naked Research, a scorching hot ménage-a-trois, was the first erotic romance I ever read—and the quickest!  But that’s because I simply couldn’t put it down.  I bet you won’t either.

Rebecca Roth is on a mission:  find men to have sex with.  This shouldn’t be a problem for a bold, attractive, sexy writer of erotic romance.  Except she needs two lovers at the same time.  Her next novel is a ménage a trois and, as Rebecca only writes from her own sexual experience and she’s never done it with multiple partners,  she finds herself having to do “naked research.”  Enter Kevin, whom she picks up at a bar, and Vince, his roommate who has no problem sharing.  They are gorgeous men, with bedroom skills that drive Rebecca wild with delight and multiple orgasms.  But she’s made it clear this is a one-night stand—she refuses to get involved, to put her heart in jeopardy again, especially with two men she’s come to care for in just one night.  But when an unforeseen problem arises with her writing, Rebecca must decide whether she can return to them for more “research” without getting her heart broken. 

All the elements of a great erotic romance come together in Naked Research.  The plot is fun and well developed, with several unexpected twists to keep you turning pages.  The characters come to life immediately, sympathetic and sensual.  With men who are hot, hunky, and intelligent—Kevin’s a literary agent, Vince an architect—and a heroine who is strong-willed and sexy, yet vulnerable, the book promises to more than satisfy the reader’s sexual fantasies.

And did I mention the smokin’ hot sex?  These scenes are so steaming they will make you reach for your significant other or run for a cold shower.  I’m heating up now just remembering them.

This book did, in fact, inspire me—not to do “research” of my own, but to write an erotic romance.  Perhaps it will inspire you as well, in…other ways.  Regardless, you will not be disappointed if you indulge in some Naked Research.

Dee Dawning’s Naked Research is available at Siren Publishing, and through Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  For a full list of Dee’s many fun, sexy and erotic reads, check out his website.

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8 Responses to Reviewed by Jenna–“Getting Naked”: Naked Research by Dee Dawning

  1. desiree says:

    wow that book sound hot and she need more re search wow what she getting in to with 2 god hunks


  2. Wonderful review, Jenna! You really make the book sound fabulous. It’s sure to find its way onto a lot of people’s TBR list–and with good reason!


  3. Dee Dawning says:

    Hey Jen, Can the beneficiary of all this gushing praise, respond?
    Gosh, gee, wilikers! Thanks Jenna. You write an amazing review. In fact you just plain write amazing. I’m looking forward to your very own erotic romance.


    • jennajaxon says:

      You are very welcome, Dee. I really appreciate the kudos in return, but I just call it as I see it! And I promise to let you see that erotic romance in the very near future. 🙂


  4. Jennifer Lowery~Writer says:

    Great review Jenna! Dee’s book sounds like one I need to read. I admit, the only erotic stories I have read are in my crit group, but this sounds like a don’t miss book. Thanks for the review.


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