Reviewed by Jenna: Goldie’s Excellent Bedroom Adventure–“Goldie and the Three Doms”

Goldie’s Excellent Bedroom Adventure

I just finished reading Goldie and the Three Doms by Patricia Green and I’m still grinning. This Fractured Fairy Tale, a very modern and somewhat naughty retelling of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, is an erotic romp that will keep you smiling at Goldie’s attempts to find a dominant man to respect and have fun with.

Tired of the wimpy men in Femville, Goldie sets off to find adventure in the bedroom with a man who knows treating a woman right means more than polishing her toenails.  She finds three men on Bear Island (where all the best Doms live), all very different in their masterful inclinations.  And it’s up to Goldie to determine who’s too soft, who’s too hard, and who’s just right for her.

Patricia Green has crafted this tale as a farce, skillfully blending the fairy tale genre with the BDSM theme.  Some scenes run to the silly (one Dom uses feathers as his discipline method of choice), but it’s all in the spirit of fun that pervades the short story.  The erotic scenes are hot and satisfying, however, for both the characters and the reader.  And Ms. Green’s wonderful use of alliteration, sprinkled throughout the piece, only adds to the overall charm of the tale.

I have read almost all of Ms. Green’s works, several of which are much more serious portrayals of erotic worlds.  But if you’ve ever been curious about the BDSM genre, but not sure how extreme you want your first encounter to be, Goldie and the Three Doms may be the perfect introduction to a more “adventuresome” time in the bedroom.  Experience that adventure with Goldie, and I believe you’ll find a Happily Ever After right along with her.

Goldie and the Three Doms can be purchased at New Dawning International Bookfair, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.  If you would like to see more works by the talented Patricia Green, please visit her website, Patricia Green Books.

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8 Responses to Reviewed by Jenna: Goldie’s Excellent Bedroom Adventure–“Goldie and the Three Doms”

  1. Lindsay says:

    That sure is’t the Goldielocks and the Three Bears story I remember from my youth. Thank goodness. This one sounds much more interesting


  2. Thanks, Jenna, for the great review! Writing a farce was a fun adventure. I hope to do it again sometime.


  3. D'Ann says:



  4. It is a cute story and a quick read. Enjoyed it.


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