Reviewed by Jenna: “Here’s Looking at You” with “A Look of Love”

Have you ever seen in another’s eyes the look that says, without words, you are the center of someone’s universe?

That is the look Noelle expects to find, in Darlene Panzera’s sweet romantic short story A Look of Love. When her boyfriend, Jack, proposes, Noelle realizes she needs time to decide.  Jack is handsome, rich, an up-and-coming businessman.  But is that look really there?  Noelle’s not sure, but Jack expects an answer. 

Matters become even more complicated when a kind, handsome stranger comes to her rescue after her car hits an icy patch on the way to her brother’s wedding reception.  She begins to wonder could there be someone other than Jack in her life?  Or is he truly the man of her dreams?

Set against the wintry backdrop of the Pacific Northwest, A Look of Love poignantly reminds us of our need to be someone’s “one and only.”  As Noelle struggles to know her own heart, circumstances conspire to sweep her into a lasting commitment—but with whom?

I am not usually a reader of sweet romance, but this story touched a chord in me.  If it has been a while since you saw that look of love in someone’s eyes, Ms. Panzera’s tale will make you yearn to see it again.  A Look of Love is truly for the romantic in all of us.

Look for A Look of Love at Books to Go Now!,  Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and as an Android App.  To find out more about this talented author of sweet romance, check out her website at

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2 Responses to Reviewed by Jenna: “Here’s Looking at You” with “A Look of Love”

  1. Lindsay says:

    Like you Jenna, I’m not much for reading sweet romance but with a review like this I couldn’t resist downloading it to my kindle before I stopped by here
    I’m looking forward to reading it soon.
    Thanks for the suggestion.


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