Last Chance: Her Perfect Gentleman Boxed Set Ends May 31

All good things come to an end, and our Regency boxed set, Her Perfect Gentleman, will end as well on May 31, 2017.

This fantastic collection of Regency titles will be no more after next Wednesday, so if you’d like to take advantage of eight Regency novellas, by outstanding authors like Ella Quinn, Collette Cameron, Gina Danna, Lauren Smith, Elf Ahearn, Louisa Cornell, Marie Higgins, and myself, please grab it now before it’s too late!

He must woo his wife to awaken her past or lose her to a pirate forever.

BRIDE OF FALCON by Collette Cameron
Faced with spinsterhood, Ivonne Wimpleton takes fate into her own hands determined to win the heart of her wholly unacceptable childhood love . . . scandal be damned.

Even though their families demand that the youngest son of a duke, Lord Quartus Trevor, and the Duchess of Wharton remain apart, but their hearts don’t seem able to listen.

Is giving her heart to a stranger worth the price?

He’ll do anything to be her heart’s delight—except tell the truth.

He has a thousand reasons to steal the bride, but only one reason to steal her heart.

The thought of Claire Albright in the arms of another man is unbearable, but in his heart, Lord Flavian Monroe knows he mustn’t ask her to share the consequences of one terrible mistake.

Gemma never planned on falling in love with her childhood sweetheart’s best friend, Jasper, when he returns home, but she can’t resist the naval officer’s brooding charm.

Her Perfect Gentleman is available for .99 on:


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Spotlight on Passion and Plunder by Collette Cameron


Highland Heather Romancing a Scot Series, Book 5


Would you sacrifice everything for the person you love, knowing you can never be together?

A desperate Scottish lady

Lydia Ferguson—the sole surviving heir to the Laird of Tornbury Fortress—has lost nearly everyone she loves. Now her father lies on his deathbed. And as if this isn’t dire enough, he’s invited men from the surrounding area to a warrior’s contest—the winner to claim Lydia as his bride.

A Scotsman dueling with his past

Alasdair McTavish, son of Craiglocky Keep’s war chief, is a seasoned warrior in his own right. So when he’s sent to Tornbury to train the Ferguson soldiers, he’s more than equal to the task.

A danger unseen

When a dangerous adversary makes a move against Lydia, a dastardly scheme comes to light, and Alasdair realizes only he can protect Lydia.

Don’t miss the 5th installment in this sweeping historical Highland romance series—get your copy of Passion and Plunder for a romantic Scottish adventure you won’t want to put down.


Mustering her courage, she reluctantly raised her focus from the soft, worn leather encompassing his ridiculously broad chest.

“Dinna look so woebegone, lass.”

“What are we to do?” She stared up at him, refusing to permit her surge of tears to fall. “Da wouldn’t have forced either of my brothers to marry before assuming the lairdship. This stipulation reveals his lack of faith in me. In my gender.”

“Nae, he wouldn’t, but I think he believes he be protectin’ ye.” A throaty quality deepened his voice as he drew her into his arms. One large hand framing a shoulder and the other cupping her waist, he pressed her near.

God help her, his strong, comforting embrace felt splendid, like a long overdue homecoming. So secure and safe.

And a bit terrifying too.

She wanted to wrap her hands around his large frame, bury her head in his shoulder, and stay snuggled there for hours.

Perchance days.


Desire blazed in his eyes as he tilted her chin upward at the same moment he dipped his lower. Her woman’s intuition recognized the passion bubbling beneath his composed demeanor.

PASSION AND PLUNDER is available at Amazon.


A bestselling, award-winning author, COLLETTE CAMERON pens Scottish and Regency historicals featuring rogues, rapscallions, rakes, and the intelligent, intrepid damsels who reform them.

Blessed with three spectacular children, fantastic fans, and a compulsive, over-active, and witty Muse who won’t stop whispering new romantic romps in her ear, she still lives in Oregon with her mini-dachshunds, though she dreams of living in Scotland part-time.

Admitting to a quirky sense of humor, Collette enjoys inspiring quotes, adores castles and anything cobalt blue, and is a self-confessed Cadbury chocoholic. You’ll always find dogs, birds, occasionally naughty humor, and a dash of inspiration in her sweet-to-spicy timeless romances.

Connect with Collette:






Amazon Author Page:

Book Bub:

Collette’s Chèris VIP Reader Group:






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Liza O’Connor Takes on Jack the Ripper in Six Sisters of Shame

Jack the Ripper is a perfect example of hiding the truth behind too many trees.

But is it even safe to see the tree? People, some clever authors, have mysteriously died after writing their conclusions that agree with mine. I feel a little safer, being in the US. But if I mysteriously die due to the characters I attribute to having murdered SOME of the women, claimed to be by Jack the Ripper, let it be a lesson: No one likes a smart ass, especially not Royalty.

Here are the items that drew me to whom I chose, for my fictional book, to portray as the murderers.

That’s right, I’ve two men, which explains much of what confused Scotland Yard by the letters they received…IF they were confused at all. In my story, they are not confused, they are simply following the Queens orders to obfuscate matters and accuse everyone possible so the true culprits won’t be found.

Stepping out of the forest, most of my evidence is based on odd coincidental items.

The original batch of murders have two entirely different styles of murder, one in which the bodies were cut in two, the other in which they are slashed. I tossed the cut in two bodies out since they were clearly done by someone else.  Then I looked at the pictures of the remaining dead women and discovered a very odd coincidence: They all resembled the queen, except for one, who resembled Princess Alexandra.  The mother of the Prince Albert (Eddy).

Jack the Ripper seemed focused on killing heavy-set, jowled, middle age prostitutes who resembled the queen, and then one younger, prettier woman who looked like the prince’s mom.


Pure coincidence, I’m sure, but in my fictional story, I ran with it.

Another coincidence is that the murders stopped when Prince Albert (Eddy) got sent to India.

When he returned, all remained quiet until he was told he couldn’t marry the woman he wished, because she was Catholic. And thus, began a new spree of killings, only despite they had the same profile as the prior Jack the Ripper deaths, Scotland Yard refused to attribute them to Jack the Ripper.

In my fictional book, Scotland Yard was ordered by the Queen, to obfuscate or be fired. So my Scotland police are not a happy lot. And when my six young ladies get taken by Edwin and Jack Stephanos (the Jack the Ripper duo in my story) there is nothing they can do. (Slight name changes are my hopes of me not being sued or worse.)

One final coincidence: When Eddy and Jack died, the murders stopped.

Their official causes of death: After two new slayings occur, Prince Albert Eddy is whisked away, only to ‘die of a cold or influenza’, and his crazy tutor Jack Stephens dies two weeks later. They claim he was so broken-hearted over the loss of Albert that he refused to eat. Seriously? The guy was a deranged bully. He cared only for himself.

If I had written my deadly duo’s explicit deaths, Edwin would have probably died by an overdose of Laudanum.  Jack Stephanos would have died in his cage from starvation when they refused to give him food. He was a mass murderer and had pulled the prince into this mess. He deserved to suffer before dying. Since it took him two weeks to die, they might have once in a while given him something gross to eat to extend his torture.

In this fictional story, my fabulous sisters are the reason why Jack the Ripper’s reign of terror ends. Six brilliant and talented sisters, plus the men who love them. Jack the Ripper never had a chance.


Six Sisters of Shame

By Liza O’Connor


In his second marriage, a marriage of true love, Douglas Marsh has acquired six beautiful, identical daughters, who have made a pact never to marry. All are a challenge to the strict mores and interests that young ladies of Victorian England should have, but all are uniquely wonderful. He strives to match his new daughters to men who can appreciate each girl’s talents and interests. Only, one of his daughters wishes to choose for herself, and her choice sets off repercussions that could destroy them all.



After much discussion, the girls elected Charity to face Prince Edwin. Her personality was less likely to get them killed.

She stumbled into the parlor, shoved viciously by the prince’s tutor.

“Here’s your trollop, Edwin. Retrieved as you requested.” The anger and resentment was evident in the man’s voice.

She kept her head bowed, as Chase had advised, and stood before Prince Edwin with her hands clasped. She studied him beneath her lashes to get a better understanding of the man who now controlled their fate.

The prince had thinning brown hair and sunken eyes. There was a dullness to his focus, which indicated either poor eyesight or mental deficiencies.

“You look nothing like the woman I remember.” His focus turned to the man who had brought her. “Jacky boy, you brought me the wrong one.”

“This is the whore your father wanted,” James Stephanos replied and poured himself a drink. “Perhaps it’s her more modest dress that baffles you.”

“Yes, that must be it.” He glared at her. “Trying to hide behind decency. Well, it won’t work. Jack and I saw you at the Circus, enticing my father.


Six Sister of Shame



About the Author

Liza O’Connor lives in Denville, NJ with her dog Jess. They hike in fabulous woods every day, rain or shine, sleet or snow. Having an adventurous nature, she learned to fly small Cessnas in NJ, hang-glide in New Zealand, kayak in Pennsylvania, ski in New York, scuba dive with great white sharks in Australia, dig up dinosaur bones in Montana, sky dive in Indiana, and raft a class four river in Tasmania. She’s an avid gardener, amateur photographer, and dabbler in watercolors and graphic arts. Yet through her entire life, her first love has and always will be writing novels.



The Adventures of Xavier & Vic

Humorous, Late Victorian Sleuth Series

The Troublesome Apprentice

The Missing Partner

A Right to Love (a romantic spinoff)

The Mesmerist

Well Kept Secrets

Pack of Trouble

The Darkest Days

The CrimeLords’ War



Untamed & Unabashed

Spinoff from Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice

Six Sisters of Shame



Click here For ALL Novels by Liza including other genres

Social Networks 

Facebook    Facebook Author Page   Twitter  Multiverse Blog

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Weekend Writing Warriors ~ 05/07/17 Heart of Delight ~ Tempting Fate


I’m staying with my Handful of Hearts novella Heart of Delight, again this week for WWW, but this will be my last post until June. I’ve got two deadlines for two different editors–one for the next House of Pleasure Book and one for book two in my Widow’s Club series–both on June 1. So I’m writing frantically for the rest of this month. When I come back in June I hope to show you a few snippets from Book 1 of The Widow’s Club series, To Woo A Wicked Widow.

So for now I hope you enjoy this final snippet of Heart of Delight, and have a wonderful month of May!


Before we leave Heart of Delight, one more meeting between Hal and Gabriella. 🙂  They are outside in a garden (the cover depicts the exact point of this scene)  and he has just told her he has arranged for her to meet the Duke of Rother, the man she seeks. (Very creative punctuation utilized to conform to WWW rules.)


 “Shhh,” he murmured, turning her in his arms, “you are a very beautiful woman, Gabriella, more beautiful than any woman I have ever seen.” He smoothed a strand of hair back behind her ear, and she shivered with desire.

Merci, mon ami,” she said as she cupped his face, so handsome and strong. Why would fate tempt her with him at this moment? “Vous êtes très beau, et très cher.” She swept her lips across his, a fleeting kiss that thrilled even as it tortured. “I must go, mon cher for I dare not stay here longer,” she said as she broke through his grip, his touch still lingering.

“You but trifle with me—” the bitterness in his voice smote her heart “—though if I were instead my master, the marquess, you would not run from me.”

Oui, non, oh sacrebleu, you cannot understand,” she wailed then dropped her voice.

            They must not be discovered.


He’ll do anything to be her heart’s delight—except tell the truth.

Gabriella d’Adventure is on a mission. She has come to England as a lady’s maid in pursuit of the Duke of Rother. When she meets Horace Carpenter, valet to a marquess, she is delighted to enlist his aid in gaining her heart’s desire: a meeting with the duke. But will her growing feelings for the handsome valet interfere with her plans for the duke?

The eccentric Marquess of Halford, Hal to his friends, is tired of the demands of Society, especially his father’s decree that he marry this Season. When a breathtaking young woman intrudes on his solitude, he is captivated and introduces himself as his valet in hopes of learning more about her. Despite his fear about the true motive behind Gabriella’s quest to meet the Duke of Rother, Hal agrees to help her gain an audience with him, all the while praying his deception won’t ruin his chances of winning her love.


Heart of Delight is available in the Her Perfect Gentleman boxed set for just .99!

Amazon and B & N.


Books in the Handful of Hearts series:

And don’t forget to check out the rest of the Warriors here.  There’s some fantastic snippets to be read.



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Gone Writin’

Yes, once again I’ve gone off writing.

May is going to be a challenging month for me. I’m at the end of the school year, my daughter is graduating from college, and I have two book deadlines set for June 1. As a result, I’ve managed to clear my calendar for the month of May, so I can write and revise to my heart’s content.

Medieval Monday has just finished–I hope you enjoyed our look at villains! I will likely pick those posts back up in the fall. Be My Guest is on hiatus until June, as is The Romance of Language and Weekend Writing Warriors (although I have this Sunday’s post still before I go).

I do already have two guest post already scheduled, so watch for Liza O’Connor and Collette Cameron in the near future here on the Journal.

Hopefully I’ll get all my revisions done in record time to the second book of my forthcoming Widow’s Club series (book one, To Woo A Wicked Widow, releasing in print on the Lyrical Imprint next April) and the fourth book in my House of Pleasure series, Only Seduction Will Do, set to release in just about a year from now.

So have a great Cinco de Mayo, Mother’s Day, and Memorial Day, and I’ll see you back in June for some summer fun!


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Be My Guest! ~ Author Interview with Mia Jo Celeste


banner-memeHello, and welcome to my new feature for 2017.

I’ve begun a Wednesday weekly post to present interviews with authors across all romance genres. Although I’m primarily an historical romance writer, I do read outside my genre and suspect a lot of you do as well. And what’s more fascinating than finding out more about either your favorite authors or new ones? I plan to change up my questions (most of them at least) every three months or so, just to keep the interviews lively.

So now gather round the tea table, grab a scone or cookies, and a cup of tea or coffee and discover a new friend in the writing world.

This week on Be My Guest, I’m sharing tea and scones and maybe something a bit stronger with with Mia Jo Celeste,  author of paranormal historical romance. She’s here to share a lot about her life as a writer and a bit about her debut novel, Other Than.

Author Bio :

Mia Jo Celeste comes from a family of writers and English teachers, so it was no surprise when she chose to pursue both careers. She grew up watching horror movies and reading romances. To her, the two genres go together like salty and sweet in kettle corn.


And now let’s meet Mia Jo Celeste!


Who is your favorite romance hero or heroine and why? What qualities do they possess that make them memorable?

I can’t pick one. It changes depending on the book I’m currently reading. I just finished Pure by Julianna Baggott, so I’ll pick Pressia for my favorite heroine and Bradwell and El Capitan was my favorite heroes. I like Pressia’s determination, Bradwell’s loyalty to his friends and his beliefs and El Capitan’s character growth from villain to hero.

Who was the first romance author and book you read?

Kathleen E. Woodiwess’ The Wolf and the Dove.

I know so many romance writers who have the exact same answer, including me! Still love that book!

Are you a pantser or plotter? What is your process?

I do a little of both. I make a rough outline, but I love it when the characters take the scene in a different direction or surprise me.

What is your favorite hobby and why?

Reading. I love stories.

What is the most exciting/daredevil thing you’ve ever done?

Living abroad in different countries.

I’ve done a little of that, but not nearly enough!

What is the first thing you do when you get a story idea?

I think about it and play with the what if spins it could go off in. I’m trying to train myself jot it down.

Do you have any hobbies/passions outside of writing?

I love sightseeing.

Now, tell us a little bit about one of your books.

What was your inspiration for this story?

Oddly enough, real life. Stuff that happens to me and to others around me inspires ideas which become story material.

I am a fanatic about my character names. Are the character names special in any way?

I spend a lot time working on character names. I collect baby name books and spend too much time on baby name websites, but my favorite source is The Baby Name Survey Book by Bruce Lansky because it tells what people think when they hear a name.

How long did it take you to write this book?

I wrote it in about four months and then spent a couple of years revising it.

Sometimes the fire burns bright as the first draft is being laid down. Then going back in the light of day and making the revisions is the long haul for sure.

Now, the Infamous Lightning Round: 

What is your favorite amusement park ride?

I love rollercoasters, especially sitting in the front seat. For a few seconds while you wait for the back of the coaster to get up to the top, you hang over the edge and get to look down at the track and far, far down it goes, before you plunge downward.

Oh, Lord, I flash back to the Rebel Yell. I was in the front seat and the track looked like it curved back underneath us! YIKES!

Tea or coffee and how do you take it?

I like hot tea. All different kinds. I’m always looking to add to my favorites.

Hot dogs or Hamburgers?

Hamburgers on the grill.

Favorite all time movie?

Star Wars. The first one.

Chocolate or vanilla?

Vanilla for ice cream. Chocolate for candy, cake and everything else.

Boxers, briefs or commando? (preferred for your heroes)


I keep forgetting they are a “thing” now. I need to add them to the list!

How many states have you lived in?

I’ve only lived in three different states, but I lived in five different countries.

Would you rather skydive or scuba dive?



Cat person or dog person?

Cat person.


What’s your favorite Starbucks drink?

Maharaja Chai Oolong Tea

Who is your favorite cartoon character?

It changes but right now it’s a tossup between Rick and Morty.





It only takes one drink from the Water of Immortality to kill Evie Woods—halfway. Trapped in undead flesh, the world’s last skin-slider wakens on an island purgatory where a cursed spring bubbles with immortality, and zombie cannibals crave living flesh.

Her only hope of escape rests in the hands of the one man who would see her fail. Bound to her by cords stronger than death, Lord Victor Lowell is both the man of her dreams, and her darkest nightmares. Contrary and intractable, Victor preys on others to maintain his angelic charisma and preternatural prowess. Drawn to the compellingly gallant and vulnerable soul behind his mercurial humors, Evie can only watch as protecting her forces Victor to sacrifice yet more of himself to the ancient evil long tethered to his soul.

Trapped in an ever-escalating war they can’t stop, Victor and Evie fight time for a cure, but as the long days pass blackness tears at Evie, ripping her thoughts from her one memory at a time. Victor will to do whatever it takes to prevent her from deteriorating into a rotting husk, even if it means dooming himself, but Evie won’t surrender his soul without a fight. Battle lines drawn, the soul mates resolve to find redemption or die trying.


He materialized in the inky shadow.

Or rather his apparition did. His ghostly frame hovered before her, sinuous and lithe. Against his shadowed form, the string glimmered like liquid silver. Slowly he unwrapped her, tossing the spectral bands to the floor until a coil lay between him and her.

Something inside her chest fluttered. “You followed me.”

An accusation.

He nodded. With a slight shrug, he spread his hands. “You shouldn’t be alone.”

She wanted to turn, giving him her back, but her betraying gaze remained fixated upon him. When he paced around her, she waved him away. “Don’t.”

He caught her hand and placed an insubstantial kiss in her palm. “Let me help you…please.”

A gallant gesture, perhaps, but her skin-slider sensitivity noted the rigidity of his stance, the twitch along his jaw, and the slight narrowing of his eyes. How could he think of helping her when he was in so much pain?

Ordinarily, she might be grateful. Might…if loss hadn’t hollowed her.

She ripped her cooling flesh from his spectral arms. “I don’t deserve kindness.”

“Good.” He gave her a rakish smirk. “Because I’m not kind.”

She shook her head, biting back the emerging smile that had no place on her countenance. She couldn’t be civil, couldn’t risk the involvement. “I can’t go on like this—stuck betwixt life and death.”

“You must. Don’t you see, sweet dove? You’re beyond both. You’re immortal. Like me.”



Thank you so much for being my guest this week, Mia Jo! What a fantastic opportunity to get to know you and your book better!

Starting next week my blog will be on hiatus, except for a couple of very special guests. I’m working feverishly to meet a June 1 deadline, so I’m goin’ writin’ for a spell. I’ll be back after the first of June with more of your favorite or new-to-you authors to sit and chat with. Have a fantastic month of May!


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Medieval Monday ~ Villains ~Week #13 Jenna Jaxon’s Beleaguered




 is our theme for this round of Medieval Monday!

Join us and discover some of the most evil and dastardly villains our medieval romances ever produced! And we are doing something a bit different this time around. We’re breaking our excerpts up into tantalizing little bites–only 8 to 10 sentences each week. So you’ll need to keep up to get the whole excerpt. We let you know each week whose blog we’ll be at the week so you can keep up with each Medieval Monday author’s work the same way.

This week’s excerpt finishes my excerpt we started back in February from my  romance, Time Enough to Love, Book 3



Inclining his head toward Alyse, he spoke firmly. “My sweet, return to the solar with your father until this matter is finished. I will find you when I am done.”

“But, Geoffrey…”

“No, Alyse, you cannot stay. ’Twould not be good for you to witness this.” She must not watch anything to distress her or harm the baby. To see an old acquaintance slain might do both.

“Aye, my love.” She nodded as though she understood. “I will wait for you.” One piercing glance at him, filled with love, and she sped into the solar, followed closely by Etienne.

Geoffrey’s attention now rested on Guy and his arrogant sneer. ’Twould be wiped off that sallow face ere long. He assessed the Great Hall for its advantages and disadvantages as a place of combat. The room was a good size, with tables and chairs pushed against the walls. No impediment to their swordplay then, save the rushes beneath their feet.

The two men closed distance, and Geoffrey thrust out boldly, pressing the advantage of the first strike. His blade sought an unprotected shoulder.

Guy parried easily. “This is the way you expect to kill me?” He smiled as he struck out at a seemingly vulnerable leg.

“This is the way I begin. I end with you on the floor, bleeding at my feet.” Geoffrey lunged forward with a cut to Guy’s head, a blow that would have split his opponent’s skull in twain had it not been blocked.

Guy thrust Geoffrey’s blade over in an effort to bind it to the ground. He planted a foot on Geoffrey’s chest, and Geoffrey crashed to the floor and rolled away. Guy’s sword whistled down, sinking into the rushes where Geoffrey’s head had just lain.

Geoffrey rolled into a kneeling position and struck at Guy’s exposed legs, his blade nicking the left one as the man danced backward. Geoffrey came to his feet, a smile twisting his lips. “I draw first blood, de Valere. Care to wager who draws last?”

“I have already done so, Longford, and will have sweet Alyse to soothe my wound.” Guy circled to Geoffrey’s left, forcing him toward a poorly lighted section of the hall. A trap, to be sure.

Geoffrey sprang forward, his sword a blur as he attacked and parried, driving the smaller man down the hall almost to the front portal. He had a glimpse of Alyse pressed against the doorjamb of the solar, eyes wide.

She should not be there.

Geoffrey lunged, trying to pin Guy to the door.

The small, wiry man nimbly sidestepped the attack, and the pommel of the Frenchman’s sword landed a crushing blow to Geoffrey’s back. His knees buckled.


He shot a look to the solar where Alyse’s father had grabbed her skirt and hauled her back inside.

The pain and Alyse’s scream cleared his head. He rose to face Guy again.

His opponent sneered gleefully. “Fear not, ma chère,” Guy called to her. “When this is done, I promise I will make you forget Seigneur Longford ever lived.”

Geoffrey laughed. “When this is done, de Valere, you will be dead, and it will be as though you never lived. At least to my wife.” He spun about, and his blade flashed. Blood flew from Guy’s arm.

Pautonier.” Guy strangled a curse and launched his own attack, raining punishing blows to flank, shoulder, and head.

Geoffrey’s blade sang as it shielded him from blow after blow, a smooth rhythm flowing through him as it always did in battle. He returned cut for cut, and his superior reach and stamina began to take a toll on Guy.

De Valere retreated up the hall, sword flailing as he tried to find a hole in Geoffrey’s defenses.

Let me end this. Geoffrey let his guard slip, leaving his right flank exposed.

“Ha!” Guy charged with a thrust to his side.

Geoffrey neatly sidestepped the lunge, and as Guy swept past him, Geoffrey reached out and snared the Frenchman about the chest. He kicked Guy’s legs out from under him and laid his blade against Guy’s throat.

Geoffrey chuckled. “What an interesting turn of events. You asked how I intended to kill you. This appears to be it.” He pricked the defenseless skin, and a drop of blood welled forth. “Do you yield to me, de Valere?”




When death holds sway in the world, can even the greatest love survive?

Finally in France, Alyse and Thomas’s passion for one another continues to smolder hot and deep—until one fateful encounter changes everything.

During a formal banquet, Alyse must share an intimate dance her first love. His searing touch proves Alyse’s desire for him is as strong as when they first met. Tormented by this revelation, Alyse is bitterly torn between the love of her life and her love for her husband.

Into this agonizing situation, the disaster of the Black Death rears its head. Alyse, Thomas and Geoffrey must try to save the princess from the ravening disease but at a dire cost to themselves. With her world plunged into chaos, Alyse struggles with her feelings for both of the men she loves. But which love will survive?


Buy Link:

Amazon Buy Link for Beleaguered.  Or buy the whole series in Time Enough to Love.




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