Medieval Monday ~ First Kiss: Mary Morgan’s Dragon Knight’s Shield

Medieval Monday is celebrating the first kiss of the hero and heroine. My guest today is Mary Morgan with Dragon Knight’s Shield.





His look was predatory, lustful, inviting, and she took a step backward. Words failed her as she took another step back.

He arched a brow and his smile became seductive. “Do I frighten ye?”

“No!” she lied. Like hell you do! You’re as gorgeous as sin standing there, and I want to rip your clothes from your body.

Pushing off from the wall, he stepped into the room and silently closed the door behind him, his eyes never leaving hers. His hair hung in soft waves past his shoulders, and her fingers itched to twine within them. Her body ached in places so deep—longing for even the slightest touch.

“Are ye unwell, my lady?”

The burr of his voice so low—so sexy, she could only stare at him until his words resonated in her mind. “No,” she replied softly, feeling the flames of desire heat not only her face, but also her entire body.

This time when he took another step closer, Deirdre didn’t back away. Now he stood so close she could feel the warmth of his breath across her face—a mix of wine and pure male.

She watched mesmerized as he reached for a lock of her hair, twining it around his finger. “So verra soft.”

Deirdre couldn’t breathe, as he let the curl unravel and cupped her face in his hands. “Ye confuse me. Ye torment me in my dreams,” he whispered against her cheek, sending a wave of pleasure down her spine.

Without thought, she groaned and leaned into him—his beard grazing her cheek. She no longer battled her mind for the man. “Kiss me, Angus.”

This time he groaned, capturing her mouth with savage intensity and drawing the breath from her lungs. His tongue plundered deep, and Deirdre opened fully to the fiery possession.


Angus MacKay, leader of the Dragon Knights, failed his brothers and his clan upon the death of his sister. Now he must fight the darkness of despair tempting his soul. Back on Scottish soil, he comes face to face with Deirdre who can wield a sword as mightily as his warriors, and he takes her captive. Yet, with each passing day, the fire dragon inside him roars to claim the one woman fate has destined for him.  Famed mystery writer, Deirdre Flanagan, is unprepared for the next chapter in her life. On a vacation to Scotland, she steps through the mists and enters into a skirmish alongside a Highlander. However, the fight has only begun, and now she must battle Angus as well as evil in order to claim the love of this Dragon Knight.  Will their love be powerful enough to shield them from danger, or burn them to ashes?


Dragon Knight’s Shield

Available at Amazon:

Hope you enjoyed this excerpt! See you next week!

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Weekend Writing Warriors ~ 2/07/16 Only Marriage Will Do ~ A Slight Accident



Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors!

After much soul searching, I’ve decided Only Marriage Will Do will be February’s “Book of the Month” so I’ve put up 10 lines from it. This is Book 2 of my House of Pleasure series.

I’m starting somewhat in the middle, with a scene I really like. Throughout the book Juliet (our heroine) has been pursued by the Viscount Philippe St. Cyr, a debonair but ruthless Frenchman who claims he is married to Juliet through a proxy marriage in France the year before.

As this scene begins Juliet believes herself married to the man she loves, Amiable, but they are estranged and she is living with her brother and sister-in-law. In this scene, Juliet and her SIL, Katarina, have been talking about whether they would like a  girl or a boy. Both ladies are pregnant and Katarina had just excused herself to go to the “necessary” room.

ONLY MARRIAGE WILL DOThe door opened as she set her cup on the side table.

“I don’t know which I want to have, Kat, boy or girl. Either would be lovely, don’t you know?”

“If he or she looks like their mother, then I will agree with you absolutement, mon chére.”

The oily voice shot a jolt of fear through Juliet. She jerked away from the sound and banged her hand against the cup she had just set down, sending it crashing to the floor. With unholy dread, she made herself look at the intruder.

A quick, cruel smile flashed in his handsome face, revealing predatory teeth. From the doorway, St. Cyr glanced at the remains of the teacup. “Shall I call someone to clean that up, chérie?”

Only Marriage Will Do is available here.

That’s all for this week. Hope you enjoyed it!

And don’t forget to check out the rest of the Warriors here.  There’s some fantastic snippets to be read.




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Chesapeake Romance Writers’ Conference 2016 by Jenna Jaxon

If you’re looking for a nice, intimate conference and you’re in the Central Virginia area (or driving distance of Williamsburg), or are just a fan of best-selling authors Cathy Maxwell and Felicia Mason, this may be the conference for you!

Nights of Passion

My local RWA chapter, Chesapeake Romance Writers, is hosting what has become our annual conference on March 5, 2016 this year, in Williamsburg, VA and I wanted to invite everyone, both writers and readers, to come out, meet some of our celebrated authors, enjoy our workshops, and have some fun into the bargain.

correct flyer

Readers, we have best-selling author Cathy Maxwell as our morning speaker. Her historical romances have hit most best-sellers lists. And if that wasn’t enough, our own chapter member, best-selling author of contemporary romance, Felicia Mason, will lead the afternoon workshop. Both these ladies are dynamic speakers, something you will not want to miss.

We will also have a book sales nook, where many of our local authors will be selling and signing books.

Writers, in addition to the workshops by industry experts, we will be having pitches taken on site by acquiring editors and agents. After lunch, this panel will…

View original post 79 more words

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Medieval Monday: Something More in Mind: Cameron by Lane McFarland


First Kiss for Hero and Heroine in  CAMERON


Robert gently set Cameron on the ground, and she turned to face him. A bit dazed, she ran trembling fingers down the front of her gown. His hands lingered at her waist, and when he didn’t step back, she looked up to find him smiling.

“I believe ye owe me yer thanks, Mistress Cameron.”

At his mention of her name, she searched his face. “How do ye know me?”

He chuckled, his deep voice rumbling throughout his thick chest. “I make it my business to know all the bonnie lasses in the area.”

The men behind him laughed.

Her stomach tightened. She was no beauty. He obviously mocked her—in front of his men. Prickly heat tingled across her cheeks.

“I’ll catch up to ye,” Robert called over his shoulder.

“Oh, aye. Once ye’ve taken care of business,” one man asserted.

“Important business to be sure,” the other bantered.

The men chuckled as they nudged their mounts, then trotted down the path and out of sight.

Robert’s gaze lingered on her mouth before he raised it to her eyes. “I believe it’s customary to thank someone when they’ve helped ye.”

Cameron cleared her throat. “Aye, I do thank ye.”

He studied her lips again. “I had something more in mind. Ye know ye’d still be stuck in that tree if I hadn’t come along, so ye owe me.”

His warm breath caressed her face. He bent and placed his mouth on hers. His arms pulled her close, his muscular frame molding her body against his. Stubble scratched her skin, and she inhaled his male scent of leather, and aye, of horse.

She should be horrified at his advances. What was she thinking, allowing a Graham to kiss her so…so wickedly and deliciously? She should push him away and demand he step back, but somehow, she loathed the idea. Indeed, she reveled in the feel of his hard body pressed against hers.



Determined to band Scots together against English tyranny, Laird Robert Graham seals a truce with his feuding neighbor, the MacDougalls. But after his brother is nearly killed in a treacherous attack, Graham kidnaps the laird’s daughter in an act of revenge.

Cameron MacDougall has devoted her life to the healing arts. She’s long rebelled against her father’s feuding ways, but when Robert Graham abducts her, she’s finds herself at the center of the dispute between their families. She expects the anger she feels, not the simmering attraction to the powerful warrior, or the love she develops for his clan.

Can she stop further violence between the clans with her escape? Or will she find her surrender leads to a lasting peace and her own heart’s desire?

BUY LINK: Amazon


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Release Day: Schemes Gone Amiss by Collette Cameron

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00072]


Conundrums of the Misses Culpepper, Book 2



Barnes and Noble



Intrepid and outspoken, Blythe Culpepper is dragged against her will to London for a Season. To her dismay, her guardian enlists the devilishly attractive Lord Leventhorpe, the one man she detests, to assist with her Come Out. Since their first encounter, hostile looks and cutting retorts have abounded whenever they meet, yet she cannot deny the way her body reacts when he’s near. So perhaps it’s no surprise that upon overhearing another woman scheming to entrap Tristan into marriage, Blythe risks all to warn him.

Haunted by childhood trauma, Tristan, the austere and controlled Marquis of Leventhorpe, usually avoids social gatherings. So why, against his better judgement, does he agree to aid his closet friend in presenting the Culpeppers to the ton? Might it be because one Culpepper stirs more than his interest?

Blythe taxes him to his limits with her sharp wit and even sharper tongue. Yet, he cannot deny the beauty fascinates him. However, when an old enemy comes calling, using Blythe to settle old scores, Tristan must decide if protecting his honor is more important than winning the heart of the woman he has come to love.

Publisher: Blue Rose Romance in partnership with Windtree Press


His gaze riveted upon her mouth, tension tightened his lips.

He had the most beautifully sculpted mouth she’d ever noticed, and that included theSGA_meme_1 Greek gods from last night’s ball. Were Lord Leventhorpe’s as warm and firm and tasty as they appeared?

What the blazes did Mr. Burlington’s lips look like? Did he have lips? He must, of course.

A wheel sank into a hole with bone-jarring force, abruptly interrupting Blythe’s mental rambling and pitching her and Lord Leventhorpe headfirst. His hat flew from his head as he tumbled from his seat onto his knees and reflexively wrapped his arms around her to keep her from plunging to the floor.

With a yelp of outraged surprise, Freddy bumped into Blythe’s back, somehow managing to scramble onto the seat.

Their faces mere inches apart, Blythe couldn’t haul her gaze from the glinting specks in Lord Leventhorpe’s eyes. His focus sank to her lips, and his pupils shrank to pin pricks.

Would he kiss her?

Did she want him to?

Illogically, yes.

Breath suspended, she remained perfectly motionless. Waiting.

Lowering his head, he tightened his embrace an instant before his lips whispered across hers.

They taste even better than they look.

A brilliant light burst behind her eyes, and every bone in her body turned molten. She clutched his lapels certain if she let go, she’d slither to the floor.

He ran his tongue along the seam of her lips, and sighing, she readily capitulated and parted her mouth, eager to taste more of him.



Barnes and Noble




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Weekend Writing Warriors ~ 1/31/16 Time Enough to Love: A Sweet and Enticing Voice



Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors!

Thank you to everyone who came by to visit last week!

This week will be the last week from Book 2 of my medieval romance Time Enough to Love, the boxed set that released earlier in January.

Next week is a new month and I’m moving on to another one of  my books. Spread the love around, right?

This final scene is from Betrayal and picks up a page or two after the last snippet. Thomas has asked Alyse to marry him, more for her protection than from passion for her. He warns her that her father will likely try marry her to a previous suitor, one not as understanding as he will be.


Guy would not be an understanding husband; he would not care about her explanation, only that he was not the first. And the thought of lying in bed beneath anyone not Geoffrey so reviled her that images of death by her own hand danced across her mind. She would not submit to another man, by God.

She turned a shrewd eye on him and said, “If I married you, Thomas, would you not demand my obedience in your bed? Do you not also need heirs?”

He smiled broadly, as though scenting victory, saying “Aye, I do need an heir for my estates, but I can be a patient man.” His voice lowered, sweet and enticing, even as his eyes promised compassion. “I have the advantage, Alyse, of knowing you and knowing your regard for Geoffrey. I understand ’tis not something to be overcome in a few days or even a few weeks. If you marry me, I swear my oath I will not force you to my bed, for we are young and there is time.”

Blurb for Time Enough to Love:

When Lady Alyse de Courcy is betrothed to Sir Geoffrey Longford, she has no choice but to make the best of a bad bargain. The hulking knight is far from her ideal man, and although he does possess some wit and charm, he is no match for the sinfully sensual man she secretly admires, Thomas, Earl of Braeton, her betrothed’s best friend.

From the first, Sir Geoffrey finds himself smitten by Lady Alyse, and, despite her infatuation with his friend, vows to win her love. When Geoffrey puts his mind to wooing Alyse, he is delighted to find her succumbing to his seduction. But when cruel circumstances separate them, Geoffrey must watch helplessly as Thomas steps in to protect Alyse—and falls in love with her himself.

As the three courtiers accompany Princess Joanna to her wedding in Spain, they run headlong into the Black Plague. With her world plunged into chaos, Alyse struggles with her feelings for both the men she loves. But which love will survive?

Time Enough to Love is available at Amazon.

That’s all for this week. Hope you enjoyed it!

And don’t forget to check out the rest of the Warriors here.  There’s some fantastic snippets to be read.


Marriage 2


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Spotlight: The Fae Lord’s Lady by Lisa Kumar


Natalie Danvers lives a picture-perfect life. She has a great boyfriend, a good job she loves, and friends aplenty. But to her, she feels as if she’s merely existing. Something indefinable is missing, which colors every aspect of her life.

When she tumbles head first through a dimensional tear—straight onto a fae lord’s lap—her ordinary life is shaken to the core. Handsome and mysterious, Lorh frustrates her even as he enthralls her. He insists she is stuck in the land of TirAnn for three weeks and only she can discover the reasons behind her appearance there.

Lorh and his siblings have been awaiting Natalie’s arrival for centuries. Now she’s in his arms, and his family’s dearest desire is within reach. But as forgotten memories resurface and collide with reason, will Natalie find what she’s been missing? Or will old enemies destroy any chance of her being the fae lord’s lady?


“Where to start?” He steepled his fingers and gazed at her contemplatively. “Your people call us the fae or the Sidhe. We are much like our human kin but also much different.”

“How much different?” She hated the quavering in her voice.

“We live for a very long time.”

Both dreading and wanting to know the answer, she asked, “How much longer?”

“Unless it’s by our own hand, we cannot choose the time of our deaths any more than humans can, but our years far outlast those of your kind…by millennia.”

Her mind hit a mental barricade. “You’re joking, right?”


“But —”

“Just accept my people live much longer than yours.”

She scowled. “But how’s that possible?”

“Our inherent magic, which allows us to do spells and charms, affects our physiology.”

She stared blankly at the book-lined wall, gathering her thoughts. So fae could do spells and other such things, and it increased their longevity? Though it shouldn’t be surprising — after all, she was in a mythical land of fairy-tale creatures — his new information blew a gasket in her mind, and she didn’t know what to do with it, except… “Given the difference in our lifespans, I don’t possibly see how I could stay here, even if I wanted to.”

“We can remedy that issue.” He hesitated, discomfort flashing across his face. “If we join through marriage, I can complete a ceremony that will enable you to share my lifespan.”

Stunned disbelief poured over her, and before she could halt them, words exploded from her. “What! Are you crazy? Marriage! Marriage?”

Inside, every alarm blared. Marriage? Whoa! Why would he want to marry her? Sure, he desired to have her here for some cockamamie reason that she couldn’t even begin to understand, but marriage?

“Natalie,” he said in a soothing voice, holding out a hand. “I know this sounds quite shocking, but once you get —”

Lurching out of the chair, she eyed him like the insane man he was. “No, don’t even finish that sentence.” Whirling around, she sprinted toward the exit, but before she could get in more than a few steps, he stood before her.

She shuddered. How…how did he get around his desk so fast?

Lorh placed his hands on her arms, his grip strong but not bruising. “I’m sorry, but I can’t let you run.”

His touch seared through the thin sleeves of her gown and seemed to brand her down to the bone. Panic seized her. This place, this male, they were driving her mad.

Natalie yanked against his hold, wanting — no, needing — to be free. This was all too much. Everything pulled at her — her fright, her strange attraction to Lorh, his mysteriousness, and his latest declaration. She feared she’d explode into a thousand tiny pieces from it.

Words bubbled out, and she didn’t even try to hide the desperation in them. “Please, let me go. Let me go home. If this is what you brought me here for, it’s not going to work.”

Remorse flashed in his eyes before a look of resolve replaced it. “I can’t allow you to go. If you listen to me, I’m sure we can come to an accord.”

“I’m not going to listen to any more crazy talk. You won’t get me to agree to…to that.”

Author and Buy Links:




Author Bio:

LisaKumarLisa Kumar is a wife, mother, and romance writer who grew up in small-town Indiana. She now resides in the suburbs of Chicago with her husband and two sons. When not spinning tales of romance and fantasy, she can be found with her nose buried in a book, or more accurately, her e-reader. Her scholastic background is in psychology, which enabled her to get low-paying jobs in the human services sector. Needless to say, she’s now writing full-time.

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