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I’ve begun working in earnest on my Christmas novella again.  I had to stop to work on some other things and of course, work started up a gain full force.  But I’m still hoping for a November release.  It’s called ‘Tis the Season.  And it begins at a celebration dinner.

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons


On the Home Front:  Salmagundy

As promised on Friday, when my Alphabet Post on Salmagundy went up, I decided to try this 18th century salad and pirate fare.  Here’s how mine turned out:

Jenna's Salmagundy

Jenna’s Salmagundy

It was actually very good.  No turtle meat, but there were a couple of other kinds of meat, greens, boiled eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, and anchovies.  And believe it or not, the anchovies are what made this dish.  Even my husband loved it.  I dressed it with oil and Balsamic vinegar and it was very yummy.  Not a  dish, however, to be served as a leftover. The lettuce wilts rather quickly.

Jenna Fun Fact of the Week

I am an only child. Which has made having more than one child a very confusing experience.  Do all siblings fight? Mine always have and it is very bewildering! :)

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

That’s all  for this week.  Come back next Wednesday for more news from Jenna. :)


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Interview with Roseanne Bittner

BTB Tour Banner - Desperate Hearts

Today I’m interviewing fellow historical author Roseanne Bittner. Please welcome her and find out a bit more about her writing and her life!

Hello to all visitors to JENNA’S JOURNAL. I enjoy being invited to visit other blog sites and will do my best to answer most of your questions.

Author Picture - Rosanne BittnerMy name is Rosanne Bittner and I’ve been writing over 35 years, with 59 books in print and #60 coming next summer! I absolutely love writing, especially stories about American history and particularly about this country’s “Old West.” It’ my favorite subject, and my love for history and America’s grand western landscape shines through in my books. If you go to Amazon and check out some of the readers’ comments about my books, you will see that my research and my deep love and respect for the 1800’s Old West era really shines through in my stories. The biggest comment I get is that my stories seem so real that some readers actually write and ask me if this or that really happened and if any of my characters really lived!

I have won numerous writing awards, and my husband and I have traveled the West extensively for over 30 years. Many of my titles are now published in foreign countries – Germany, Italy, France, Norway, China and England. I am from Michigan and have been married to the same man for 49 years. We graduated from high school together, but we never dated until almost two years after that.

My most current work (book #59 above) is DESPERATE HEARTS (Sourcebooks). The gorgeous and rugged hero, Mitch Brady, is a Montana vigilante who falls in love with a young woman who’s come to the little gold town of Alder, Montana (a real gold town) under mysterious circumstances. It’s a great, wild-west, fun and romantic read you will really enjoy! I would like to someday write a sequel – and also a sequel to PARADISE VALLEY, which is a sweeping western set in Wyoming that was published in July 2013, also by Sourcebooks. Actually, I see a sequel in everything I write, because I love the characters and I don’t want to leave them. That’s what led to my 7-book SAVAGE DESTINY series, and I’ve written several trilogies.

You asked about my characters’ names. All character names are special for me – and I can’t start a book without a title that I love and without names that immediately help me picture the hero or heroine in my book. Everyone has a few name “hang-ups” – maybe someone they hate has a name they don’t want to see in a hero or heroine, but of course I can’t help that because I don’t know what other people like or don’t like. I just try to use names that fit a bold, rugged, able pioneer-type man – and a lovely, brave woman who stands fearless against the dangers of settling America’s great West. And, of course, I have to be careful not to use names that sound too modern.

My typical writing day is – EVERY day – cramming writing into every nook and cranny I can find. I love to write, love my subject/genre, love my heroes and love every story I work on. Once I am going full tilt on a book I can write it in about two months, then I go back and fill in things I momentarily left out to look up later – and do a lot of tightening, changing, editing and so forth. Three to five months is pretty much the full time it takes. You asked how long it takes to write a sex scene. Not long at all! I am right there with the hero. LOL!! I just try to make it beautiful and sensual – and as hot as possible without being crude. I am mad about a really good love story – love that holds two people together against the dangers and challenges of settling in an untamed land. And I love a rugged, able hero who is respectful and gentle and loving toward the woman he holds dear.

I don’t need any particular inspiration to write, and no one book takes any different process than another. I just write, write, write. My own personal love for American history and the West is all it takes. My brain is constantly brewing up another western romance. I have never had writer’s block! I prefer to write with music in the background but don’t have a favorite place to write. Once I am zeroed in on a story, it doesn’t matter if I’m in my bedroom, at the kitchen table, on the couch, or at my big, beautiful office at the family business, where I keep all my equipment and research books. And it doesn’t matter what’s going on in the background. If the TV is on – doesn’t matter. If people around me are talking – doesn’t matter. My mind can shut down everything around me and I’m in the middle of a range war. I managed to learn how to shut out the outside elements when I wrote at home evenings after working all day – in a very small house with the TV about three feet away and two sons wrestling on the living room floor. You just do what you gotta’ do.

I just finished, my 60th book – called DO NOT FORSAKE ME. It’s a sequel to OUTLAW HEARTS, which will be reissued next June with a new cover, followed in July by  DO NOT FORSAKE ME. The two books comprise a grand love story you will long remember, and I am totally in love – truly, literally in love – with the hero Jake Harkner. I can’t wait for everyone to read these books! I will celebrate that one with a big on-line contest and a full-color cover ad in Romantic Times magazine. I wanted to write DO NOT  FORSAKE ME for the past 20 years and finally was able to do so. The story just poured out of me, and it’s a fabulous love story full of redemption and forgiveness and the hero finally facing demons from the past that have always haunted him.

My favorite romantic hero would be a toss-up between Jake Harkner (DO NOT FORSAKE ME) and Zeke Monroe (SAVAGE DESTINY). They are both the ultimate alpha man – rough and rugged on the outside, vulnerable and looking for love on the inside. They are super heroes in my mind.

The first romance I read was A LANTERN IN HER HAND by Bess Streeter Aldrich. No sex – a very simple love story, but extremely touching. You will cry for sure! Then I read THE PROUD BREED by Celeste de Blasis. A great generational saga set in California and a truly magnificent love story!

The best advice I have for aspiring authors? Again – LOVE WHAT YOU WRITE – RESEARCH WHAT YOU WRITE – BELIEVE IN WHAT YOU WRITE – LOVE, LOVE, LOVE YOUR GENRE. Don’t write for what’s popular at the moment. Write what’s in your heart.

My favorite amusement park ride? None. I hate amusement parks and only go because my grandsons like them, but I don’t go on any rides. At my age I get dizzy!!

Coffee or tea? – COFFEE!!! All day long.

Pepsi or Coke? PEPSI!!

I get my nails done – don’t like French manicures – I get color, with a touch of sparkle.

Mountains or beach? Are you kidding??? MOUNTAINS!!

Chocolate or vanilla? CHOCOLATE – DARK, DARK CHOCOLATE!

Boxers or briefs or commando? Briefs – commando in bed, of course. LOL!

Men’s hair color? Very, very dark – AND LONG! Love the Native American hero!

Skydive or scuba dive? NEITHER ONE!!

Vacation – VEGAS, OF COURSE! We have a condo there and go out there every winter for about two months.

The one thing I would never do? Cheat on my husband – ever – ever – ever. And neither do my heroines cheat on their men.

That about covers it! I hope you will look for DESPERATE HEARTS, and be sure to pick up OUTLAW HEARTS and DO NOT FORSAKE ME next summer! Keep an eye on my web site – – and my blog – – for news about what’s happening and what’s coming next! I’m also on Facebook and Twitter and Goodreads and a ton of other social networking sites! Enjoy the beautiful fall weather, and happy reading!

Desperate Hearts Cover

Elizabeth Wainwright is on the run. Accused of a murder she didn’t commit, she has no choice but to cut ties with her old life and flee West. The last thing she wants is attention, but when her stagecoach is attacked, she suddenly finds herself under the fierce protection of one of Montana’s famed vigilantes…whether she likes it or not.

Lawman Mitch Brady is sworn to uphold justice in the wild lands of 1860’s Montana. He’s never met a man he’s feared, and he’s never met a woman more desperately in need of his help. Something’s shaken the secretive Elizabeth, but as he gets to know the beautiful city belle, he finds the only thing he wants more than her safety…is her trust.


“I really don’t want to dance,” Elizabeth protested, half yelling above the whooping men and loud piano playing.  “It hurts my shoulder.”

“Just one little dance, lady?”  her partner begged.

“Really, I …”

Suddenly a big fist rammed into her partner’s jaw, sending him flying across two tables.  He landed against a bar stool and everyone backed away from Elizabeth.  She turned to see Mitch Brady standing there with a dark look of rage in his eyes.  “The lady said she didn’t want to dance!”  He scanned the room.  “Everybody here understand that?”

The man Mitch had clobbered rolled to his knees, groaning.

“Stu was only wantin’ a dance, Mitch,” another man spoke up.  “Ain’t no harm in that.”

“There is when the woman was dragged in here against her will and never agreed to the dance.”

Everyone backed farther away, and Elizabeth could see no one in the room was about to give Mitch Brady any more trouble.    …    He took hold of Elizabeth’s arm and led her toward the swinging doors at the saloon entrance.  “Let’s go,” he said.

Elizabeth followed him out.


betrothal-with-logo1Betrayal_logoBeleaguered3TETL front

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Medieval Monday: Spotlight on Vijaya Schartz



I’m back with Medieval Monday and fellow medieval romance author, Vijaya Schartz!

Next week, October 6, I’m spotlighting Mary Morgan’s wonderful works.

Now, please welcome Vijaya Schartz!!

POB medium

PRINCESS OF BRETAGNE, Curse of the Lost Isle Book 1

If you haven’t tried The Curse of the Lost Isle medieval fantasy series yet, hurry. PRINCESS OF BRETAGNE, Book One, is only 99cts this month, in kindle. (now also in paperback)

THE CURSE OF THE LOST ISLE: From history shrouded in myths, emerges a family of immortal Celtic Ladies, who roam the medieval world in search of salvation from a curse… but if the Church ever suspects what they really are, they will be hunted, tortured, and burned at the stake.

PRINCESS OF BRETAGNE Curse of the Lost Isle – Book One

806 AD – Alba (Ancient Scotland) As the Vikings raid the coast of Alba, Pressine of Bretagne sets out to seduce King Elinas of Dumfries, chosen by the Goddess to unite the tribes against the foreign invader. Elinas, still mourning his departed queen, has no intention to remarry. Head strong and independent, Pressine does not expect to fall for the very attractive, wise and noble ruler… Furthermore, her Pagan nature clashes with the religious fanaticism of the king’s Christian heir, who suspects her unholy ancestry and will stop at nothing to get rid of her.

Review: The Hope Chest Reviews – 5 stars “Princess of Bretagne is the first book in Vijaya Schartz’s new medieval fantasy series, The Curse of the Lost Isle. This book and the series in general is steeped in Celtic history and lore, and also has a basis in Arthurian legends too. Ms. Schartz brings the setting to life with the use of authentic period details regarding warfare and day to day life in a medieval fortress and a Viking camp, some of which can be rather dark and gritty. She also draws on the mythology of the era as the people’s beliefs in the gods of old are challenged by the growth and proselytizing of the Christian church. The clashing of these religions poses a dangerous threat to the heroine of the story who is pagan. There is also a political dimension to the story, not only in regards to religion, but also as the tribes of Briton find themselves invaded by Vikings and in growing need of a high king to unite them. . . . Overall, Princess of Bretagne was a solid story that I enjoyed reading. I’m very much looking forward to finding out what’s next for Elinas and Pressine when the series continues with the release of Pagan Queen.”


Vijaya Schartz Romance with a Kick


B&N: FB:


I hope you’ve enjoyed meeting Vijaya and taking a look at her works. :)

betrothal-with-logo1Betrayal_logoBeleaguered3TETL front

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Alphabet Post: S is for Salmagundy

When I originally ran into this word I immediately thought it would make a great addition to my Alphabet Posts.

Salmagundy is a 17th century English dish (also spelled salmagundi), a sort of chef’s salad actually, that was a centerpiece to a meal that rivaled the status of a roast beef on the table.  It incorporates all manner of diverse ingredients on a bed of lettuce:  cooked sliced meats such as chicken, venison, ham, anchovies, seafood, assorted vegetables, green leaves such as spinach and lettuces, eggs, mushrooms, raisins, olives, figs, potatoes, peas and currants.  Cover with a mix of oil and vinegar.


This salad was also served, apparently, on pirate ships, although usually as a stew of meats, anchovies, eggs and onions, well spiced, and served over lettuce.  National Geographic, in its post called “Eat Like A Pirate,” has an authentic pirate recipe from 1712:

“Chop into small chunks turtle meat, chicken, pork, beef, ham, pigeon and fish. Marinate with spiced wine and roast. Add the meats to boiled chopped cabbage, anchovies, pickled herring, mango, hard-boiled eggs, palm-hearts, onions, olives and grapes. Add pickled chopped vegetables and garlic, chili pepper, mustard, salt and pepper, and serve in a mound upon a large dish.”

The origin of the word is believed to be the French word salmigondis, meaning a disparate collection of diverse things, people or ideas combined to make a coherent whole.

Colonial Williamsburg has a recipe for Salmagundi, if you’d like to give it a 21st century try. :)  I may actually attempt this over the weekend.  It sounds oddly savory.  I’ll let you know next Wednesday on my 411 post how it went. :)

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Jenna’s 411

Welcome to this week’s installment of

Jenna’s 411

Book Chat

rnc_bhnd2847a-300smI’ve completed a revision of my Regency romance To Woo A Wicked Widow, and am sending it  out to agents again. Yay! This is my inspirational “cover” for the book. :)






The print version of my medieval romance, Time Enough to Love, is available at Amazon TETL frontand CreateSpace. E-books of the trilogy are available at Amazon, ARe, Barnes & Noble and other e-tailers.

My giveaways of Time Enough to Love on both Goodreads and Booklikes are gathering entries.  I will be giving away 5 copies in each venue.  The Goodreads Giveaway runs from September 16 thru October 31, 2014.  The Booklikes Giveaway runs from September 3 thru September 25, 2014. So you need to hustle to get into the Booklikes giveaway.


On the Home Front:  My Staff

unstuffed cabbage rollsThis may sound bizarre, but ever since I went back to work from my summer vacation, I have employed a housekeeper.  She comes in each Friday evening to clean the kitchen and bathrooms. I’ve also arranged with my daughter, who gets home at a decent hour, for her to cook dinner Monday thru Friday because I don’t come home until very late some nights and then don’t feel like cooking.  So now I technically have a house staff of two! All I need is a butler and  I’ll think I’m in one of my historical novels! LOL  It may be extravagant, but I’m enjoying the hell out of it!

Jenna Fun Fact of the Week

I patterned my wedding dress after Julie Andrews' in Sound of Music

I patterned my wedding dress after Julie Andrews’ in Sound of Music

I’ve been watching the Outlander episode “The Wedding” and so thought you might find a fun fact about my wedding would be appropriate. It was nothing like that wedding, of course, save for the candlelight. :) My husband and I were married in a log cabin in a candlelight ceremony (thank God the fire marshal never found out).  My gown had been made out of ivory silk my mother-in-law brought back from Thailand. And I wore something old (a handkerchief made from my grandmother’s wedding gown), something new (my gown), something borrowed (my mother’s pearls) and something blue (my garter). And tuppence in my shoe according to English custom (I’d saved one from my trip to England years before–just for this occasion). :)

That’s all  for this week.  Come back next Wednesday for more news from Jenna. :)




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Release Day! The Prospective Princess by Kary Rader

Today my great friend and CP, author Kary Rader, has released the third book in her Reign of Light series:  The Prospective Princess. 

*Jenna throws confetti in the air*


Giving up the beautiful Lady Brislyn is only the first step toward Commander Marchant saving her from Darkness—and then winning her heart.


Five years ago Lady Brislyn of Komissa fell in love. Five years ago her heart was broken, never to be mended. But when one careless act finds her abducted by marauders and forcibly betrothed to an enemy prince whose Gifting is seduction, there’s only one man she can count on to free her: Her father’s brilliant—and devastatingly handsome—military commander. The very man who rejected her.

Five years ago, Commander Marchant rebuffed the fifteen-year-old daughter of his duke. Now she is a woman grown, a Gifted musician whose song captured his heart. Yet Brislyn is not so easily reclaimed. To save her from one royal suitor, he must make a show of engaging her to another. Then March will rescue the kidnapped lady or die in the perilous journey to reach her. If he can survive the storms, the pirates, and the princes, he will win back Brislyn’s heart.

You can currently purchase The Prospective Princess at the following locations:

All Romance eBooks

This is a fabulous book, with a sweet and feisty heroine, a totally romantic hero, and a suave and dastardly villain.  Who could ask for anything more? :)  And there’s more:  the companion book, The Pirate Princess, that is swashbuckling and sexy as hell.  Buy them both.  You won’t regret it!

The Pirate Princess is also available and is a companion book.


Pirate Princess_cover

To gain her freedom, Charlee must seduce the Prince Petra. To save the pirate, the prince must win her heart.

You can purchase The Pirate Princess at the following locations:

All Romance ebooks


Barnes and Noble

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Liza O’Connor on White Slavery and Her New Release The Missing Partner

Liza investigates white slavery

Today, Liza discusses White Slavery

The abduction of young girls and boys as fodder for the prostitution market has always been a problem which England has been loath to deal with. As late as 1874, it was only a misdemeanor to force a girl thirteen or younger into having sex. No protection existed for those older than thirteen, and no protection was given to young boys at all. For years reformists tried to get a bill through parliament to increase the protection of young girls, but each time the bill was blocked.

Finally, investigative journalist, William Thomas Stead, decided to expose the problem of child prostitution in the London underworld through a publicity stunt. He “purchased” a 13 year old girl, Eliza Armstrong, for £5 and took her to a brothel where they drugged her with chloroform.

He went on to publish four exposés entitled The Maiden Tribute of Modern Babylon, shocking the public to their core with tales of the abduction and sale of young English virgins to “pleasure palaces”.

Forced to respond to the fury of the public, in 1885 the parliament finally passed a law protecting girls up to sixteen, which still stands today.

So was it possible that forced sex slavery still occurred nine years later?

Without a doubt. While the Victorians in general might prefer to ignore the lurid occurrences or hold the young woman responsible for ‘allowing’ herself to become entangled in such ugliness, the truth is these young women and boys often had no ability to prevent their abduction.

In Book 2: The Missing Partner, a house of society is constantly seeking young women and fellows for employment. Only attractive lasses and lads are hired, and none are aware that besides regular chores, they will be expected to provide whatever a gentleman wants, when fine paragons of society arrive every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. If they baulk at their duties, they are taken to an establishment in the worst part of town, where the patrons are more plentiful and conditions far worse. Some return, worse for the wear, to their duties at the mansion, others never return and new hires take their place.

But as Inspector Stone explains to Vic, there is nothing illegal in having too many servants. And to make a claim of forced slavery and prostitution against a man of society would require far more proof than just testimonies from the victims.

The hard truth is that laws do not stop the crime if they are not actively enforced, which, sadly for the lower classes, they aren’t unless the poor girl or guy is thought to be the perpetrator.

Shockingly, this problem continues to this day. Recently it was made public that during the last sixteen years, over 1,400 young people in the English town of Rotherham were forced into prostitution. Evidently, the police and social workers were aware of the problem, but thought it better to ignore the matter. However, they did arrest two fathers who attempted to rescue their daughters, so the Rotherham police are firm on trespassing laws.

But enough about white slavery, Vic has a bigger problem: Xavier is Missing!


xnv The Missing partner Xavierfinal3400x640


The Adventures of  Xavier & Vic

Book 2

The Missing Partner

By Liza O’Connor

Cases to be Resolved:

The ‘New Woman’ Who Lost Her Old Mind

The Lost Servant of Dante’s Hell

The Disappearance of a Very Important Man

The Abduction of Sneaky Snake by a Grand Elephant

The Cat Who Wore Too Much


Vic Hamilton takes the reins of the investigation office, while Xavier Thorn disappears on an assignment for the British government. Her caseload is entirely ‘lost and recovery’ cases. In the midst of solving all her client’s problems, she learns that the government has lost Xavier. With the help of the gypsy pirate Jacko, and her driver Davy, Vic rushes against time to rescue everyone.

Most alarming, she befriends and hires a dangerous criminal as an employee of Xavier Thorn’s Private Inquiries—without Xavier’s permission.


Sara leaned in and whispered. “Mr. Jonston said he’d punish anyone who mentioned her name.”

Vic snorted. “Well, I have no intention of telling him anything. However, if I knew a bit more about this friend we won’t name, I might be able to ensure she is safe and well.”

Sara grabbed hold of Vic’s arm. “Would you? I’ve been so worried about her.”

“When did she go missing?”

“Sometime late Wednesday, after she attended the gentlemen.”

“When you say ‘attend,’ exactly what do you mean?”

Sara blushed and bit her bottom lip. “Waited on them. The master frequently entertains.”

“Tell me what happened.” To provide a sense of security, Vic took her hand.

Sara verified they were alone and whispered, “I overheard the cook say the master was her father.”

“And did you tell her?”

Sara nodded. “If he knew, he’d fire me…or worse!”


“Because I caused this! Mary confronted Mr. Jonston and called him a liar of the worst kind.”

“The butler? Why was she angry at him?”

“Because he had led her to believe he was her father. All these years, she’s endured the abuse because she thought it was her duty as a daughter.”

“What type of abuse?”

The maid would no longer look Vic in the eyes.

“Sara, is he abusing you, as well?”

She shook her head, but the tears streaming down her cheeks and raining upon her clasped hands said otherwise.

“Will you not trust me with the truth? I cannot help you unless you do.”

She tightened her grip on Vic’s hand. “No one can save me. If I try to leave, Mr. Jonston says he’ll let it be known I’ve lost my virtue.”

Vic sighed. “If I can find you another place to work‒”

“They would not want me once they know. Mr. Jonston would tell them.”

“That’s not true. I can find you a place where they will judge you solely on your work. The theft of your virtue will not matter.”

Her hand tightened on Vic’s. “This is too important to tease me with promises you cannot keep.”

“It’s not a tease. If you want to leave here, I will find you work in a proper house with kind people.”

Jonston suddenly entered the room and took note of Sara’s hand grasping Victor’s. His eyes narrowed.

Victor stood. “Thank you for your time, Miss.” She waited until Sara left to speak to Jonston. “Sorry, she was just so pretty…can’t blame a fellow for a bit of a flirt.”


Book 1

The Troublesome Apprentice


Want a free copy of The Troublesome Apprentice?

Leave me a humorous comment with your email address below.

One lucky humorist will win a free ebook.



Book 2

The Missing Partner


 About the author liza

First, I got tired of telling my proper blog. Now, I’m tired of telling my improper bio. So what’s left?

Liza O’Connor was born, raised badly, left the South/Midwest and wandered off to find nicer people on the east coast…and employment, there were no jobs in the Mid-west. There she worked for the meanest man on Wall Street, while her psychotic husband tried to kill her three times. (So much for finding nicer people.)

Then one day she declared enough, got a better job, divorced her husband, and fell in love with her new life where people behaved normally. All those bad behaviors has given her lots of fodder for her humorous romances. Please buy these books, because otherwise, she’ll become grumpy and write troubled novels instead. And given her past, they will likely traumatize you.

Mostly humorous books by Liza:

Saving Casey – Old woman reincarnates into troubled teen’s body. (Half funny/half traumatizing)

Ghost LoverTwo British brothers fall in love with the same young woman. Ancestral ghost is called in to fix the situation. There’s a ghost cat too. (Humorous Contemporary Romance)

A Long Road to Love Series: (Humorous Contemporary odd Romance)

Worst Week Ever — Laugh out loud week of disasters of Epic proportions.

Oh Stupid Heart — The heart wants what it wants, even if it’s impossible.

Coming to Reason — There is a breaking point when even a saint comes to reason.

Climbing out of Hell — The reconstruction of a terrible man into a great one.

The Troublesome Apprentice — The greatest sleuth in Victorian England hires a young man who turns out to be a young woman.

Social Networking



Investigate these sites:

Liza’s Blog and Website   Facebook   Twitter

Meet Sara

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